5 Unusual Sculpture That You Will Rarely See

about 4 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

Unusual and out of the box sculptures have always caught the fancy of a normal human mind. There is a certain charm to the very existence of unusual sculpture that draws not only artists but even the common man towards them. 

Everyone likes a bit of a quirk. If you are looking for some quirky, fun, and cool sculptures for home décorthere are plenty options available for you to choose from on sites and e-stores like ShowFlipper that sell and exhibit decorative objects for home with their fair share of quirks and oddities.

Off-beat is the new cool for the millennial's today and there is no leaf they will leave unturned to give their living and working spaces a different, edgy look.

5 Far-Out unconventional and Unusual Decorative Pieces That You Can Pick Out For Your Home or Office Decor.

1. Modern Art Marble Sculptures

 There are many types of marble sculpture to decorate your home but if you are looking for something different, you need to ditch that routine statue sculpture or the traditional showpiece. Larger than life, quirky models of human figures and other shapes. These sculptures are largely categorized under the modern art category and are abstract in their concepts.

These marble structures can be of any shape and size depending on the artist’s imagination. These shapes can be geometrical, human figures, shaped as abstract, artistic bodies, or even formless. Many of the modern artists these days are coming up with newer, better, and more unorthodox concepts than ever. 

The market for these sculptures is rapidly growing and you can easily find these at any of the e-stores selling modern art online.

2. Wooden Pieces

Wooden sculptures are very widely used for garden décor. The modern unusual wooden sculptures are out of the box, quirky crafts that do not follow the conventional norms of the art. Did you ever see a wooden sculpture crafted like a tree or a really cool and creepy simultaneously puppet and found yourself drooling over them? 

These new ideas are very rapidly capturing the imagination of people and are being very much experimented with by the artists.

These pieces of wooden sculptures explore the hitherto unexplored avenues of arts and surpass any concept across genre including comedy, horror, satire and even spiritual. If you are looking for an April Fool’s day or a Halloween party, these sculptures are your go-to day-savers. Shop for them online at sites like ShowFlipper at discounted prices.

3. Plastic Art Sculptures

Artists craft and design these modern plastic art sculptures out of soft as well as hard plastic. You can easily use these sculptures to redecorate your home as well as office spaces. Some of these sculptures might include a model of a plane crashing into a bridge, a broken, tilted swing, a huge, gigantic model of a coke bottle and what not!  

These awesome plastic sculptures will get you awed as well as creep out at the same time. These sculptures will tickle your funny bones as well as get you uneasy with their poignant degree of dangerousness.

You can keep these on your table at the office or in your garden. How about the idea of a plane crashing into your fence? Interesting, right? You can explore and buy these sculptures online at any e-store selling art online at attractive offers.

4. Sculpture Art from Junk

Sculpture conjured out of otherwise deemed useless material is as unusual as anything and yet so commonplace. The usually discarded coke cans, plastic bottles, paper and cellophane wraps, ice-cream sticks, and old boxes can be used to create awe-inspiring offbeat sculptures.

In the age where sustenance has been the main point of focus, it is quite obvious that the modern-day artists are exploring newer, cheaper, and reusable material to craft their work and produce out of the box creations.

Junk has been the latest fad with the modern artists. And they are using both recycled plus discarded materials to come up with exciting ideas for designing a sculpture. Many such artworks have garnered much curiosity and intrigue from the art enthusiasts and are gradually becoming the smart way to decorate. 

If you have the balls to keep junk as an embellishment at your work area or living space, you can find some of these cool sculptures at any art site online.

5. Light-Bulb Electricity Sculptures

The concept of electricity sculptures is a new one. However, the international artists are widely exploring the same across the platforms of various global competitions. These sculptures are crafted using light bulbs which glow and fade in certain given patterns defined by their circuitry. 

In that way, these unusual sculptures encompass within them both the fine art of sculpting and the science of circuitry. Perfect for a new year’s party, you can bring these sculptures from all the premium art-stores across the internet.

The world of unusual sculptures is a really intriguing one.  You never know what you might come across next while traversing it. When it is very common for people to get bored with the routine and mundane art forms, these quirky, cool experiments come as real breathers. If you are tired of watching the old conventional décor at your place over and over again over the years, maybe it’s time for you to dive into the world of these rare sculptures and add a bit of twist to your life at your place.

You can thank us later, happy shopping!

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