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How you can get more views for your profile?

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018

Hey! Do you want to get more views for your profile?
Follow these strategies to get high visit count on your SF Profile

Share your profile -

Share your profile to various WhatsApp groups, social media and other forums, so that people will notice you.

Invite Friends –

Invite Friends is a simple strategy you can use to get to garner, more visits. You can invite your friends via ‘invite friends’ option in your profile.

Engage with your current audience -

Engaging the current audience is undoubtedly, the best way to generate optimum profile visits. Upload ‘videos’ and upload ‘images’. Stay in touch with your current audience by exchanging messages.

Upload More Products –

Uploading more products can augment your chances of getting get higher profile visits. People who get attracted towards the great artwork are likely to visit profiles too.

Share your product URL –

This strategy is old strategy to get more profile visits, yet it is very effective in ensuring that people visit your profile page.

Write Blogs –

Yeah, you hear that right! Write a blog, add a hyperlink of your profile and share it on various social media platforms or on platforms like Quora. This strategy can generate a lot of profile visits in short period of time.

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