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How Affiliate works?

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018

1. Do you sell like all other artists, designers and writers on online and offline channels?
2. Have you thought of affiliate income?

Affiliates are people who are interested in selling your works online through their networks. These are Art Collectors, Influencers, Bloggers and people who have a big network, both online and offline.

Who can become an Affiliate?

Anyone who has an artist network can become an Affiliate. They can be from any country in the world. We do retain the right to refuse membership to affiliate with a website containing objectionable material.

How can I become Affiliate?

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, it’s all about creating relationships with advertisers, publishers, and consumers. By selling the product of another artist, you can become an affiliate marketer.

From where I will get updates of my sold-out creations?

Login to your account and go to dashboard
Sales page will provide all the details of affiliate’s sales and your sold-out creations.

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