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Morning- Landscape Painting

by Danja Beba

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Morning Fine Art

Morning- Landscape Painting

The Morning- Landscape Painting was uploaded by Danja Beba on Jan-01-2019.
This is Fine Art. This is a form of paintings.

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Miana Vasilovici
It really deserves a price. The colors are so delicate and pastels.

Danja Beba
Thanks Karren, appreciate your comment!

Danja Beba
Thank you Aarti for your absolute lovely words!

Danja Beba
Many thanks dear Candace, Carol ...

Danja Beba
Thank you so much Miana. Trying to understand how the site is functioning, hope will be connected ..

Danja Beba
This watercolor won the award at Springtime Contest at Gallery Academy 28, Belgrade

Greacefully painted! Good job!

Magic on paper!