4 Awesome Carved Wood Wall Art For Homes

about 5 years ago
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How many times does it happen that you look at your plain, routine walls and wish you could do something about them? Really, walls are a catch. Just a photo frame on them and they look surreal and take the frame off and they could start reeking of boredom and ordinariness. You certainly don’t want your walls to look ordinary, not in the least boring. So how do you perk them up? There are multiple options available in the market both online and offline if you want to brighten up your walls. You could be using a wallpaper, or a fine piece of painting, or a decorative photo frame, but the chicest thing that you will probably find today to get your walls right are trendy carved wood wall art.
These carved wooden artwork pieces are specifically meant to adorn your walls.

These wall artworks include photo frames, wall hangings, wooden carved paintings, and several other pieces of sculptures. While the carved wood art for walls is a new concept, artists have been exploring it for quite some time now and the trend has gained a lot of momentum with shrinking work and living spaces and the need of the common millennial to express their tastes and sentiments through art.

Keeping the constraints of space in mind, designers and artists came up with this unique idea of sticking their expressions to the confines of your flat walls. These cool carved wooden wall artworks take up a minimal of your space and yet enhance the appearance of your rooms manifold. You can easily find these carved wooden works on any of the e-stores online which deal in wood sculptures for sale.

Webites like ShowFlipper feature a wide range of carved wood wall art for home and workspace décor at affordable prices.

If you are looking to redecorate your office or home and are running out of space, you should definitely check out these cool collections of carved wooden wall art. In case you are confused by the vastness of the options available to you and can’t decide on what will suit your needs best, this article intends to brief you on all the choices that you can make based on your needs, likes, and the size of your walls. Read on to know more about four awesome carved wooden wall art for homes and offices. You would certainly not want to miss out on these.

Here Are Some Carved Wood Wall Art for Homes

1. Carved Wall Hangings

The first things that automatically come to your mind when you think of wooden wall art are the evergreen wall hangings. The age-old wall hangings just never get out of fashion. If anything, they have evolved big time to get counted in the top trending wall woodwork of modern times. The approach and designs going into their making have obviously witnessed a paradigm shift. Earlier while wall hangings used to be mostly two-dimensional and plain, sans-colors, the wall hangings today explore various concepts and themes that would not be imagined by artists a few years ago.

Not only have they expanded to third-dimension, but they have also grown more colourful, and bold in their exploits. The good–old wall hangings have long emerged from the shadows of the beat, traditional concepts and while the classic, traditional wall hangings still remain an all-time favourite for most people, the new, modern designs are slowly making their way into the living rooms too.

These carved pieces boast of minutely taken care of details and a fine keen-ness on texture and look. These carved wall hangings are available in all shapes, sizes, colours, designs, and dimensions depending on how you like them. You can explore and buy these carved wood art-works online.

2. Carved Wooden Paintings

Nothing beats the charm of a well-finished painting. But gone are the days when paintings were confined to the stretches of white spans of canvas. Carved wooden paintings are the new n-thing in the market. These paintings contain a wooden panel carved diligently to inscribe patterns and shapes on its surface. What can be drawn or carved is completely up to the painter’s imagination. These patterns are then filled in with carefully chosen colours to bring the best essence of the artwork out. A special thought goes in deciding the gradients of the colours used in these carved paintings to give them a 3-D, lively look.

If you are an art enthusiast and like collecting paintings, you can explore wooden carved paintings from many established and upcoming artists from across the world at any of the online e-stores dealing in carved wood wall art.

3. Carved Wooden Photo Frames

There’s nothing compared to seeing your loved ones smile at you from inside of a photo frame when you retire back to your resting place after a hard day at work (except when they are there for you in real, of course!). You can adorn your walls with those cherished photographs of friends and family using the brilliant and elegantly carved wooden photo frames available online. These carved wood wall art come in all shapes, designs, and sizes. And can fit in a very small space anywhere on your sparse wall.

Even if you live in a cabin-sized room, you can always make space for these petite photo frames to cheer yourself up. These photo frames are known for their durability and strength and can support reasonable pressure on being hung.

You can explore the cool range of stylish photo frames available online at any of the art selling websites.

4. Carved Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden panels attached to your walls take home décor to a whole new level of classy. And while routine, regular panels look good enough, the fashion of finely carved wooden wall panels is here to stay. If you have some space to spare around your walls, we suggest you get these wooden panels for your books or coffee mugs (that depends on you!) and add an extra air of sophistication to your home.

You can find these panels online on any of the e-stores dealing in carved woodwork.


If you know about some other types of wooden art that you\'d like to share with us, then let us know. The comment section is waiting for you.

We hope you  gained some knowledge about Carved Wood Wall Art in this article. Thank us later. It’s time to do some shopping now. Off you go to our online wood sculpture gallery to buy wood sculptures online.

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