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Sera Ferrat- Egg Still Life Painting

by Imma Merino

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Sera ferrat

Sera Ferrat- Egg Still Life Painting

The Sera Ferrat- Egg Still Life Painting was uploaded by Imma Merino on Feb-12-2019.
This is Fine Art. This is a form of paintings.

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Alojz Drazen
it\'s incredible real! I can\'t believe it\'s a painting!

Imma Merino
thanls you Ivan

Imma Merino
Thanks Alen :-)

Imma Merino
Thanks Carol :-)

Imma Merino
thaks Candace

Imma Merino
thanks Karren

Imma Merino
Thanks you Mioara :-)

Imma Merino
thanks Akiane

Imma Merino
thanks Alojz

Imma Merino
thanks you Philip

I\'m simply wow-ed by your talent! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Alen Konig
beauti in brushes strokes!

Richard Conelly
Excellent piece! I never imagined an egg could look so artistic!

wow beautiful!

Mioara Vasilache
Beautiful. Nature in hands of an artist transorms itself into masterpieces.

Akiane Bjoern
Amazing! well framed, you surprised the light perfectly!