Privacy Policy

To withhold your privacy is our commitment.

  • Privacy Policy

    Below announced legal terminology enforces the Privacy Policy of the Company:
  • The domain name (hereinafter referred to as "Website") is owned by ShowFlipper Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). Unless otherwise provided by context, wherever the rights, privileges and responsibilities of the Website are referred to, it shall mean to include the rights privileges and responsibilities of the Company.

    As per the below stated terminology the terms,"You", "Seller", "Your" indicates any individual marketing and selling their creations via our website or wants to market or sell his creations via our website (hereinafter referred to as "Services").

  • If You use this website You are taken as granted that You have read all terms and conditions and You have agreed the same. You will be bound by the following Privacy Policy:
    1. Privacy Statement -

    We honour Your privacy and do not endure junk e-mail and will never sell, lease, rent or give away Your personal information to any third party. We are bound to conceal Your privacy. The authoritative employees of our Company on a need to know basis are only allowed to access the information about You. The system and data are constantly reviewed by us to render the best possible service to all our users.

  • 2.Confidentiality -

    The "Content" (data, information, software, graphics, photos, messages, videos, tags or any other material of art), either it is privately broadcasted or is posted publicly, are the sole responsibility of the person, the content to whom it belongs to.

    Our promise

    We are bound for not to sell, share, disclose, rent Your personal data to any individual or a group or a party. We are bound not to use Your e-mail address for unsolicited mail. The emails sent by us will only have the relation to the provisions of concurred creations and services.

  • Your Personal Information -

    You are, hereby, accord to comply with all provisions dictated by the terms and conditions disclosed here. You guarantee that the entire data submitted by You will be genuine and accurate (including Your PayPal Account Details), and You comply to pay all the price, charges, cost and overheads including the taxes for the purchases You made and creations You sold. You, as a buyer, shoulder the guarantee about the truth and correctness of the entire data supplied to us at the time of Your registration and any modifications to it will be communicated to the Company immediately.

    The Company is ennobled to act on the grounds of the data furnished and look for further data, verifications or clarify as it may view as vital for conceding registration. The Company holds the power to suspend or cancel the registration if the data furnished viewed to be inaccurate or faulty. The registration can restore immediately after furnishing the satisfactory information to the Company. You agree to indemnify the Company in case there is any loss or damage caused to the Company, as a result of data submitted by You which is found to be inaccurate or false.