Redefining The World Of Statues And Sculptures

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Amazing world of Statues and Sculptures

Well, the greatest form of fine art, humankind could have ever known is unarguably the visual art of sculpting, be it statues and sculptures, carved wood, Greek statues and art sculptures. It is perhaps the most enduring one as well.  Sculpting is a key indicator of cultural attainments and it is believed to have greatly influenced the developments of the Renaissance art. 

Art sculptures and Roman Sculptures have been the principal form of driving force of European civilization.  It is still evolving even today, and is the leading method of expressing history. It can be safely presumed that sculptures are one of the  best forms of fine art !

The sculpture is that stream of visual arts that is three dimensional. Original sculpting used carving and modeling in metal or stone or even wood.  Modern sculpting, however, allows the use of a variety of materials. However, it is no rocket science that sculpture in stone survives for a much longer time than others.

Stone sculptures and roman sculptures are the best and earliest form of monumental sculptures.Wood carving is the oldest and perhaps the most continuous form of sculpting.  It is very suited for small works.  It is believed to be widely practiced during the prehistoric age.

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So what can be an abstract sculpture?  Abstract sculpture is often defined as a sensual expression of mind and heart.It never promotes the accuracy as we see or feel in the real world.

There are two types of abstract sculpture:

Representational sculptures: They are a derivative of some object or existing forms.

Non-representational structures: These are completely derived from the artist's mind, pure imagination. 

Abstract sculptures are not made by people who are like you and me.  They are born out of human defiance and human error.  But they are subjected to judgment for creativity in front of humans like us. Sculptures that were keenly associated with fabrics too had their fair share of importance! Fabric art was often associated with the sculptors as both had common paradigm of working!

Ancient Greek Sculptures, especially the monumental ones were composed of bronze or marble.  Cast bronze was the most popular medium used in the majority of the works by the time the Greek civilization reached the late 5th Century. You could imagine the importance of sculptures by the fact that they were decorated with diamonds and rare form of handcrafted jewelry!

Roman sculptures in their earlier stage were very highly influenced by Greece.  From early on they started producing sculptures in reliefs, resulting in the magnificent Roman triumphal columns, which had a continuous series of reliefs.

A  number of books and novels have been published that have a great depth of information on the best monuments around the world!

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1."David" in Florence, Italy

If there was ever a marble sculpture that could come to embody and represent the entire artistic history of the Renaissance period, it would be the beautiful statue of David.

Carved completely out of marble, the historic sculptures was done by the Italian artist Michelangelo and was first displayed in the year 1504 in the public square outside the Palazzo Della Signoria.

Currently, it is housed in the Accademia di Belle Art di Firenze.

Did you know that it is carved completely out of just a single block of marble, which happens to be Carrara!

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2.Statue of Liberty in New York, USA

Perhaps one of the most famous sculptures of the world, the Statue of Liberty stands on the Liberty Island in Manhattan. 

What most people do not know, is that this beautiful piece of art by the artist Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was originally a gift from France to the United States of America in the year 1886 to mark the one hundred year anniversary of the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Lady Liberty holding a beacon of light has been considered the symbol of independence and welcome to all of those people who are coming to America from abroad for the first time.

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3.The Great Sphinx of Ghizain, Egypt

Made completely out of limestone, this monolith represents the mythical creature with the head of a man, a pharaoh in all probabilities, and the body of a lion.

Historians suggest that like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, this famous sculpture took years and hundreds of men to be completed. 

In fact, there are legends of how cruelly the pharaohs used to make his people work tirelessly just to complete this iconic structure. 

4."The Thinker" in Paris, France

The famous sculptor, Auguste Rodin, admitted that he did the sculpture intentionally in nude because he was inspired by the Italian artist Michelangelo and wanted to create a historic figure that would combine the Renaissance spirit with intellect and poetry.

The famous sculpture is modeled after the famous Italian poet, Dante Aligheri and represents the poet as he is about to enter the last region of Hell through the Gates, as is represented in his celebrated work The Divine Comedy. 

Perhaps that is the reason why this historic statue is also called The Poet.

5.Bust of Nefertiti in Berlin, Germany

Currently housed at the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, the Bust of Nefertiti was originally found in Amarna, Egypt in the year 1912

Historians and archeologists, after much debate, have estimated that the iconic statue was created sometime around 1345 BC. 

It is a limestone sculpture of Queen Nefertiti, the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and one of the most powerful of the pharaohs herself. Today, she is globally recognized as one of the most renowned icons of beauty and power. 

6.“The Winged Victory of Samothrace” in Paris, France

One of the most beautifully haunting yet iconic statues to ever exist in the world, this stunning marble sculpture is considered by most art lovers and critics alike to be the best piece of art belonging to the Hellenistic period. 

The piece is said to have been sculpted around 200 to 190 BC but it wasn't until its discovery in the year 1862 that it saw the day of light. 

The statue depicts the Goddess Nike, in the throes of the passions of victory at winning the war. The beautifully spread wings as well as the intricately detailed drapes of her clothing add to the beauty of it.

7."Pluto and Persephone" in Rome, Italy

No list of the Greek statues from around the world or famous sculptors can ever be complete without the inclusion of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Completed in 1622, the marble sculpture titled "Pluto and Persephone" can be seen at the Borghese gallery.

Based on the Greek mythology, it depicts Pluto or Hades, the God of Underworld trying to capture Persephone or Proserpina, the goddess of spring and the daughter of Demeter, and trying to drag her into the Underworld with him.

8.“The Pieta” in Vatican City, Rome

This Renaissance marble sculpture was done by Michelangelo and was commissioned by the French Cardinal Jean de Bilheres for his own funeral. 

The sculpture shows the figure of Virgin Mary holding the body of Jesus Christ after it has been brought down from the crucifix, and lamenting over it.

The entire sculpture has been carved from just a single slab of marble, with absolutely no additions.

What is even more fascinating is that it is the only sculpture bearing Michelangelo's initials.

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What do you think about our list of famous sculptures and roman sculpture from around the world that redefined art? Love it, hate it? Are there any sculptures that you love and we forgot to add here? Do let us know!

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