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ShowFlipper Entertainment and Productions Private Limited present – The SHOWFLIPPER MEGA CONTEST 2018. It is a multi-discipline art contest for Painters, Digital Artists, Writers, Jewelry and Fabric Artists and Designers and Sculptors.


The aim of the contest is to promote established as well as new and upcoming artists to showcase and sell their art and creativity in the international market of contemporary art.


1. You are an artist and/or a creator of genuine artwork in the form of painting, drawing, sketching, graphic art, illustration, digital painting, book, poetry, sculpture, fabric art, jewelry design.

2. You are of age 18 years and above.

3. Any artist from any part of the world can join.


1. All kinds of artwork mentioned earlier are accepted.

2. Any artwork that has won previous accolades cannot be a part of the contest.

3. All kind of artwork shall be uploaded as a JPEG image with file size no more than 1 MB. The image shall have complete product specification details such as name, physical dimensions, medium, genre, style, etc.

4. The said artwork should be the artist’s own intellectual/creative property.

5. Your artwork is an original and genuine piece of work which can be inspired but not copied or plagiarized.


1. Contest Entries Open – November 11, 2017

2. Contestants register for the contest on by subscribing to the website.

3. Create your artist account and fill in all your details.

4. Upload a JPEG image with the given specifications as a contest entry on ShowFlipper.

5. Receive confirmation message that your submission has been accepted.

6. Use your ShowFlipper profile to sell, post your ‘shows’ and earn from their popularity.

7. Participants already registered with ShowFlipper are also eligible to compete in the contest.

8. The prize money would be disbursed directly in the "Winner's" account as soon as the winner is declared.


Organizers have the right to distribute the newsletters and other promotional material related to the creators. If there are more prizes to be given, the decision to do so rests with the results of the ShowFlipper algorithm.

    12 different prizes are to be won from the contest –
  • First Prize: $1500
  • Second Prize: $1000
  • 10 Runner-up Prizes: $150 each


The TRP Algorithm of ShowFlipper works similar to the TRP model of television.

According to this algorithm, every item or artwork displayed on the website will be assigned a score based on –

1. Views: How many people visited and viewed the artwork in particular timeframe.

2. Likes: How many likes were gathered by a particular artwork in a particular time frame.

3. Comments: How many comments were garnered by a particular artwork in a particular time frame.

Based on the average of all three, a number shall be assigned which will tell how popular a particular artwork is.


1. What does the contestant gain from joining ShowFlipper and taking part in the SF Mega Art Contest 2018?

2. Everybody wins. You get paid on your show popularity.

3. Be featured in contest press releases announcing the event and the winners.

4. Be recognized and guided by your contemporaries on the website.

5. All the 12 contest winners will enjoy far-reaching publicity.

6. All contestants stand to gain from the contest.

7. Every profile gets due coverage on our blog and the YouTube channel.

8. You shall also be promoted during the contest and on the ShowFlipper social media pages.

9. ShowFlipper will be providing widespread publicity and coverage to the contest and contestants.

10. Such a widespread coverage opens up avenues of earning for the artist.


1. You must submit a minimum number of three images per contestant for participating in the contest.

2. The entry must be submitted before the deadline mentioned.

3. If the entry doesn’t meet the requirements as stated in the photo specifications; ShowFlipper reserves the right to reject that particular contest entry and not consider it for the competition.

4. Submit essential documents to prove that the submission is original.


The contest organizer has the complete authority to change the rules of the contest.

The contest organizer has the right to eliminate any contestant like, in case of fraud, plagiarism, and other reasons that may give a participant undue advantage over fellow competitors.

The final decision is not open to appeal.


Declaration of Winners: August 29, 2018


1. In case of any dispute arising during the contest or after the contest regarding any clause or subclause or any other issue; the jurisdiction of Pune city and Indian laws shall prevail.

2. In case of royalty issue, the artist shall not claim any privilege; as the artist have agreed to let ShowFlipper use their artwork for promotional purposes while entering the contest.


If there are any other stages to the competition, the announcement will be made on the ShowFlipper website.


This is to declare that by your submission for the contest, you are to abide by the contest rules and regulations.