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Secondo Abbraccio- Abstract Sculpture

by Pompeo Massaro

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Secondo Abbraccio Sculpture

Secondo Abbraccio- Abstract Sculpture

The Secondo Abbraccio- Abstract Sculpture was uploaded by Pompeo Massaro on Jan-04-2019.
This is a Sculptures. This is a form of stone.

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Pompeo Massaro
Rebecca Hollard to me fill the heart thank you very much!!!

Pompeo Massaro
Alena Giles it is so, thank you very much!!!

Pompeo Massaro
Daria Filip- Remembering relive the emotions of being lovers.

Pompeo Massaro
Daria Filip very kind,thank you for expressing perfectly the concept of love,

Rebecca Hollard
I love this one!

Alena Giles
They tend to melt to each other like a spiral or piramide.

Daria Filip
I love the Union concept through lovers