5 Hacks To Take A Perfect Capture

about 6 years ago
product By Payal Garg

Whether you are an aspiring photographer or an expert in photography; there is no denying that the art of photography is exciting. Be it your phone camera or the hefty DSLR, there are many ways to take a perfect picture.

Following are the top five hacks which can be used to capture the perfect picture.

Hack 1 – Create your own Bokeh for stunning effects.

Bokeh, also known as the out of focus area shots are the perfect shapes to manipulate the lens and add immense effects to achieve the perfect capture.

You can create your own Bokeh from cardboard or simple paper with shapes such as hearts, spades, diamonds etc to add effects. The Bokeh can be further manipulated to achieve a contract in the photos taken.

Bokeh’s are especially perfect for taking nature stills, beautiful nature photos, still life gallery photos, fashion photo gallery etc.

Hack 2 – Use towels or any other cloth to create the video slider shot.

To take a continuous video capture in slow motion, the camera can be put on a towel or any long cloth and dragged to create a slider effect.

Whether it is a long shot or close shot, the slider effect can be adjusted with the right motion and at different angles.

This can be used for still life photography or in studio photos.

Hack 3 – Manipulate visual perspectives to achieve a larger than life photo.

This is actually fun. And to be honest many photographers try but only a few are able to achieve with stunning results. Hence to achieve this you may need a little practise.

Some call it the manipulation of depth perception, ant view perception or by any other name. This technique actually manipulates the 2D and 3D perspective of the vision.

Such a technique is most successful for nature photography, still life photography, and landscape photos.

Hack 4 – Use plain or granite tiles for stunning visual effects

One of the most underutilized technique used; this hack is best used for product photography, food photography, and glamour photography.

This hack involves the use of plain and dark tiles of ceramics or granite on which the product is placed. This creates a reflection on the tile to give a stunning effect.

Hack 5 – Turn your camera into a pinhole

This hack is very difficult to achieve but if done right can work wonders. It can specially work for landscape photography and nature stills.

To make a pinhole for your camera or smart phone, you will need a cardboard strip, a pin to drill a hole and some tape.

You can tape the cardboard chip with the hole on to the camera of the smart phone or tape it to the body or lens cap (which also has a hole similar to the chip).

These five hacks to take a perfect photo capture will give brilliant results. 

Let us know any other brilliant hack that will truly take photography art to next level.

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