How To Turn Marble Piece Into Marble Sculpture

about 5 years ago
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Carving things out of a shapeless lump can be a revelling experience. Especially if you are just getting started with your career as an amateur marble sculptor and have just begun to bask in the glory of your own splendid creations out of scratch.

 It is very gratifying to create marble art of your own, looking at things gradually being chiselled to awe-inspiring shapes at your own hands. Are you yet to get started with it? Are you looking for some inspiration or maybe some beginner’s luck to sort things out in the primitiveness of your newly shaped interests? Here we are to get you started to turn Marble Piece Into Marble Sculpture.

We talk about everything you need to know to get yourself set up as a novice sculptor all ready to carve out his or her first masterpiece. So here we go with the dummies’ guide on how to create marble art and how to sell sculptures online.

How To Create Marble Sculpture From Marble Piece

Measure The Marble Block

The first thing that you would really need to start is some inspiration. Get hold of a hammer and chisel and come determined back to your marble block to get it in shape. After mustering enough motivation to work and to begin with your first ever sculpture, the first thing you need to get done is measuring your block.

 You need to make sure that the block is sufficiently large to carve out the whole of your sculpture. You can measure your chunk using a ruler or a measuring tape.

See to it that the block contains some buffer chunk. When block is larger than the intended sculpture size, then if you mess up and end up removing a larger chunk than required when chiselling, the damage can be revoked effectively. For measuring the block, set it up firmly on a table or a bench beside the model that you are going to use as a reference to carve your sculpture.

Measure the reference using an inch tape or a measuring scale and then measure the block of marble you are going to work with. See if it fits your need. If yes, move on to the next stage and get yourself some chalk or crayons.

Draw the Outline

Draw the outline of your model on the block of unshaped marble you are going to carve. You can use a chalk or a crayon to draw a rough outline of the shape you are going to sculpt. It helps in sticking to the shape of marble sculpture and reduces the chances of messing up a fair lot. After you drawn the outline of your artwork, it’s time to do some real work. Bring on your chisels, and a hammer!

The next step will guide you to carve a Marble Piece into Marble Sculpture.

Chisel Away

The real job that you would be doing a lot as a sculptor is actually carving the real structure of your artwork out of the lump-shaped chunk of marble. It needs a lot of focus and attention to keep in line with the outline that you have drawn. 

You need to avoid letting your chisel slip away from the defined boundaries. As a newbie, it will happen a lot that you would end up eliminating more material than you intended to and would repent it later.

This is where the extra buffer material chips in to save the day. But we will assume here that everything goes right and you won’t need that extra piece of marble. So start off by removing all the extra bits of matter around your sculpture outline. If there are large areas around the actual thing, that need to go. 

You can speed up a bit and remove large chunks of marble at a time. One needs to point their chisel straight or at a precise angle to the area to strike it off with your hammer. You might want to be a bit careful lest you end up hurting yourself with flying marble chips.

Are the extra areas around your actual marble sculpture are lesser? You need to remove fine pieces to get the marble in shape. Wash your hands off the haste and work with precision. You don’t want to end up removing that extra layer of marble that you needed to stay in your art piece. 

Now slowly and gradually, chip away piece by piece, flake by flake from your marble piece. Continue until you get a shape that roughly resembles what you were expecting to see when all your toil ends.

Finish It Off

Now that you have your rough sculpture ready, you will find that while it has taken the basic shape of what you wanted, it still is uneven and too rough on edges and you really have to do something about it. Enter the Claw Chisel to shape your marble sculpture. 

While pointed Chisel help you whack the big bits, Claw chisel lets you shape the art. Unlike the big pointed Chisel, a Claw chisel is a tool of precision. It helps you even out the crests and troughs while allowing you to add detail to your work. It gives your sculpture an even, smooth look at all parallel looking edges.

Since this is a work that requires utmost precision, you might consider viewing some tutorials on marble art online. You can check the usage of different tools and the details for which each one of them should be used. You can also study marble sculpture for sale online to gain some idea on how to go about the detailing. After you feel confident, you can carve the fine outlines by using the fine flat chisel. Finally, polish your carved piece.

And voila! You are done. Relish the awesome feeling of having completed your first marble sculpture. Them scour the e-sites that sell sculptures online to get yourself a deal. I hope these tips to sculpt marble piece into marble sculpture helped you.

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