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Sharp Series- Flower Wall Art

by Sadia Jamal

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Sharp Series Fine Art

Sharp Series- Flower Wall Art

The Sharp Series- Flower Wall Art was uploaded by Sadia Jamal on Dec-31-2018.
This is a Sculptures. This is a form of wood.

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Sadia Jamal
Thank you every one :)

Sadia Jamal
thank you every one for such a kind feed back DARIA , its a hand painted petal sandwiched in glass

Rebecca Hollard
wonderful structural composition

Rebecca Hollard
What a fine and delicate sketch!

Malena Scott
Pale pink and delicate lines!

Ioana Manole
I like how you combined black and yellow and it resulted such a fine sophisticated painting.

wonderful!!! such exciting creation

Nice work!

Adam Smith
Fragility and purity!

Daria Filip
Beautiful. From what material is the yellow petal? Looks like melted plastic.

Dina Barbulescu
Beautiful lines and delicate way of reproducting nature.

Andy Sekeli
So delicate black lines. You are one of the artist that make paintings more beautiful than photos.