How To Sell Paintings Online

about 4 years ago
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The biggest question that haunts many emerging and amateur painters is – How do I sell my paintings? Well frankly, it is not a rocket science, but it requires a lot of patience and perseverance and effort. In this blog, we will answer your question for once and for all; how to sell paintings online.

How To Sell Paintings Online Simplified

We understand that painters are novice when it comes to the commercial aspect of their vocation. And that was kind of okay earlier. Now with the internet economy, being a novice in commercial and sales aspect is a big hurdle to make money selling paintings online.

Every painter must be an artist, marketer, and a sales rep for himself and his art.

Following are some of the best and time-tested methods of selling paintings online.

Create Your Online and Social Media Profiles

A website or a blog is the first step to market your paintings online for sale. Creating social media profiles is another step which a painter must undertake if they wish to sell their artwork to the right buyers.

More Variety of Artwork With the Right Pricing Strategy

Your online profiles should have a large variety of artwork in terms of numbers and topics. This is essential because it allows your target audience to view your creativity. Also, a painter must price their artwork correctly.  This is crucial because pricing a painting too high will not help you to sell a single artwork. Pricing a painting too low will be like undermining their own creativity. Here, the painter needs to have a balance. The best way of pricing a painting correctly is:

Let us say, you as painter has spent 50 hours on a painting. You have spent around Rs. 5 per square inch. The dimensions of paintings are 16”x20”. Then the price of your painting should be 16*12 = 320*5 = 1600. So the price of your painting should be Rs. 1600.

A “Call to Action” and a “Referral Call” Help

Always add a call to action to your marketing and sales activities. This helps you to persuade your audience to take a definite action. Also, referrals work brilliantly for selling paintings online. Ask your audience to refer you and your artwork to their network.

Join An Online Art Gallery

Do you feel all of the above is too much and difficult for you? The simplest thing you can do is join a reputed online art gallery or studio. The art gallery or art studio promotes your paintings on your behalf and sells them to the right buyers. But these online art galleries are expensive. They charge a hefty 30% to 40% of your profit margin. Therefore, it is important you join a platform that would charge less commission to sell your painting online, such as Showflipper.

Why Sell Painting Online at ShowFlipper

At ShowFlipper, you shall get a showcase as well as a selling platform without any middlemen. As an artist management company, it will connect you directly to art buyers, art collectors, art dealers, art curators and art affiliates from around the worlds that promote and market and sell your paintings on your behalf. With ShowFlipper, you retain 90% of your sales price while it charges a nominal 10% as platform usage charges.

Also, with its unique TRP Algorithm, you can make money from your paintings online when somebody views your artwork. That is right! Showflipper will pay you for every unique view that you get on your paintings.

Are you ready to make money by selling your paintings online through ShowFlipper?

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