4 Amazing Smartphone Camera Hacks You Must Try

about 5 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

The smartphone cameras, awesome as they are, have their own set of limitations. And while clicking pictures with smartphones is easy and comes with a professional touch to it, there is always something more that you could do to enhance your selfies and photos. 

There are plenty of smartphone camera hacks, the knowledge of which can come handy to you any day of need. Here we talk about some of the creative photography ideas that can save the day for you when you are having a bad hair day or just are not able to take the perfect click.

If you browse through the sites that sell photo online like ShowFlipper, you will see an increasingly groundbreaking trend of out of the box photos that have been clicked from smartphones and yet can beat a DSLR image any given day.
Although there have been many prevalent camera hacks on the internet already, the phone camera hacks are somewhat new for the masses and not many people know what to do about the sometimes crappy smartphone cameras. While you are at it, you can also give these smartphone lanscape photography tricks a try.

These best creative photography tips will help you beat the cons and get that perfect shot. So without much ado, let’s sift through them.

Here Are The Smartphone Camera Hacks You Must Try

DIY Filters

While DIY camera filters for DSLRs have been a hit recently, there are very few DIY tricks for mobile cameras. But just like the DIY camera filters, you can enhance the effects in your frame manifold with DIY phone camera filters. 

Not much different from the camera filters, these filters can be made from easily available household materials and come with real glare-cutting and diffusing properties. You could use items that you readily throw away otherwise like an old sandwich bag, or a colored cellophane paper or just your outdated pair of sunglasses.

You can just tape them over your phone camera lens and get interesting filters for your routine photos. Besides that, you can even use these filters in layers one over the other to create innovative, out of the box filters. You just need to hold these filters tight over your mobile camera lens and that\'s it. Fix the frame, focus your shot and click.

Create your Own Shaped effects

Did you ever come across a photo where the subject is encapsulated within a beautiful shape or the light sources in the picture are all gleaming in a set pattern of shapes and marveled at the photographic genius of the capturer? Well, the deal is not that tough to manage and with a bit of time and effort, you can easily make use of this phone camera hack.

You can create your own shapes to surround the light sources in your frame. This effect especially looks perfect with gleaming, tiny, multiple sources of light in a frame, like fairy bulbs. To create your shape filter, just take a black sheet of construction paper, and keep it over your lens to cut out a size slightly larger than that of your lens. Now draw your favorite shape just at the center of this lens cover and cut the shape out.

You will be now left with a gap resembling your favorite shape in the middle of your lens wrap. Use a cello tape to fix this shaped cover over your phone camera lens, focus the object through the gap, and click pictures straight out of wonderland. You can always experiment with different shapes to get awesome effects. Get some hearts in your frame or maybe stars?

DIY Backdrops

A good background is essential to capture a really good photo. What happens if you are all dresses up and pretty and the backdrop of your selfie shows a pile of your dirty clothes over your bed behind you? A real spoilsport, yes? A clean backdrop is very important to click good smartphone camera pictures. 

You can create your own DIY clean backdrops using some plain cardboard sheets or wrapping papers. Just make sure that the backdrop you use is clean and arty and not too messed up. You can just put a blank, white bedsheet in the backdrop to capture a clean shot with a smartphone. Easy, yeah?

Use Your Own Light Diffuser

Too much light around a source in the frame or on to your subject can badly tamper picture quality. You can use your own light diffuser and absorbents to reduce the brightness of light around your subject while using a smartphone camera. For this phone camera hack, you could use a semi-transparent paper around the camera lens. Just tape these translucent materials over your lens and you are set. This translucent material could be a tissue paper or a coffee filter.

This hack will help you soften the shadows created by bright light and helps the subject appear natural. You can also use any other materials like a pair of old stockings or any other translucent fabric to cut the brightness. Just be careful to not cut out light entirely when using these materials with your smartphone lens.

These smartphone photography hacks will make your clicks a lot easier and fun. The best creative photography comes out of a well-crafted frame. And with these awesome hacks, you can just lift the looks and feels of your frames from mundane to magical. The trick is to keep experimenting. The ideas can come to you just out of the blue. So explore these smartphone camera hacks and let us know if you come up with one of your own!

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