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Earn TRP Income

Did you know that most artists, writers and designers spend a lot of time and money on their Exhibitions, meeting Publishers or on uploading their creations on platforms where they earn only when their product gets sold?


There are costs involved in audience development, venue management, and preparing of collaterals for sale purposes.

The only way, you can earn money is through a direct sale or your representative gallery manages end to end promotions, placements and other activities involved in earning.

You spend much time and money on every sales channel to make it work for you.

But there is an issue

In fact there are lots of issues:

You spend so much time on building your profiles. Most of your creative time is wasted in building social profiles, on online forums, becoming member on various platforms.

It is outrageously expensive. And if it's FREE; then there are hidden costs, which may be something like, upload 3 creations for free and pay three cents for every upload thereafter. You are unaware of these "hidden costs".

Every channel is different and as a user, you need to pay attention to every single channel and prepare yourself up. For example, to sell your work, you need to take help of their paid ads to get your work in front of the right buyers.

And that's not it, even if you manage to afford them somehow; there are other issues that you seriously need to consider, such as -

1. You make money only when your product gets sold.

2. You are competing against many similar products.

3. Your price does not match with someone who has similar products.

Admit it, it takes so much time for you to make your first sales.

When you can't make money from your work you lose trust quickly. You need to keep earning no matter if the product gets sold or not. Art, books, and designs are of personal choice and that is why no exhibition company or an online platform or a publisher can commit you guaranteed sales.

If someone says, YES to this then don't believe it. Why??? Art, Books and Designs sales depend on individual tastes and no one can influence personal tastes.

That is why you should start TRP Income. Get paid every day.

Sell your work

1. Do you sell like all other artists, designers and writers on online and offline channels?

2. Have you thought of affiliate income?

Affiliates are people who are interested in selling your works online through their networks. These are Art Collectors, Influencers, Bloggers and people who have a big network, both online and offline.

Let us take the example of Jerry. Meet Jerry, an abstract painter, writer and designer from California.

Jerry was oblivious to the exciting opportunity of earning through affiliates. Jerry had 50+ creations and he was selling those all by himself by promoting on his blog, and on the many FREE accounts he had and on social networks.

What changed with the affiliate model was Jerry now has affiliates all around the world who could sell his works in their networks and with Jerry retaining 90% of his earnings.

The time he has spent on promoting on different channels, participating in exhibitions and waiting for sales to happen was saved and he can now focus on making good creations.

Did you know?

According to Marketing Week, the global affiliate industry is worth 12 Billion USD.

We have a large pool of affiliates from all around the world who can sell your work online if they like your work. These affiliates take an active interest in promoting your works if they find them interesting.

Get more hands to lift your brand. Selling your work is a team play and that is what ShowFlipper brings to you.

It is rather difficult to sell all your creations all by yourself.

Imagine you have 50+ creations to sell and many affiliates are working actively in promoting and selling those creations in their networks.

Promote your work easily

Jerry used to spend a lot of time on posting his creations on different social media platforms.

We asked him -

1. Why is he doing this?

2. Do you know you are actually spending a lot of time on this than required?

3. Is it really giving you buyers or helping you earn money?

We asked Jerry if someone is interested in his works then what does he do and how many orders he receives by doing this.

Jerry said, he doesn't even sell 1 creation a month but, in case, if someone is interested then he gives them his PayPal account details to sell his creation.

He also said there were a few instances, where a sure and potential buyer left before Jerry came to know that someone was interested in buying his work.

We gave Jerry a simple tool from where he could actually promote all his creations on popular social networks with few clicks and if someone was interested in buying, then such buyer could directly buy and Jerry does not even need to communicate with his buyers every single time.

With us you can do all this with single click and if someone is interested then he can buy directly from you.

We made this simple for Jerry!

1. Jerry now uploads all his works on his ShowFlipper account and then posts it on all platforms with simple clicks.

2. He does not need to log in to each of his social network profiles to do the posting. It can be managed so easily and efficiently with an account on ShowFlipper.

3. We also gave Jerry, a simple linking tool, wherein if someone who is interested in buying his creations, all he needs to do is simply click on the picture and that person will land on the creation page of Jerry.

4. Jerry also need not pay for the payment gateway integration either.

A platform can build great tools for you but can't ensure how many likes your profile picture can fetch?

Similarly exhibition (Online or offline) company, a platform or a publisher in case of books can manage audience but can't really assure you will have sales every single day.

Worst of all, in all of this confusion and pressure, to earn every day; your focus shifts from actually creating a fresh piece of artwork or a design or write a new book. This might actually mess up everything by pursuing on how to turn a venture profitable.

Here is a solution.

We pay you not only when someone buys your works but when someone views it. .

Really! The answer is yes!

Jerry also had similar issues and had low sales as most platforms were uploads only. He had to rely on sales to make money.

He used to upload his creations on every possible sales channel. He used to wait for some sales to happen.

We introduced Jerry to our TRP Model and he was stunned by the results.

All Jerry had to do was produce quality content on ShowFlipper and we gave him a tool where he could share this content and his creations on different social networks to fetch views. He started active community interactions to get unique views on his profile.

Today, Jerry earns every day by generating quality content and sharing his profile links on different social media platforms.

We are on a mission to help artists, writers, and designers to earn every day. That is why we pay you on every unique view and not just when your creations get sold.


Turn your show in to a money spinning machine. With ShowFlipper, make your profile stand out and reach out to interested buyers and art influencers.


Have affiliates who can sell your work. ShowFlipper's strong 500+ affiliate network will help you sell your creations faster.


Own a gallery and make money on creations which are not yours. With ShowFlipper, get huge savings by having your own gallery. Also gain access to a library of 7000+ creations to earn affiliate income by selling them in your network.


Faster Sales and Faster Revenue. With ShowFlipper, artists, writers and designers can now sell their creations to ready buyers with fewer dropouts. This means a faster, steady, and sure revenue cycle for the creators.


Connect with other creators and exchange opportunities. Connect with artists,writers and designers from 53 countries and explore collaboration and learning opportunities


The SF Mega Contest, where you could win 1500 USD as the first prize. Participate in this prestigious contest and compete with artists,writers and designers from all over the world.


We do promotions for the best shows on ShowFlipper. The most popular shows on ShowFlipper are promoted on our social media channels, through blogs, PR etc.


Earn everyday with the TRP Model. Get paid for every unique view on your profile. More the unique views, more you earn.

Top Reasons Why ShowFlipper Is Preferred By Artists, Writers, and Designers

Super Easy To Use. You do not need special talent. Our smart, intuitive and easy to use interface will help you set up your artist account in no time. 

Track Your Earnings LIVE. With our ShowFlipper Wallet, you can track all your Sales Income, TRP Income, and Affiliate Income in real time.  

Click, Upload and Forget. Set up your own gallery with a few clicks. Upload up to 100 creations. Your earnings start. 

Directly connects you with your buyers with the help of the powerful IPN System. Automatically your creations are presented to interested and serious art buyers from around the world. 

It takes 30 seconds to get started. No more long waiting hours. Yes, this true! Just a few clicks and you are your own gallery owner. 

Our intuitive algorithm promotes the best Shows on ShowFlipper. The Show with the highest TRP will be part of our TRP plan. Now you can sell your art easily and earn a steady income. 

Our product listings are unbiased. Most "Free Accounts" will not tell you that you need to be a paid user, to make your work searchable when a buyer initiates a search query. That is why we charge up front. NO HIDDEN COSTS. 

A unique combination of great technology and creative minds. We are addressing the real time needs of artists, writer and designers in promoting their creations. It is not about powerful technology but it is about what you do with it. 

Connecting with ShowFlipper was the best decision. Their dedicated team has helped me a lot and took a keen interest in promoting my creations.

Manjiree Kanvinde

I appreciate the interest your organization is taking in promoting my work.Thank you for all the effort. It is pleasure working with you all.

Immo Jalass

I am happy to be associated with ShowFlipper and appreciate their services. Also, the training which they provide is very helpful. Thank you.

Vera Tataro

I am always impressed with the service orientation I find when I interact with ShowFlipper. I am pleased to recommend ShowFlipper, as your growth partner.

Judith Quate



Aesthetic and Beautiful! Joy for the mind.

As a fine art artist, we understand how much effort goes into the creation process. It is always a labor of love.

Create your profile on ShowFlipper to sell your paintings, creations and crafts to a global audience. Setup your own online shop and upload your homemade and handmade crafts, art prints, paintings, drawings, posters, stickers, created in various styles such as contemporary, pastel, abstract, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism, modern.


Your silent true friends.

Books are the mirror of human life.

If you are a published writer or a poet, why not sell your masterpieces of words on ShowFlipper? We provide you the necessary exposure to reach out the many book readers and lovers who are always ready to buy a new book. Sell books related to history, drama, suspense, horror, poetry collections, romance, travel, self-help, mystery.


Technology infused Art!

Technology has revolutionized art in an unprecedented way.

Sell your digital art online to a global audience through ShowFlipper. Showcase and sell digital arts forms such as 3D art, animation, 3D painting, illustrations, and digital sketches. This is your platform...


Life captured in three dimensions.

Sculptures can be a great medium for starting conversations!

ShowFlipper gives you a platform to sell the sculptures you made. Sell your sculpture work in wood, paper, metal, bronze, brass, steel, stone, ceramic and marble.

As a sculptor, you need not worry about your buyers, for that we've got you covered. Your creations will be showcased in front of serious sculpture collectors.


Enhancers of Beauty!

Flaunt your impeccable taste in finer aspects of life.

Who does not like Jewelry to buy? Jewelry art is as creative as any other art! Calling all jewelry artists and designers to sell their art on ShowFlipper. Sell necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and chains, anklets, made in either in Gold or Silver.


Art that can be touched.

Art that gave birth to Fashion!

ShowFlipper is an online platform to sell your fabric art online to ready buyers. Sell crochet art, knit art, quilt art and embroidery art to fabric art lovers from around the world.

Your sartorial masterpieces in crochet, knits, embroidery and quilts that enhance the interiors of your home and give new dimensions of fashion to your wardrobe, is showcased in front of genuine fabric art lovers.

No matter what you're artistic styles -

ShowFlipper always helps emerging artists,writers and designers with a showcase and selling platform which gives them more than just making them gallery owners!

ShowFlipper eliminates all the expenses and hassles that artists,writers and designers go through.

We give awesome benefits to artists,writers and designers than just a platform to showcase their creativity.

Our unique benefits will give you all the necessary impetus to build your art career in no time.

Whatever device you use, you get the same benefits and user experience.

Our unique TRP Model and Wallet System, is designed to help artists,writers and designers share their creations; earn on unique views as well as track their earnings LIVE and On-The-Go.

There Is Nothing To Download, Nothing To Install Or Update. Ever!

With ShowFlipper, you need not worry about the updates and maintenance of your account. Whenever you login, you can be sure of that your account has been updated with new features, new changes.

You are all set to start your promotional activities!

And of course, based on your feedback, we will be adding even more functionalities to it - without any additional cost.

You just need to upload and update your creations and profile.

YES! You Do Not Need a Fortune To Take Advantage of these Amazing Benefits.

Participate in the prestigious SF Mega Contest and stand a chance to win USD 1500.

Earn every day with the TRP Model!

Become a Gallery Owner with a few clicks.

Start earning from your creations in a few simple steps.

Own A Gallery

Do you wish to have your own online gallery?

Jerry also did not think of it. He though that he is just an artist. We gave him the confidence that he is not just an artist; but he could also own a gallery.

Jerry had 50+ creations to sell.

With his ShowFlipper account, we gave him an extended library of 7000+ creations which he can now sell to his peers and make a commission whenever the product gets sold.

Jerry was an abstract painter but he had few people in his networks who were interested in buying a wristwatch, a good book to read, or a necklace or any wall art.

With this library of 7000+ creations, Jerry can sell anything and everything to all his connections and followers in all his networks.

All Jerry needs to do is share someone else's work through his social media or on his blog or keep using it in his standard emails which he regularly sends to his buyers.

Jerry was stunned by this!

He simply said, I was running after galleries and exhibition companies to sell my creation but now I am a Gallery owner.

Change Can Happen.

From an artist having 50+ creations; Jerry is now a gallery owner and has access to a library of 7000+ creations.

You too can be part of this movement.

You don't have to chase galleries to display your work instead of that you too can become a gallery owner.

Is this easy?

Absolutely! No special skills required and we are always one chat away

Referral Fee

You may have several connects on your social media profiles or on your WhatsApp. So did Jerry!

Jerry had over 1000+ connections on his social networks and he had over 100+ artists, writers and designers contacts on his phone.

We gave him a simple tool, where he could invite all his connections on ShowFlipper and on every successful signup we paid a 20% commission to Jerry.

His circle was an unexplored territory of opportunities for him.

Now, Jerry makes money with his influence and he turned his low engagement profile into a money spinning machine.

Money thus earned was deposited into his Wallet. Jerry keeps earning each time he logs on to his social network, email and mobile phone contacts.

It is just 2 clicks simple process.

We have built a dashboard for Jerry where he is able to easily monitor his invites and we have set up a "Cron Email Job", so Jerry does not need to do monitor this daily.

About The SF Mega Contest

1. It is a completely transparent process.

2. The show with highest TRP wins the SF Mega Contest.

3. No more Jury or Voting Systems.

4. The TRP Algorithm will calculate the most popular show and you stand a chance to win 1500 USD as the first prize, or 1000 USD as the second prize or 10 runners-up awards of 100 USD each.

5. All you need to do is engage with your fans and build engaging content; something that you do day in day out.

Wallet System

For setting up your own wallet on your website,

1. You have to pay the gateway integrations cost, and, also pay commissions to the gateway provider.

2. You need technical skills to do the integration

3. Take charge and understand several legal issues.

4. If you do not know coding then you will require technical expertise.

We have solved this problem by building a wallet system where you could track all your earnings with a simple click.

Jerry can track his Sales Income, TRP Income, Gallery Income and Referral Income with a few clicks. There is no technical expertise required, and it is as good as any other social network account.

1. All your earnings will be deposited in your wallet automatically.

2. The minimum payout is as low as 25 USD.

3. You do not need any gateway integration for all this.

4. It is a simple and efficient process.

Your profile

We have built you a profile that solves your most important needs and helps you earn more money.

Your profile has -

1. An in-built wallet system to track and save your profits and earnings.

2. Product uploading and storage facility of up to 100 creations.

3. Affiliate reach out and built-in promotion tools.

4. Gallery settings that help you to showcase your creations as in a professional art gallery.

5. Networking, Messaging, and Chat functions that is common in all social media platforms.

Will I be able to access my account from any device?

Yes you can! So whether you're on a Windows, Mac OS or even mobile, you can access your ShowFlipper account from anywhere you want, anytime.

What percentage does ShowFlipper charge from the artist on sales?

ShowFlipper charges a nominal 10% commission on actual sales.

How much will I get paid for each unique view?

You will get paid 0.003 cents per unique view. That is if you have 10000 unique views, you earn USD 30.

Ok, Can I join your art contest without registering?

No. You need to be a registered artist.

Do you promote my work?

We have an affiliate system in place. We promote a chosen few shows which are doing well on ShowFlipper. You can promote your profile yourself with our simple linking tools.

Benefits of ShowFlipper Account

1. Network - Leveraging our affiliate network which can help you sell your creations

2. TRP Income - you get paid for each unique view on you show. Yes you read it right! We pay per unique view. Popularity Pays!

3. Start your Gallery today. From a creator from someone who has 100 creations to showcase to creators having 1000 of creations to sell by becoming a part of community. You become a Gallery Owner.

4. Storage cost for 100 creations.

5. Win SF Mega Contest.