How to Take Sunset Pictures With DSLR

about 3 years ago
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If you are a professional or an amateur photographer, it is very likely that you want to capture each and everything that intrigues you through your magic lenses. And what could be more intriguing than a mystical sunset? As a nature photographer, you will often be out on a quest to capture a perfect sunset moment.

 But if only it were a piece of cake. To our dismay, it is not. Taking the perfect shot at the perfect moment is quite a deal and no work for the impatient and naïve. If you really want to know how to take sunset pictures without messing things up, Welcome! We are going to bail out some real sunset photography tips, both for the amateurs and professionals. Because no matter how much you know, you never know it all.

To begin with, we just talk about sunset photography in general and then gradually delve into the intricacies of technology that come with it. So let’s get started.

6 steps on how to take sunset pictures with DSLR

Choose a Spot

No matter what place you live in, there’s always a sunset point somewhere in your town. To begin with, go out on an exploration trip and find that place out. This is going to be your photography haven, the place where you will witness splendid, awe-inspiring moments that will really bring the photographer out of you. So pick a spot and sit tight at it. Take some time observing the place during sunsets. 

This might take a few days. So be patient. This is your studying phase. Take mental notes on which angle projects a better view of the phenomenon. You can also click some dummy shots and see the difference in the frames shot from different angles. Be thorough with your study before come in for a real shoot.

This stage is crucial as it helps you identify the foreground for the sunset’s backdrop. It could be a formation of birds flying or the reflection of the sun in a lake, or just some building the sun is going behind. Choose the foreground judiciously a sit can make or break your shot.

Set Your Camera Up

Underexposure and high contrast is the way to go when capturing a sunset. It so happens that you are directly aiming at a source of light when you are going for a sunset shot. If you keep the exposure at normal levels, the brightness might mar the contrast and the image quality. 

It is always suggested thus that you underexpose the sunset to make the colors appear richer and balance their appearance. Underexposure can be carried out in the manual mode or using fast shutter speed. You can also adjust the aperture priority mode to get a nice underexposure.

Experiment With Your Subject

Don’t be too busy looking at the sun. The sunset splays around a splendid splatter of beautiful colors that you won’t want to miss for anything. So it’s okay to deter from the routine sunset frames sometimes to capture the beauty littered elsewhere in the sky.

Shift Modes

Don’t stick to a mode but keep shifting from manual to auto and back again as and when required. The aperture priority ode should be used when the sun is still up high and bright in the sky. However, you can shift to manual mode when the sky gets darker and the sun slips well below the horizon. That will be your judgment call.

Play With Shadows

The shadows and silhouettes created during the event of a sunset really create some interesting patterns in the foreground as well as in the background of the frame. And a good photographer knows how to play with these patterns. Try expanding the stretches of your imagination and see what you can do about the shadows that form. Clever use of shadows can really upgrade the caliber of your click.

Speed it Up

Speeding up the shutter speed can add extra effects to your shot. It often leads to the creation of illusions in a frame that aren’t real but seem to be so due to the high speed of the shutter. You can utilize this functionality of your DSLR to play with the vision of the viewer.

We hope that reading this article really helped you out and that now you know how to photograph a sunset perfectly. If you are a professional and are looking for the best place to sell photos online, sites like ShowFlipper can be the window for you to feature your photos. You can also sell sunset photography at auctions through online agents. E-stores like ShowFlipper, however, let you interact directly with clients. So gear up with your DSLR, capture your own sunset moment and then see it bring you a name as glorious as a sunset can be. All the best!

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