How To Turn Wood Log Into Wood Sculpture

about 6 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

Wood Sculpting is on the most satisfying art. One can turn any discarded wood into fine wood sculptures. Wood sculptures are a brilliant way to decorate your homes. Some of the most intricate designs and workmanship can be found at any wood sculpture gallery.

In this blog, we will know about some steps to turn a wood log into wood sculpture. If you are onto wood sculpting, then be prepared. Because it requires a great deal of patience and a whole lot of dust.

Steps To Turn Wood Log Into Wood Sculpture

Use Discarded Wood

Lumbering is an expensive industry. Wood items are expensive. The major use of wood is to make paper. If the processing of the wood logs is flawed, the wood becomes un-saleable. Hence, using such discarded wood can help the nature in a much better way.

Moisture Is A Blessing And Also A Curse

While carving and sculpting, moisture in wood helps to create desired structure easily. If the wood is allowed to dry out its moisture, it cracks against the grain and makes it difficult to work.

Moisture is an important factor because it helps contain the amount of dust that is released into the air while sculpting.

Patience Is Virtue

The process to turn the wood log into wood sculpture can take days. In this period, if moisture starts to dry up and makes the wood to develop cracks or become grainy, it is a sign of worry. But haste will only make it worse. Using a variety of tools the process can be hastened a bit.

Subtle Curves Give Realistic Touch

Make sure your wood sculptures have strokes which look natural and not imposed. This helps to give more creative expression.

Take Extra Effort

Wood is a perishable raw material to work with. Make sure the wood does not fall prey to ants and termites and other factors which may make your artistic process a difficult task.

Make sure that your wood sculptures are given a coating of varnish to protect them from moisture and termites. It also adds a sheen to the item.

Use Of Other Materials

The most common raw material to use with wood is resin. A resin is a versatile liquid which solidifies and integrates with wood effectively. Other materials used are varnishes and stains. Varnish coats the wood in a thin film of a protective layer that extends the durability of wood. Stains are colors that you wish to give your sculptures.

It Is A Labor Of Love

Wood sculpting is a labor of love. Put aside the hours\' put, the mess created, and the race against time, the final outcome always gives immense pleasure to eyes and soul.

Are there large trees in your community or public places that are just dead stumps of wood? Bring them back to life with tools and transform them into beautiful sculptures and beautify your surroundings.

Are you looking to get into wood sculpture art? Do let us know whether these tips helped you or not in the comments. Also, once you have known how to turn the wood log into wood sculpture, and want to sell wood sculptures online, head to Showflipper and sell your artwork online.

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