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View- River Painting

by Danja Beba

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View- River Painting

The View- River Painting was uploaded by Danja Beba on Dec-31-2018.
This is Fine Art. This is a form of paintings.

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Danja Beba
Thanks Valentina, I think my soul is as calming as most of my works - you hit the point!

Danja Beba
So many thanks Andy and Rebecca!

Danja Beba
Thanks Adam, appreciate your comment!

Danja Beba
Looking over the river Danube, in Serbia

Rebecca Hollard
Beautiful scene.old world feeling to this painting

Valentina Zatti
Very creative! love the shades of blue

Valentina Zatti
sweet and soft painting. Very calming!

Adam Smith
Beautifully done! Such soft colors, sweet composition

Andy Sekeli