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about 5 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

Getting the right exposure is very vital and important for any upcoming artist who wants to establish his or her name in the industry. What's even more important? Artist should be able to sell artwork online at a fair sale price.

And while the cyberspace today is a crazy place to be at with rags to riches stories surfacing every minute, it also is the place where some of these stories actually brew. Internet has made networking with people who concern you a lot more easy than it used to be.

No matter if you are a buyer or a seller, the age of instant connections facilitates you enough to strike up worthy deals. It also develops a valuable producer-client relationship.

If you are an aspiring artist devoted to build a career out of fine arts, you might be looking for an online website to sell artwork online.

There are plenty websites and e-stores online that let upcoming artists feature their work online at their online art galleries. These sites are open to established, as well as budding artists alike. They offer to get you good deals for your artwork that you could directly sell to your potential buyers through these sites.

Some of these sites like ShowFlipper even let you directly interact with clients over a personal interface and negotiate terms and deals.

You might be an illustrator, a painter, a sculptor, or a jewelry designer. There is always scope enough for you to compete with established names in the market, get featured on these sites, get recognized, and make money by selling art.

Not only you get acknowledged and praised for your work. But these online platforms help you get independent as an artist, as well as help you pay your monthly bills.

Are you just getting started as an artist and are a novice?  you might want to explore the internet first to decide on where you do want to sell artwork online.

This article intends to educate you on the same topic.


There are many e-stores that welcome new artists to feature their work in their sculpture and art galleries. However, you need to be careful before choosing any random site that comes your way.

While most of the sites online are verified and credible, you still don’t want to hand over your precious and sweated upon artwork to some fraudulent site for sale.

That is why you should be on a lookout before you feature and sell art online. If you have never before put up your work for sale at any site or online platform, you might start by sharing your work on social media.

Social media is a powerful tool to get some publicity and visibility in market. After you are satisfied with the outreach of your social media posts, you can go on to contact any of the leading e-stores dealing in artworks such as Showflipper.

Research Your Options

The list of choices that you get when you scour the net for e-stores and sites to sell artwork online can be really overwhelming.

Research your options well and pick up a site or two based on what kind of an artist you are. If you are a modern artist, you might want to go for Contemporary Art Gallery Online which is a premium site that features works from the upcoming modern artists active in the walk of modern arts that deal with contemporary concepts like the abstraction.

If you are a jewelry designer or a digital artist, on the other hand, you might want to go for sites like ShowFlipper that feature all kinds of modern, as well as traditional art forms.

Same applies if you are a sculptor or a painter. Cut the list short based on your area of expertise and then explore your options.

Negotiations and Contracts

Once you decide on which site you are going to be working on, contact them and register with them as an artist. You can get the contact for various e-stores at their websites.

Negotiate your terms of work with them and tell them why you want to feature your art on their site.

Most of these sites would be more than happy to feature your work after examining some of your samples.

Followup and Procedures

After following some standard procedures, your portfolio will begin to feature on the e-store’s art gallery. Your clients would be able to contact you directly for any deals.

Art Galleries might keep some percentage of your profit as commission. But, that\'s only a small price to pay for all the joy of getting acknowledged and appreciated. Isn’t it?

We hope now you know the way to make money online through your artwork. So, go ahead and find the best website for yourself. All the best!

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