Digital Books versus Physical Books

about 6 years ago
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The Way You Read Fiction Books!

Digital books versus physical books is a much debated question.  Both have their pros and cons.  While physical books are pretty ancient, digital books are a kind of new revolution as new as just 10 years.  If we look at each of them one by one we will get to know why both of them co-exist.

The reasons why people prefer e-books is, a lot many more books can be stored without occupying any physical space.  An entire library of fantasy books can be stored in a little portable device.  Well, the price of an e-book is always less than the print version.  

So if you are a voracious reader, e-books are for you. Thus, accessibility is made easy.  Book stores are also able to sell books in an easier fashion.  Online book stores need not actually have a physical retail outlet.  Buy some fascinating e-books on an online store for arts and related articles,at

What Kind Of A Reader Are You?

According to a recent report in the Mashable, the e-book sellers and the publishers have agreed to a huge growth in the amount of ebooks that are being sold and bought recently.

It\'s more than a decade now that RocketBook, one of the very first e-book readers the world ever seen, was launched by McGraw-Hill. Today, most of the publishing houses are putting a lot of focus on e-book publication and distribution, so much so that it has become central to their publishing and growth strategies.

When it comes to digital books, there are certain common trends:

Enhanced ebooks For Readers

If you are planning to read the best fiction books, you can do that conveniently by reading them online.

You can highlight text, bookmark certain important passages, and can also make important notes. 

Easy navigation from one page to another.

It is also safe to travel with an ebook reader than a physical book.

E-books - The Benefits


Easy downloads and safer purchases.

Borrow books from virtual libraries.

Environment friendly.

The Power of Paper!

The feel of reading a classic mystery novel on paper is certainly unique and amazing to some readers as compared to reading it using a digital book. A reader will definitely miss the tangible feel of a paper book. 

There are many critics against the digital books like Josephine Cusumano, a senior English major, who thinks that a paper book is a physical work of art that one can \"write on, pass on, and keep forever\". 

There are many lovers of paper books, who, even though have had the experience of digital books, would not exchange their physical books for anything. Even when they are considering best books to give as gifts, they would look for the paper variants.

If you are good in creative writing and have books that you can publish, here is something that might fancy you! A good read about how to publish books online!

The Role Of Librarians

In most of the libraries, the spaces are changing, and card catalogs are fast giving ways to the computer entries. 

The libraries are now, housing fewer books and turning into community-based digital research centers with not just text, but videos, audio files, and images available to the readers online.

E-Books vs the Print Books

Studies show that the sales of e-books are on the rise every single year.  Young readers, identifies e-books more for an electronic device than actually a book meant for reading.

On the other hand, researchers show that reading a physical book will have better retention in memory than the flashing pages of an e-book.

The artificial light emitting from your Kindle can actually hamper your sleep and have an adverse effect on you.  Paper books are more designed in nature, good to touch, hold and carry them in your folded arms.

Print books are also great to share.  The physical sharing of books, builds bonds and is much different from e-mailing a book or sharing it online.

But all such discussion never meant that digital books are futile.  The vast amount of books that you can actually access and read in a lifetime will perhaps be more with an e-book than with the print books.  Some visually challenged people can however take advantage of e-books.  

The font size can be increased several times so that the person is able to see.  E-books are here to stay.  They are in electronic format and can be downloaded (sometimes free) on to your PC, laptop or Mac.  Whether you like nonfiction books or mystery novels or whether you want to check up some creative writing, e-book can become instantly handy and you do not need to plan a visit to the bookstore.

And Oh yes the most important benefit of an e-book – it is extremely environment friendly.  You do not require cutting down trees to make your e-book.

Children spend a lot of time on the net before their computers.  So why not read an e-book instead of wasting time on something else.

On a lighter note, if you drop your print book in the bathtub you can probably dry it, but not your kindle or your iPad!

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