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5 DIY Photo Filters You Can Make At Home

Filters are important. No matter how much you profess your love for all things natural, you just can’t resist using some filters to hide whatever flaws come encompassed with your photography tricks. Natural photos are all very great and authentic, yes. But that philosophy does not save the day for you when your photos get marred by the unavoidable spoilsports. And that is why almost all photographers today love using filters. And while there are numerous inbuilt filters find in the smartphones and DSLRs, not every time do they give you exactly what you want.

But with so many photography DIY hacks available at your dispense to choose from, those problems have largely dissolved. There are a variety of DIY Photo Filters that you could create yourself from easily available materials at your home.  Here are some photography DIY that helps you create awesome and effective filters from scratch. These DIY photography ideas are easily doable at your home and require no more than things that you do not think twice before discarding.

DIY Photo Filters To Try At Home and What They Do

Cellophane Filters

Cellophane comes really handy in wrapping and covering things. But did you know that the good old cellophane, apart from its routine utilities is also an awesome filter? It will grant your frame the desired color and texture. There are multiple ways to use the routine cellophane to add an extra effect to your photo. You can just take any colored cellophane of your choice, cut it to the required shape and size and wrap it over to fit the lens of your camera, fixing it with a rubber band. This cellophane filter will give an extra colored effect to your shot.

You can also cover just half of your lens with a colored cellophane paper to get a gradient color-filter effect or tape two differently colored cellophane together and then wrap the double color filter over your lens to get a fun shade to your picture. Similarly, you can experiment with different colors and thicknesses of the cellophane just for the fun of it and obtain various interesting and fun filters. Try it out with a transparent film shaded with colored sketch pens and see how it looks.

Do bear in your mind that adding an artificial filter over your phone results in a reduced image sharpness.


I bet you cannot resist this DIY Photo Filters idea. A sheen and fine pair of stockings are capable of working wonders as a soft-focus filter. You can use a light fabric stocking to create a soft, smooth filter for your frame. Just slip the stocking over the lens, pull it tight and seal it with a rubber band. Just make sure that the stockings that you are using are fine enough to be seen through while clicking. These stocking filters can act as a great light absorbent and Diffuser for bright light situations.

Wine Glass DIY Photo Filters

Who could have thought that your innocuous swish wine glass could act as a photography filter? Yes, the humble everyday wine glass is mightier than you think. Just fill it with some water and let refraction do its job. Any frame that you try to capture through this filled glass of water now will be inverted and upside down.

You can even simply use an empty glass to capture a high focus shot. Just put the glass in front of your subject, select your point of focus, and shift the camera mode to aperture priority. Open the aperture slightly to blur the background and focus on the subject to create a shallow depth effect. You can then rotate the image by an angle of 180° to get the straight image with the background still upside down. Awesome, right?


Your old-fashioned pair of sunglasses can come really handy when you can’t find a polarizing filter at hand. A sunglass is meant to protect your vision from the bright, glaring rays of the sun by cutting out perpendicular rays of light. You can use a sunglass ahead of your frame to cover the complete lens or just a region of it to get just the center subject of your shot protected from the glare. Whichever way you want.


The innocuous bottle of Vaseline jelly kept in your dressing shelf can be a conjurer of dreamy shots for you in the blink of an eye. The old petroleum jelly trick can be a day saver for you. The trick is to just put a bit of petroleum jelly in front of your lens. But you don’t want to smear the jelly straight to your lens directly. So wrap a tautly drawn thin transparent film over your lens. And then apply some petroleum jelly to its edges to get a foggy, overcast feel to your photos. Get the trick right and you can get frame straight out of a dream.

The daily, mundane things if used judiciously can be real day-savers for you. You can browse through an online photo gallery across sites like ShowFlipper that sell photographs online to find out myriad examples where these items have been leveraged as efficient filters to the benefit of the frame. The real skill lies in using these DIY Photo Filters right and choosing the right thing at the right time. Don’t overdo things but do not hesitate to experiment too.

With experience and a string of disastrous filters (we all make mistakes, take it), you will be able to figure out what works best for you. So keep going and keep exploring. Who knows if you find your own new filter material!