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What to do if your product does not get approved?

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018

Sometimes when an image does not fit the requirements of the website, we are unable to upload the product’s details. Or sometimes the accompanying content is incomplete. For this purpose, we have a set of guidelines that you could follow, so as to make sure your product gets uploaded.

Why does a Product not get approved?

For Digital Art, Fine art, Sculpture, Fabric art, Jewelry:

• May be the product in the image is not clear or visible, or it is incomplete.
• The images may contain products, which are blurred or difficult to see.

• May be the image is too dull or too bright.

• The edges of the image may not be clean, and even. May be it has not been properly cropped.

• May be the image contains a watermark.

• May be image filters (grayscale, sepia, etc.) have been used. The image should be in original format.
• The image may have external frames (graphics).
• The images may be violating copyright laws. In such cases the product will not be uploaded.
• The image should not contain any other object other than the product (e.g. stand, or table etc.)
• Make sure the product in the image is flat, i.e. no folds or curves on the fabric, canvas etc.

• A watermark makes images difficult to see.
• A watermark makes the images unappealing, and changes the feel of the image.

Why does a Product not get approved?

For Books:

• The book may not be accompanied by the respective preview file.
• May be that the cover images of the book are unclear and incomplete (Blurred, stretched or too small images will not be accepted.)
• It is possible that the product does not include a downloadable, working file.

Why does the content not get approved?

• The title you have given may be incompatible or vague. May be the title is inappropriate.
• May be the description given along with the product is insufficient or unclear.

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