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White Roses Painting

by Danja Beba

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White Roses Fine Art

White Roses Painting

The White Roses Painting was uploaded by Danja Beba on Dec-31-2018.
This is Fine Art. This is a form of paintings.

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Danja Beba
Many thanks Lora! Indeed - watercolors are often made as fast impressions.

Danja Beba
Great comments! Thank you so much Mioara and Ioana! Have great times!

Danja Beba
Many thanks Mioara and Ioana, appreciate very much your comments!

Lora Minculescu
Beautiful impression

Ioana Manole
Like this sketch, too. It looks easy to made but you must be very talented in order to do this fast

Mioara Vasilache
You are very skilled.

Mioara Vasilache
I love how you captured the fragility of white roses throgh a few gentle brushes.