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How do I register for the Mega Contest?

Once you register as an artist, you automatically get registered for the SF Mega Contest. Click on the link and you can become part of SF Mega Contest.

Why the creations are verified?

To check the authenticity, consistency, resolution of the image

How do I close my account?

Once you register with us, you automatically get a one year full benefit account. After one year, if you wish to continue, you can do so. Otherwise, your account lapses automatically.

Are there any other charges than ShowFlipper commission?

The shipping and other courier charges are borne by the artist’s themselves.

Why do I need to pay $29.99 as a subscription Fees?

Creating and managing a website, it’s content, getting traffic, doing gateway integrations and storage, costs 1000s of dollars and is time consuming. Where most art contest are paid, On ShowFlipper you get direct entry to SF Mega contest along with 1 year subscription and a chance to win $1500 and $150 for 10 runner up awards.

You pay for

1. Network - Leveraging our affiliate network which can help you sell your creations

2. TRP Income - you get paid for each unique view on you show. Yes you read it right! We pay per unique view. Popularity Pays!

3. Start your Gallery today. From a creator from someone who has 100 creations to showcase to creators having 1000 of creations to sell by becoming a part of community. You become a Gallery Owner.

4. Storage cost for 100 creations.

5. Win SF Mega Contest.

How is my art priced?

You can decide on the pricing of the art which you feel is right. It is best to price your artwork keeping in mind the other charges like shipping, courier etc.

How will I get paid?

You will get paid via PayPal.

What file format should I use when uploading images?

JPEG Image with High Resolution. File size should not exceed 1 MB per artwork and should not be blurred.

How do I change my login e-mail address?

Yes. You can do so from your account settings.

What are the subscription benefits of becoming a verified artist?

1. You become a part of SF Mega Contest.

2. We pay you for every unique view on your show page with our unique TRP Model. Popularity Pays!

3. Network with creators from 53 different countries.

4. Earn Referral Income. Sell thousand of creations ranging from $1 to $1.5 million dollars and subscriptions for SF Mega Contest.

5. ShowFlipper works on co-sharing model where, each creator helps other creators to sell creations.

6. With our modern wallet systems; an artist can journey from individual creator to a gallery owner where you have access to sell 1000’s of creations.

7. Creators help each other to sell creations and leverage our independent affiliate networks.

8. Store up to 100 products per show.

9. Sell creations.

Can I join your art contest without registering?

No. You need to be a registered artist with us by paying $29.99.

Who will Ship my creations after getting sold? Do you offer free shipping?

The money will be parked with ShowFlipper. We will send you the details of buyers. Once you send us the docket number and the buyer gets the delivery we will release the payment in 24 hours. ShowFlipper does not offer free shipping.

What percentage does ShowFlipper charge from the artist on sales?

ShowFlipper charges a nominal 10% commission on actual sales.

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