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ShowFlipper offers a rich collection of exclusively designed handmade silver pendants and beautiful gold necklace designs. We offer you a chance to customize items like rings. We are closely associated with leading artists who represent famous jewelry brands!


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Welcome to the Online Handmade Jewelry Shop by ShowFlipper, where you can buy handmade jewelry online. We have a wide collection of handmade jewelry, artisanal jewelry , as well as traditional jewelry for men and women. All of the jewelry in our collection are pieces of artwork from some of the best jewelry artists from all over the world. If you love handcrafted jewelry , then this online jewelry shop is the one for you. You can also buy antique jewelry online at ShowFlipper.

ShowFlipper is one of the few online jewelry shopping sites where you find artistic handmade jewelry directly from the artists.

Types Of Jewelry To Buy At This Online Handmade Jewelry Shop

Check out a wide variety of artistic handmade jewelry for men and women from renowned as well as upcoming jewelry artists at this online jewelry shop. Browse through our collection at this online jewelry store to find jewelries like Earrings, Necklace, Chains, Rings and many more.

At ShowFlipper, you do not have to go through our vast jewelry collection to find a specific type of jewelry . We have categorized our jewelry collection separately for men and women, so that you can simply select the jewelry you want to explore and buy. Here are the types of handmade and artistic jewelries that you will find at this Online jewelry Store:

Buy Handmade jewelry Online For Men At ShowFlipper:

Bracelets, Brooches, Chains, Necklaces.

Buy Handmade jewelry Online for Women At ShowFlipper:

Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Chains, Anklets, Brooches.

Along with selecting category to buy handcrafted jewelry online, you can also sort jewelry based on their price range. Set upper price limit and lower price limit before browsing through the jewelry at ShowFlipper. Doing so will let you view the jewelry that are within your price range.

Why You Should Buy Jewelry Online At ShowFlipper?

ShowFlipper has the best artistic online handmade Jewelry collection. All of the jewelry at our website are works of artists and are very unique. So, when you buy jewelry online at ShowFlipper, you know that you will wear a piece that is unique and not everyone in the world have it.

You can also go through the profile of the artist who created a piece. You can read about the artist, view their other artworks, and if theres a story behind a jewelry artwork, you will get to know about it.

So, do not wait; browse through our collection of traditional jewelry , handmade jewelry , artistic handmade jewelry , and antique jewelry according to selected category and buy jewelry online that you like from ShowFlipper.

Sell Jewelry Online At ShowFlipper

Are you a jewelry artist and make handmade jewelry? You can sell jewelry online with us at ShowFlipper and make money. Selling jewelry art is not the only way to earn money for an artist here. With our unique TRP model, you can make money every time someone views your artwork. Moreover, you can also participate in our SF Mega Contest to win big.

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