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Thursday, 07.03.2019

AI Artist's Work Exhibited In New York

“Faceless Portraits Transcending Time” is an exhibit of prints recently displayed at the HG Contemporary gallery in Chelsea, the focus of New York’s contemporary art life. All of them were produced by a computer.

progress intended to spotlight the machine-learning algorithm that did the bulk of the work. According to HG Contemporary, it’s the first solo studio exhibition dedicated to an AI artist.

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Victor Vasarely's Mesmerising Work on Display In Paris

By the early 1970s, Victor Vasarely was universal. Considered by historians today as the ‘grandfather’ of Op Art, the Hungarian-French artist, then in his late sixties, had observed his pioneering geometric designs and captivating optical illusions grow to represent his generation. A major exhibit dedicated to Vasarely, now on at Centre Pompidou in Paris, has collected over 300 artworks.

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Reginald Van Lee Talks About His Extensive Art Collection

Mr. Van Lee’s for over the 20 years has been collecting, buying only art that he loves, never procuring a piece solely because it is expected to return in value. Mr. Van Lee, who was a student at Alvin Ailey when he first came to New York in his 20s, has long been a faithful patron of the arts, working on the boards of Washington Performing Arts and the Kennedy Center.

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Art On Paper Fair Comes Back To Manhattan

Art on Paper comes back to downtown Manhattan’s Pier 36 in March, with 100 studios highlighting top modern and contemporary paper-based art. Art on Paper’s medium-driven center allows itself meaningful projects – individual moments that have set the display apart and installed it as a significant stop for the arts in New York City.

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Van Gogh Exhibition To Be Held At Tate Britain

At the end of this month, Tate Britain will entertain its first Van Gogh display since 1947, collecting 45 of the artist’s numerous iconic works while giving special consideration to the part British culture played in shaping his work.

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Digtal Exhibit In Vietnam To Feature Van Gogh For The First Time

A month-long digital display of art by van Gogh, possibly the world’s most famous post-impressionist painter, will begin in Hanoi on Friday.

35 paintings by the Dutch master, including numerous world-famous and most recognizable examples like Sunflowers, Self-portrait, and Almond Blossoms will be screened automatically using modern high-resolution projectors.

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English Heritage Lends Its Rembrandt In Exchange Of Support

English Heritage is to loan Rembrandt’s self-portrait from Kenwood to a commercial studio for fiscal and other support. The art will be the centerpiece of an exhibit at London’s Gagosian Gallery on Visions of the Self, which will begin next month.

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Transforming Lodhi Into India's First Art Colony

Public art adds happiness to serious cities: An average colony in the center of Delhi is gradually being converted into one with a surplus of colorful walls. Each wall has an unusual story about it. Artists from throughout the world and India have strived in making 50 large colorful murals.

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In his first work in India, South African artist Angus Taylor devises an 'anti-monument'

Recognized for his influential sculptures, South African artist Angus Taylor is now working on "Holderstebolder", a sculpture that depicts a man upside down, to describe art devoid of agenda in his visual language.

Taylor's first job in India, "Holderstebolder" is installed at a commercial building.

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An Exhibit in Delhi To Promote Handmade Textiles

The Indian capital is a forerunner to India’s first line of handmade textile biennales, to be carried out over the ensuing three years

The discussion was part of an exchange with a collection of artisans from all over the country on the sidelines of an exhibit to declare the country’s first handmade textile biennales, for which the Ministry of Textiles has joined hands with AHF.

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Wednesday, 06.03.2019

Computer Program Surveys the Evolution of Art

Physicist Haroldo Ribeiro has created a computer program that breaks down works of art into factions of numbers. Now Ribeiro has implemented his physics-inspired metrics to approximately 140,000 digitized artworks listed on the visual art encyclopedia WikiArt to examine the trends in the progression of painting styles over the years.

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Moroccan Designer Aspires To Revitalize Embroidery As An Art Form

A designer in Morocco is educating underprivileged children the art form of embroidery, a tradition that is facing the risk of extinction.

Fadila el Gadi, a Moroccan artist, operates an organization that trains underprivileged children embroidery.

She founded the school to preserve the art of embroidery - an important element of Morocco's culture - from vanishing.

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Basquiat Leads Auction of Contemporary Art At Sotheby's

Jean-Michel Basquiat's Apex (1986), a big work emphasizing two bodiless heads, was auctioned to Sotheby’s chairman of Switzerland, Caroline Lang, valued at of £7 million. The days of contemporary art auctions in London launched on Monday at Sotheby’s New Bond Street auction house in Mayfair, where approximately two hours of bidding wars earned a £93.2 million total.

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Art Exhibit To Display Teacher-Pupil Work

"Art: The Common Thread" is a collaborative exhibition highlighting art teachers and their students' works of art.

This show was designed to commemorate the uniqueness of art instructors as artists and to draw recognition to the significance of arts in schools, which involves artworks by teachers displayed beside their elected pupils' art.

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Helena Bonham Carter Narrates A Documentary About Venetian Artist Tintoretto

A new documentary gives a deep plunge into the story and art of the artist Tintoretto – A Rebel in Venice, directed by Giuseppe Domingo Romano and told by actor Helena Bonham Carter,

Venice almost exudes the essence of the artist, whose mammoth artworks comprise an ample part of the floating city’s most sumptuous architecture.

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Is The Mystery Of The 'Lost' Caravaggio Solved?

The bare soldier gazes plaintively up into the deflected eyes of a beautiful woman methodically cutting his neck with a sword. It is a blast of violence painted in eerie tones by a Renaissance artist valued at, at least, US$100mil – or an added fraudulent work upsetting the art world.

The puzzle may be resolved after a London gallery unveils the restored version of what many think is Caravaggio’s great lost work.

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A Maine Museum Attempts To Redefine The Relationship Between Art And The Environment

An extensive exhibition of 2,000 years of works of art at Bowdoin College in Maine invites viewers to reexamine the bond between art and nature.

An Egyptian relic—accompanying by pre-Columbian ceramics, 13th-century Turkish medicinal manuscripts, and contemporary art—assembles amongst around 80 assembled for “Material Resources: Intersections of Art and the Environment,” an intriguing exhibition at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick, Maine.

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London’s National Army Museum To Restitute The Emperor's Hair To Ethiopia

London’s National Army Museum is to return locks of hair of Emperor Tewodros, which will now be buried in Ethiopian soil. An artisan cut the hair from the emperor’s body merely hours after Tewodros committed suicide after his loss at the battle of Maqdala in 1868. In April 2018 the Ethiopian embassy in London had requested the restitution of the hair.

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Art World Struggles To Transport Art Before Brexit Deadline

British establishments and museums are racing to transport works, to and from, the European Union (EU) before the Brexit deadline of 29 March as skepticism mounts concerning the free passage of goods in case of a no-deal situation.

Pavilion agents are also allowing additional transport time for the Venice Biennale as “huge repercussions” rise.

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Two Shows Highlight Works By Artists Persecuted In Nazi-Germany

Two solo exhibits at New York, which will be public on Friday, will showcase work by artists harassed and imprisoned in Nazi-Germany.

A Parisian Gallery will present, for the first time in the US, artworks by the self-taught professional and Holocaust survivor Ceija Stojka, as well as a studio from Cologne, Germany, will exhibit photographs by Albrecht Becker, who was imprisoned by the Nazis and confined for three years.

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Tuesday, 05.03.2019

Nude 'Mona Lisa' May Be By Da Vinci Himself, Say Experts

A nude sketch that carries a remarkable likeness to the "Mona Lisa" was made in Leonardo da Vinci's studio and may be the output of the artist himself, a French museum said Monday.

Specialists at the Louvre in Paris, where the world's biggest compilation of Leonardo's work is contained, have been investigating a charcoal sketch known as the "Monna Vanna" which has long been credited to the Renaissance painter's studio.

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Art by Jewish Lawyer from before WWII Up For Auction

Nearly 200 artworks from a Jewish lawyer’s collection that were whisked out of Nazi Germany to the U.S. are going up for auction.

The works accumulated by Ismar Littmann being awarded on Tuesday at Swann Auction Galleries in New York are principally drawings, prints, and lithographs. They were previously part of a collection of about 6,000 pieces he had gathered.

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France and Italy To Commemorate Leonardo da Vinci's Anniversary Together

France's president has urged his Italian counterpart to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the artist's death. Emmanuel Macron hopes the display will help end a diplomatic dispute between the neighbors.

French President Emmanuel Macron has stated a joint French-Italian recognition marking 500 years following the death of Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci.

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Palazzo Strozzi Dedicates An Exhibition To Verrocchio

Palazzo Strozzi devotes a large exhibit to the Verocchio drawing together for the first time in Florence, classics of the master and also the works of artists who were associated with his workshop: famous names of the Florentine Renaissance, like Domenico del Ghirlandaio , Sandro Botticelli , Pietro Perugino and also the most famous follower, Leonardo da Vinci.

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Now A Robot For Creative Grayscale Painting

A unit of researchers at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University and Ural Federal University has freshly designed a unique robotic setup for realistic grayscale painting. This concept came from the students, that was encouraged by the innovative and interdisciplinary characteristics of the project.

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Kerry James Marshall's 2008 Painting Auctioned for $7.3 million

A 2008 composition by African-American painter Kerry James Marshall, 63, brought $7.3 million at a Sotheby’s New York auction of contemporary art last weekend, earning it the second-highest auction prize for the artist.

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'Body': Kerala Museum Inspires People To Accept Beauty

Kerry James Marshall's 2008 Painting Auctioned for $7.3 million

'Body' is an exhibit curated by Johny ML, the well-known art critic. 58 artists – 16 Malayalis amongst them – are taking part in the display. The old palace is carpeted, walls covered in cream and refurbished into a beautiful two-story building.

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Scientists Find 19th-century Graffiti In Australia

Archaeologists were examining the rock art left behind over thousands of years by native carvers in northwestern Australia's Dampier Archipelago when they made the astonishing discovery: American whalers who went to two islands in the archipelago also carved graffiti on the islands' stones.

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Artist Sends A Powerful Message About Global Warming Using Interactive Art

Artist Daniel Rozin depicts the sun with interactive works that react to the viewer’s actions.

It is powerful to see our choices ripple over this representation of the Earth and sun — to become extremely aware of our influence.

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Kara Walker's Art Displayed At Harvard Art Museums

Two years ago, the Harvard Art Museums acquired “U.S.A. Idioms,” a huge collage and etching by the contemporary artist Kara Walker, who shook the art world in 1994 with her cut-paper silhouettes that invoked slavery’s fears and enduring influence in contemporary America.

Walker’s art made its long-awaited Harvard appearance last week.

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Monday, 04.03.2019

An AI Portrait Is Now Up For Auction

Amongst the art that is on display in London, is now a computer-generated artwork. The artwork is a portrait of a face that will change and mutate forever.

"Memories of Passersby I" by German programmer Mario Klingemann is the first work of AI (artificial intelligence) to ever come to market.

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Art Paris To Bring Together Artists From Latin America

The 21st edition of Art Paris is set to draw together modern and contemporary art galleries beneath the iconic glass roof of the Grand Palais in April. This spring Art Paris will concentrate on women artists and Latin America. The art fair will be a collaboration between 150 galleries from 20 different countries.

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 Museum Of Contemporary Art Cleveland To Become Free

The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland has announced a plan to instill inclusiveness into the gallery on a fundamental and programmatic level.

The elements of the initiative, which is called “Open House,” are free admission for all, an apprenticeship program, improved onsite programs for families and teens. Free admission begins on March 16.

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Artist Transforms An Art Gallery Into A Tennis Court

Artist Atlanta Eke has transformed an art gallery into a tennis court. It isn’t the average suburban court enclosed with cyclone wire but the Renaissance indoor pattern, formerly played by batting with one's palms, followed by using gloves, then bats and finally, strung racquets. The exhibit is at the Gertrude Contemporary Gallery in Preston, Australia.

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Wood-Carved Fast Food Art At Galveston Arts Center

A fast-food pick in Texas is receiving some artistic recognition.

A wood-carved collection of Dairy Queen articles is on exhibit at the Galveston Arts Center, in Texas, in a show called "Thank You, Please Drive Through."

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Scientists Recreate Rembrandt's Voice

Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn (1606 to 1669) passed away 350 years ago, but today he has been given a voice anew in Amsterdam.

American scientists performed restoration of his voice last week in Amsterdam with six videos, labeled the Rembrandt Tutorials, in which the master talks about his method of painting.  The team of scientists ventured to reproduce his voice using Rembrandt's self-portraits as a reference.

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Monet 's  Later Years Scrutinized In A San Francisco Museum

An effusive new show at San Francisco’s de Young Museum, “Monet: The Late Years,” scrutinizes Claude Monet's career during his later life.

Monet was still dedicated to his Impressionistic technique after 1900 but was also reinventing himself as a painter. After suffering great personal tragedies; in his 70s and 80s, Monet leaped ahead as a painter with astonishing intensity.

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A Masquerade To Celebrate Dalí In New York

On Saturday, February 23, Salvador Dalí enthusiasts lauded the Spanish icon by wearing ornate masks at the American Contemporary Art Gallery‘s (ACA) Surrealist Masquerade. The unusual gathering was packed with a few of Manhattan’s most renowned art dealers.

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Abandoned Buildings As Art Studios

Increasing rents are resulting in artists being priced out of larger cities, but now landowners are looking to these artists to help shield commercial premises from squatters.

Josh Field and Ollie Tobin, and Roland Fischer-Vousden are school friends with a love for the arts and this passion led them to start a non-profit called SET.

SET gives workspaces to musicians, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, interactive artists, fashion designers, and metalworkers.

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Artist Tries To Incorporate The Scent Of Syria Into Her Art

Sara Naim relies heavily on olive oil soap bars to build her art installations. The Paris-based artist invests hours preparing soap bars to build installations that have the scent of the home, the scent of Syria, she cannot access anymore.

Her newest artistic concept "Building Blocks", on show at Dubai's al-Serkal Avenue, tackles the concepts of borders, boundaries, and nostalgia.

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