Art Integration and Child Education

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Make learning easier for children by integrating arts

Arts and children make an amazing combination. It is regarded as one of the best ways to help children learn. According to a study conducted by the Mindshift, when children are exposed to art, they not only do well academically but it also helps promote creativity and self-confidence.

Find some great reasons as to why art integration is important!

What is art integration?

Talking about geometry. When a child first learns about the different angles, shapes and sizes of an object, it is through art. They integrate arts into their subject and create a figure of their own.

Be it Science, Social Science, English or Math, integrating an art form with the relevant subject will definitely help children in learning the subject more quickly. Use a close close observation of the leaf and teach about a realistic v/s an abstract art form.

Art can be associated with many segments like you can use clothes as a subject to do classy creations! It is also labeled as fabric art. Find some greatest collections of fabric art here

The realistic art would be the drawing of the edges of the leaf whereas the abstract art is based on the scientific qualities. Engaging children into hands-on creativity not only makes learning fun for them but they can clearly distinguish between different art forms. There are various art forms like wall art, contemporary art, digital art and fabric art etc! and paintings like oil painting and landscape painting.

Art As A Differentiating Tactic

In the Massachusetts, Cashman Elementary School, the piano teacher Elizabeth Peterson believes that when kids learn through the arts, they get a better understanding of the subject and its concepts. Though the school does not solely focus on art integration, but Elizabeth makes it a point to bring in some joy and creativity into her lessons. She asks her students to listen to "Sabre Dance" by Aram Khachaturian during their free time. In the class, the students like discussing the dynamics of the music, its tempo and instrumentation. With the help of cartoons, the students like to illustrate stories based on their interpretation of music.

In this way, students get an opportunity to express their thoughts and discuss among themselves. Wisely said by Peterson," Arts integration seems to be the best form of differentiation out there because it taps into so many different interests and abilities and forms of learning."

Integrating Arts for Science

In Annapolis, Maryland, eighth grade understudies at Wiley H. Bates Middle School find out about Mexican mosaics and math in the meantime. They study conventional turquoise mosaics and make their own particular variants with bits of paper.

This blog will give you a brief idea of how you can combine science with arts!

Their classmates then gather test sizes and utilize them to anticipate the quantity of tiles utilized as a part of the work of art. Considering and watching the workmanship to start with, without the trepidation of misunderstanding something, empowers certainty and danger taking, says Laura Brino, the arts teacher at Bates Middle School.

Arts for Maths

Barbara Pearl, a teacher of arithmetic at Stockton University, utilizes origami to teach mathematics. When she initially began teaching over 35 years ago, she searched for approaches to make math's appear enjoyable to students. She found origami, and she's been utilizing the craftsmanship as a math teaching tool from that point onward.

Art Integration and Reading

Late studies have exhibited how visual education can enhance reading, particularly through realistic books and funnies. Results from a recent report distributed in Literacy found that books support teaching techniques for reading. Analysts further analyzed the association between reading books and comprehension strategies and found that kids seemed to have a superior comprehension of the storylines when reading novels, and appeared to be more eager about learning.

Some classic novels and fantasy books are a good source of art! Many good books are written on the subject. Find some amazing good books here!

Arts for Learning

Learning itself is an art, and we ought to treat it with the same earnestness as the subjects about which we are learning. This implies pondering and talking about the learning process, from learning styles to memorization techniques to long haul teaching techniques.

Why Is Art Integration Not Popular?

Due to the hard model of art and less knowledge of arts, teachers and parents are scared of integrating arts with academics. Moreover, many parents are interested in getting their children learn something that leads to a stable job. This stops children from thinking creatively, thus the depletion of art from the world.

It is very important to enlighten people about the true meaning of art and how they can integrate it in different forms to make studying easier and fun for children.

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