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about 6 years ago
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Painting the walls of a room in your home is not an easy task. Even when you choose the perfect color after grappling with a gazillion options, you need to make yet another important choice - the finish. Without the right finish, your painstakingly done paint job might not even last a year.

Problem is -  even with a single color, you have not less than 4-5 finishes to choose from, making the task quite complicated. One of the best ways to speed up the task is to find out as much as you can about the benefits and uses of each finish and then decide which one is right for your needs. Here’s a small guide to help you with that:

Flat Finish Is Great For Concealing Imperfections

The best quality of flat finish is that it has a matte surfle:ace, which means it does not reflect much light. This helps a lot if you have bumps, cracks, or uneven surfaces on the walls of your home. Also, on the plus side, many flat finishes are advertised as washable these days, which means you should be able to clean up liquid splashes, fingerprints and crayon marks from your kids, without much hassle. 

Just buy a little more than you think you will need, as you may have to use a little extra paint to cover up bumps and cracks properly.

If you want to create wall art in your home, this is probably the best kind of finish you can use as the base for it. The other types of finishes will likely make the job of painting much difficult with their easily washable, glossy surfaces. Of course, if you create wall art, then it would be wise to do that in a room other than your kids’ as cleanings may gradually wash away the top layers of paint.

However, keep in mind that even washable flat finishes will probably not be able to stand up to repeated cleanings, so be prepared to re-apply the finish every couple of years or so.

Satin And Eggshell Finishes Need Very Little Maintenance

If you are planning to paint your kid’s room, satin and eggshell finishes are among your best options. These can withstand repeated cleanings, without losing any of their shine. With your children often using the walls as their preferred canvas for all those drawings with wax crayons, satin and eggshell paint finishes become automatic choices for their rooms. 

Also, you can choose semi-gloss or gloss finishes for doors and window frames, for the same purpose. Applying double coats of paint on the woodwork is generally a good idea.

Semi Gloss Finishes Are Formulated For High Durability.

Highly durable and capable of withstanding repeated hosing with water, semi-gloss finishes are best for painting windows and doors, woodwork, and even cabinets. It is particularly good for areas of your home with high moisture levels, such as the kitchen or bathroom. 

For best results, choose a mildew-resistant formulation to prevent those ugly black splotches on woodwork. Multiple coats of paint applied on wooden surfaces might also extend their lifespan to a great extent, and provide excellent value for the investment you make on the finish.

Gloss Finishes Can Highlight Specific Parts Of Your House

Typically, the glossier the finish, the better it is able to resist moisture and repeated cleanings. Naturally, it should come as no surprise that glossy finish ranks highest in this category of moisture resistance. That said, it also reflects a lot of light, and should ideally be used sparingly in your home.

 It is best to use this finish in areas where you want to highlight specific objects, such as a piece of wooden furniture, trims, doors, or perhaps an architectural element or two. Feel free to apply more than one coat, if you are looking for maximum durability against repeated cleanings.

Polished Or Enamel.

Lacquered (otherwise known as polished) walls and roofs have been a hot look in beautifying for quite a while, and it's a pattern that seems to have fortitude. Genuine enamel contains poisonous fixings and is no more utilized as a part of generally places. 

Rather, a veneer like impact can be made utilizing normal paint with a polished completion, or with a present day finish that joins polished paint with water-based varnish. Polished paint makes an intelligent surface and is exceptionally solid. Be that as it may, be cautioned — it will demonstrate each flaw in your dividers.

Making this look requires some genuine wall planning. Most walls will initially should be skim-covered, where a layer of joint compound or mortar is connected, before preparing. Amid painting, you might need to layer three, four, five or more layers of shading to accomplish the impact you are searching for. Stars shower as opposed to brush on the paint for a ultra-smooth look.

However, in the event that you have your heart set on polished lounge walls (and roof), it's best to procure a professional. Also, you can anticipate that it will set you back more than the run of the mill painting work — it will take significantly more paint, in addition to additional time to prepare and apply.

Using the right finish can greatly extend the lifespan of your paint job, and give you satisfaction for a job well done once you put down the roller. The pointers above should help you select the right one. Also, be sure to check out our site for ideas on how to create fantastic wall art with some of the finishes.

Concluding For A Great Finish!

Though it is important and necessary to have a great looking wall to impress our guests, it becomes a tedious task when it comes to finishing the paint. We have to be confident about the outcome! Walls that require minimal attendance like the ones in the attic, can be painted with regular styles and needs less work on finishings. 

But the ones that have the best presence like the bedrooms, balconies or the halls, need to have fascinating and irresistible looks! These kind of walls are the ones that create the best impressions and needs greater maintainence. It is of immense importance to work on minute details about selecting the paint type.

Take a closer look about the walls you need to paint. Study the overall aspects, like its even or uneven, the texture (if it is rough or slimy), the apprearance etc. Once you get a brief idea about the wall, you can now jump to the second subject, i.e. the type of paint. The paint should not be a pain later on, hence it is wise to take an expert opinion

There are some paints that cause serious health problems, like nausea, breathing difficulty etc. Take precautions while selecting paints, there are paints that are eco-friendly and cause less difficulties. Try picking up one of these for your bedrooms, as the paint often passes its elements with the operating air conditioner.

Once you select and finalize the type of paint you want to use, take care of the last part of the process, i.e. the paint finish! It makes sense to use great finish if you really want your paint to last for a longer time.

Try to analyze the kind of finish that will suit your walls. If your walls are in close association with natural lights, choosing a glossy finish will not be a great idea. It will reflect the paint color and will cause irritations during daytimes. It will be wise to go for a matt finish!

The same can also be applied to walls that are less vulnerable to natural light sources. You can opt for going for a glossy finish that will enhance the ambience! It creates a great impression on the minds of  the viewer.

As for the children’s room is considered having a finish that is waterproof makes a lot of sense. It helps avoid any markings and spoilages the kids create on the walls. It becomes easy for you to wash the walls and make it clean again!

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