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about 5 years ago
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The starting step is the most crucial step in any direction. If you are looking forward to learning a few tips on how to start photography, and have this desire to acquire a mastery over the art of photography jostling inside you, there is no better time to start than today. 

Especially with all the online resources and tutorials available just a click away. Many sites and e-stores like ShowFlipper that sell photos online let you observe work of many leading photographers first-hand and then gain an idea of the intricacies of the art.

If you have been wondering lately about how you could get started with photography, here is our article on how to start photography, and basic photography techniques plus some cool photography tricks for beginners that you could leverage to your benefit as a newbie. So without much ado let’s get started.

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Some Basic Yet Useful Tips On How To Start Photography

Identify Your Interests

If you want to be a good photographer and are serious about your aspiration, you first need to explore your interests. Are you really interested in nature photography or is it people that interest you more? Or do you want to become a history or site photographer? 

Identifying your field of interest is very crucial to deciding the course of your actions ahead because the field of photography is a really vast one genre-wise. Once you have decided on the genre you want to be working in, you can narrow down the options in front of you to a feasible set.

The categorization saves you the pain of fretting in vain over irrelevant topics and helps you plan ahead with considerable constraints in your mind. The road ahead thus becomes very clear. But even before selecting your genre, ask yourself this-“Do I really want to be a photographer?”

Skills can still be developed with hard work and practice. But if you are not creative enough to think out of the box and are not sure about your passion for photography, we suggest you take some time out to weigh down the pros and cons to your decision of becoming a photographer first. If you think you lack the basic aptitude and patience to make it big as a photographer, it would be better to retreat. If however, you think you can acquire all that it takes to be a photographer, welcome on board.

Learn the Basics

The minimal basic requirement for you to become a photographer is a sound knowledge of camera handling. You must be aware of the technical requirements of being a photographer and should be able to work with a camera. You should also have a working knowledge of the camera modes, focus, shutter speed and other functionalities.

 The best way to learn the basics of camera handling is to actually start to handle a camera. When you start working with a real camera, you will see that things will automatically come to you as you experiment with stuff.

There are several buttons on the handling panel of a digital camera. You can experiment with different ones and check out the functionality of each of the given buttons. This practically acquired knowledge will stay with you forever.

You can also watch video tutorials online to gain the basic idea of handling photography equipment. You should also try learning the usage of a tripod as it comes as a handy tool in certain situations when you need a nice still image.

All of these tools and equipment require a certain degree of photographic literacy which you can gain from these tutorials. Once you have these ideas, you are a step ahead in the quest on How To Become A Photographer.

Choose Your Subjects Wisely And Start Off

Once you gain a theoretical knowledge of handling photography equipment, it’s time to put things into practice. It’s important that you manifest things learned in real life to retain the level of your learning. The best way to do that is to start off with whatever knowledge you possess and learn more as you move ahead practicing.

To practice, you first need to choose a subject of your interest. It could be a monument,  a historical site, a person, or some scenery or natural phenomena. Study your subject well and then start clicking without doing much thinking. After clicking each shot, take out some time to study your clicks and then see how you could improve. Trust your aesthetic instincts to guide you on this. 

If a frame does not look good, try changing the angle. Play with the lights and try out different camera modes. Keep switching between auto mode and the manual mode on your camera. Apart from that, continuously improvise on the previous shot you clicked.

With patience, practice, and time, you can make improvements each passing day and click better pictures than before.

Learn Photoshop and Other Photo processing Apps

Often the clicked images need post-processing to give it a professional look or to enhance focus and contrast. To be able to do this, you must have a basic knowledge of a couple of photo editing apps. Adobe Photoshop is the application that photographers often use for these purposes. You can also choose another application as per your convenience and preference. 

Post -Processing is not necessarily a chapter you must learn if you want to know how to be a photographer. But, it does not hurt if you have an option to make your photos look even good.

After learning the basics of camera-handling, photo-processing, and subject identification, you are all set to begin as a photographer. You may feel that you are not able to click perfect pictures in the beginning. But, things will get better with practice and you will see that mistakes will only add to your repertoire of knowledge.

The trick is to not give up and continue to educate yourself. You can do that by visiting any online art gallery on sitesand observe the work of others and learn from them. And with some level of professionalism, you can even start to sell photos online. Sounds interesting, right? So begin ahead and don’t give up. Best of Luck!

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