How To Take Cool Instagram Profile Pictures

about 6 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

There exists a cut-throat competition today, amidst online photography applications and forums and yet, Instagram continues to dominate the crowd as the best app for photography. It offers exciting features, filters and even going live is possible, just like Facebook. The popularity is so wide, that it is hard to find someone today who does not have an Instagram account. 

Instagram is equipped with the best filters, creative attributes like polls, Boomerang and Rewind, and the perfect layouts for pictures and videos.

Blessed as you are with such an amazing tool, like a shape-shifter that can assume any form that you wish for it to, such as business to photo blogging. Don’t you think it would be unfair if you do not know how to make the best out of it, to optimize its’ constantly updated features?

Do you not want to be a much sought after Instagrammer, with your followers checking your profile for new posts the moment they wake up in the morning?

It definitely is not rocket science that you are staring at these words in utter bewilderment. So free your mind from bemusement about what to do, because it stems from something very simple, to start at the basic level- building a unique and classy profile. One that tempts someone who’s viewing it to scroll right up and press the ‘Follow’ button. So for that, it is essential that you know how to take Cool Instagram Profile Pictures.

And that my friend, is exactly why you’re reading this, so what are you waiting for? Read on to know more about the fail proof tips, and by the time you finish reading this, you are sure to be equipped with some unmatchable Instagram Profile Picture Ideas!

Follow the below secrets and you are not at all far away from updating your profile with really good Instagram profile pics.

How To Take Cool Instagram Profile Pictures

  • Let the pictures do all the talking

A good profile is one that has a very unique bio, and it doesn’t end there but along with it, a spectacular profile picture is certainly a must. So when you choose a profile picture, be sure that it is one that would describe you as a person, match and blend with the bio you have written for your profile. Be free to choose what you feel best describes you, what would appeal the most to your followers.

  •  But I don’t know what to choose from my collection!

    Again, you’re covered here. Your gallery is probably loaded with a spectacular collection of pictures you’ve clicked, edited and processed. It sure is a tough job to decide which of it would make it to the top of your profile. As THE one picture. Looking at the myriad of photos, it would appear as if all of them would make very good Instagram profile pics. But remember that the right selection is crucial.

Choose a profile picture which has your face as the focus, one where you look like America’s next Top Model! You get the idea, choose one with good lighting, background, to show off your beautiful features. To give of really cool vibes the moment someone looks at it. This is one of the most important things to remember when choosing.

  •  So what happens to the other great pictures on my Phone?

    That exactly my friend, is why you have the coolest chance to create your own online photo gallery. To ensure your other great photographs do not go waste. Your expertly processed creations get a glimpse of the world. You don’t need to shy away from limelight anymore.

    For all you know, you can even get paid for these creations. All you’ve got to do is simply sell photos online. Soon enough, you can become an immensely successful artist, all online!

  •  Quality matters

    It is essential that you use the best cameras to get superior quality photographs. Prefer using professional DSLR cameras or if you are using a phone camera, make sure your picture is not blurry, out of focus, pix elated or having very poor lighting as these will lead to very unappealing pictures.

  •  Explore the filters

Filters are one among the best features of Instagram, so use them right. Choose a filter that suits the mood of your profile picture, one that adds to the beauty of natural picture. Play with options like monochrome, tweak the Vibrant and ambiance to get very colorful and bright pictures.

With these genius hacks, you are certain to soon have your gallery flooded with cool Instagram profile pictures. So don't forget to keep updating every now and then. That builds and establishes a curiosity in your followers to check your profile every now and then.

A successful Instagrammer is one who maximize his creativity, maintains consistency in posting pictures and stories and triumphs to eventually build a business out of it.

Your long wait has finally come to an end, so go conquer!

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