10 Best Metal Sculptures That You Wont Find Anywhere

about 4 years ago
product By Pallavi-Bhonde

Metal Sculptures are brilliant works of art. As compared to other sculpting materials, metal sculpting is a relatively new art form. Many art galleries keep metal art for sale. In the following article you\'ll find some of the best metal sculptures out there. These sculptures are unique and are exclusively available with ShowFlipper. Take a look and get the one you like.

Here Are The Best Metal Sculptures Out There

Crying Hands

This brass sculpture of a face is covered by palm and seems to cry. It is created by Sculptor Floriamo Urs. The sculptor tries to convey that hiding your tears or yourself from situations will not ease you out of your problems. You can buy this sculpture on ShowFlipper for $4990.68 here.

City Rider

This bronze sculpture of the city rider riding on his self-made wheel. Created by sculptor Jyotsna Hande. A city rider is a common man who is constantly traveling between various desires, various roles, various responsibilities and a city that he hardly recognizes anymore. You can buy this sculpture for $350.25 here.


He who searches the meaning of life is a searcher. Searching for the meaning of life is the ultimate goal of this mortal human existence. Can we ever achieve the goal of a human life? Buy this brass sculpture by Jyotsna Hande from our online metal sculpture gallery for $672.21 here.


Two bodies, one mind! Buy this amazing brass-iron sculpture by Jyotsna Hande for $751.12 here.

The journey of Human Life

The life of the common human is filled with trials and tribulations. A human being goes through three distinct phases of human life and as he grows he is pushed into a corner by various trials and tribulations; yet the human spirit endures. Buy this bronze-iron sculpture by sculptor Jyotsna Hande for $851.11 here.

Miss Bling Bling

The Ostrich is the largest bird in the world. This silver sculpture made by sculptor Thierry Benenati for $125,000. Buy this sculpture here.

Chouette Fond Blanc

This is an interesting silver sculpture of an owl killing its prey with the help of forks instead of his nail. This is interesting because the owl has always been associated with knowledge. Buy this silver sculpture created by sculptor Thierry Benenati for $22,000 here.


The bull is the king of the farmland. Without bull, agriculture cannot happen. Sculptor Kishor Purekar celebrates the Bull in this brass sculpture which you can buy for $500 here.

Timepass At Noon

A favorite game of children in the summers just until 25 years ago was driving an empty cycle wheel with a stick along the alleys and roads of the city. Bring home this nostalgia in the form of this brass sculpture created by sculptor Kishor Purekar for $760 here.


What is glory? It is an infinite loop of struggle. Buy this amazing steel sculpture made by Prof. Dr. Aly Sohby for $3500 here.

These were some of the best metal sculptures for you to buy. Do you know any metal sculpture that you\'d like to share with art enthusiasts out  there? Let us know in the comments.

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