5 Amazing Landscape Photography Tricks To Click Perfect Landscapes

about 5 years ago
product By Payal Garg

In our previous blogs, we gave you a brief on the most creative photography tricks and least used but genius photography hacks to enhance your skills in photography. In this blog, we shall tell you the best landscape photography tricks that will make your photos stand out.

What is Landscape Photography?

One of the primary knowledge skills is to understand the subject. Landscape photography is one such branch of knowledge. It captures the essence of a natural scenic experience through a camera.

Landscape Photography Tricks

Let us now see some amazing tricks which will alleviate your photography level.

Camera Tools

For great landscape photography, you need the following camera tools.

  • ND Filters: These work as sunglasses and darken the image slightly for a longer shutter speed which minimizes polarization and gives a smooth effect by eliminating reflections.
  • Graduated Filters: This works great for minimizing the brightness of the sky. It tones down the brightness without affecting the focus image. These are expensive but worth the investment.
  • CP Filters: Popularly known as circular polarizer filter, it is used to manage flares and glares.
  • Variable ND Filter: This filter although expensive, helps to control the variations in light and darkness.
  • FLD Filter: Fluorescent Light Correction helps to obtain pleasing skin tones and correct color while shooting in fluorescent lighting and without a flash.

Aperture and ISO

These features help achieve sharper images.

  • Aperture: For a complete depth of field, the aperture should be constant around f/8 or f/16, so that the entire scene is captured in focus from front to back.
  • ISO: Low ISO helps to capture a clean image with an extended shutter speed. 

Visualize the correct location and lens

Have a final image in the mind before you start your work? This helps to identify the perfect location of the shot. Having selected the correct location, work out the best time in accordance with the position of the sun to capture a scene. Having a wide-angle lens helps to capture the entire scene.

Sunrise and Sunset are best

The best times to take a good landscape photo are either sunrise and/or sunset. The light conditions are just right and give an extra value to the image taken.

Panorama Images

Click multiple images from different angles of the location and stitch them together to get a complete picture.

Tell Us Your Experience

What other landscape photography tips you can think of? Have you tried anything different that has given you great results?

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