Exciting underwater statues and sculptures around the world

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Underwater sculptures that will take your breath away

The amazing underwater sculptures!

Everyone, who loves the world of sculptures must be aware of the Yonaguni Monument. It was discovered in the late eighties when one local diver identified a mysterious looking human face carved to the sea rocks.. It is located at Ryuku Islands in Japan!

There is several such mysterious and awe-inspiring structures under water and the beauty that they reveal is indeed that leaves an indelible mark on your curious mind.  Sculptures are a fine art with a difference!

Underwater sculpting is an art pursued by few and the artwork produced by them takes your breath away.  It makes you think and rethink and creates an imaginative web of a world you would want to have a peek into.  When you see the underwater sculptures, with their biological growths, you simply have an out of the world experience.

There are  fine art , with immense literature decoding the subject of underwater sculptures!

Jason Decaires Taylor and Art Sculptures Beneath The Water

In 2006 Taylor began work on the world's first underwater sculpture park in Grenada, comprising 65 sculptures, each weighing about 6 metric tons and drilled into the seabed, covering 200 square miles.

Among his collective works Grace Reef depicts 16 female Grenadian figures lying flat on the ocean floor, The Lost Correspondent is one of those art sculptures of a man sitting at a table with a typewriter, and Vicissitudes, Taylor's most acclaimed work, is a haunting image of 26 children holding hands.

In 2009, Taylor was commissioned to create an even larger 500-piece underwater museum installation by the Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA), on Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc, Mexico. The sculptures are life-size and attract 150,000 visitors each year.

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Ocean Atlas

Also by Taylor, the Ocean Atlas is a model of a Bahamian girl about 18 feet high and weighing 60 tons. Symbolizing the need for ocean conservation, this is absolutely the largest underwater sculpture in the world.

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Installed on the western coastline of New Providence in Nassau, Bahamas, the sculpture was installed in pieces and like the rest of Taylor's work it is made up of marine grade cement that is great for forming artificial reefs for corals and other marine life forms.

The Guardian of the Reef

The statue of a mythological screature, half warrior and half seahorse, The Guardian of the Reef is a 13 foot tall bronze sculpture wearing Greco-Roman armor and carrying a circular shield and a staff. According to lore, planting a smooch on the warrior brings you good luck. 

Set on a 4 foot concrete pedestal and raises the statue to 17 feet of the seabed, it is a sight to behold off the island of Grand Cayman.

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To promote scuba diving tourism, The Guardian of the Reef was created by sculptor Simon Morris.  The Guardian is a bronze sculptor and is a limited edition of the four bronze sculptures singed by Simon.  The Guardian stands thirteen feet tall above the base that secures him to the sea bed. 

The first statue was placed on a reef in front of Light House Point in West bay Grand Cayman by Divetech on April 14th, 2015.


Wife of Poseidon and the personification of the sea as a whole, Amphitrite is perhaps the best embodiment of the mystery that is the seas from out mythology. No surprises then that the 9 feet tall, 600 pound bronze sculpture by Simon Morris placed off the beach at Sunset House resort on Grand Cayman island has attracted thousands of divers since it was installed in 2000.

Christ of the Abyss

Cristo degli Abissi is an underwater statuette of Jesus, about 2.5 meters tall situated in the Mediterranean Sea resting on Italian Riviera. Moulded by Guido Galleti out of bronze, it is an art sculpture located near where pioneering Italian diver Dario Gonzatti died in 1947. Gonzatti was considered the foremost Italian to make use of the underwater SCUBA diving equipment.

The statue depicts Jesus with his arms spread, like the famous Christ The Redeemer in Brazil. The pose of benediction is perhaps what most attracts divers to the place, as homage to those who have lost their lives to the ocean and yet enthralled by its depths and its beauty.

The City in the Gulf of Khambhat

Previously known as Cambay, The Gulf of Khambhat was discovered to be the site of a huge submerged city off the western coast of India, 120 meters below sea level. It was discovered accidentally by oceanographers and was disputed for a long time before the site was investigated and definitely identified as man-made.

Marine archaeologists found construction material, pottery and human remains in the ancient complex, carbon dating of which revealed them to be 9500 years old, predating the earliest known Mesopotamian cities by as much as 5000 years.

Corresponding to the end of the Ice Age which ended some 9000 to 10000 years ago, the melting of the polar ice caps elevated the sea levels which probably also submerged the ancient city.

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