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Fabrics have been used as a medium for expressing creative art since ancient times. Numerous artists have taken this textile art legacy forward and come up with innovative designs! You can now enjoy and buy the finest quality fabric art at ShowFlipper. Designed by celebrated artists from around the world, view an entire range of art print fabric here


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Fabric Art Shop

Are you looking for an online Fabric Art Shop to buy fabric art? ShowFlipper presents the online Fabric Art Gallery with a huge collection of fabric artworks. The fabric art available here are works of some of the finest fabric artists from all over the world. You can browse through and buy from a collection of fine art clothing, fabric art wall hangings, artistic bags, artistic dresses, artistic caps and hats, artistic shoes, and more. If you love buying artistic clothes and accessories for yourself, or want to gift these to an art lover, then this Fabric Art Shop will fulfill your needs to buy fabric art online.

Types Of Fabric Art For Sale at ShowFlipper

We have a pretty huge collection of fabric artwork and clothing artwork for sale at our Fabric Art Gallery. No matter what kind of artistic clothing, accessories, or showpieces you are looking for, you will find them here. Be it, Embroidery art, Knitting art, Quilting art, or Crochet art, you will find all of these fabric artwork here at this online fabric art shop.

Here are the types of fabric art that you can buy on ShowFlipper:

Buy Crochet Art Online, Buy Embroidery Art Online, Buy Knitting Art Online, Buy Quilt Art Online.

Under these fabric art categories, you can buy the following artwork subcategories:

Buy Artistic Bags Online, Buy Artistic Blanket Online, Buy Artistic Dress Online, Buy Artistic Hat Online, Buy Artistic Scarf Online, Buy Artistic Socks And Shoes Online, Buy Artistic Sweater Online

If you are looking for a specific kind of fabric art, simply select the category and then the type of clothing you are looking for.

Another great thing about ShowFlipper, the online Fabric Art Shop is that you can sort artworks according to your price range. Set upper price limit and lower price limit filter to look for fabric artworks within your pocket range.

Why Choose ShowFlippers Fabric Art Gallery To Buy Fine Art Clothing?

ShowFlipper is an online hub for artists from all around the globe. So, when you buy fabric artwork online from here, you know that its an authentic piece of art. Before buying a piece of fabric art, you can take a look at the respective artists profile. In their profile, fabric artists introduce themselves with their bio. If theres a story behind a fabric artwork, you will get to know about it as well. You can also browse through an artists other fabric art for sale here on ShowFlipper, the online fabric art shop; you are never running out of options.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse through a specific fabric art category and buy the fine art clothing, fabric art wall hangings, artistic bags, artistic dresses, artistic caps and hats, or artistic shoes that you would like to buy online.

Sell Fabric Art Online

ShowFlipper is one of the best place for artists to sell Fabric Art online. Artists can upload photos of their Fabric art and get paid whenever their Fabric Art sells. Not only that, artists also get to make money using the unique TRP model, where artists are paid whenever they generate views on their artwork. Additionally, artists can also participate in SF Mega Contest to win huge prizes.

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