Iconic Characters Created By The Music World

about 6 years ago
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Characters That We Have Heard About But Never Seen

When it comes to iconic classic songs, Hollywood has produced some global milestones over the decades, be it in pop, rock or jazz. Hollywood has produced some of the best English songs, in terms of lyrics, musical arrangements, or music videos

Of all the greatest hits that the Hollywood music industry has produced, some have left behind classic and iconic characters, loved by generations after generations. No, we are not talking about the musicians, but the fictional song characters that the music industry trends have produced.

Here's a list of some of the most iconic music characters.

Zombie - The Cranberries

Alright, so the Cranberries came out with this smashing hit in their second studio album. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Technically, they are not talking about a zombie, but it is a protest metaphor against the violence and consequent atrocities of war, children playing in war torn zones, tanks moving about.

Delilah - Plain White Ts

Which teenage girl hasn't wanted to be serenaded with this catchy song?! Done with minimal musical arrangements by the Plain White Ts, this song is dedicated to the fictional girl Delilah, who is, perhaps a recluse, living far away from her lover in New York City.

Not only does the lover promise to walk all the way to New York if he has to, he promises to give her the life that they dreamed of.

Oh Carol! - Neil Sakada

Written for Neil Sakada's then high school sweetheart Carol King, this beautiful Hollywood classic is famous for its verses being recited rather than sung in the conventional ways.

Carol is the beautiful and popular girl, who goes around breaking hearts and yet, she is oh so pretty that the lover can't help but keep back to her.

Barbie Girl - Aqua

Ugh! This annoying catchy pop song has been every 90s girl's ringtone at least once her lifetime.

Basically, it is the vocal version of every little girl's Barbie doll house dream, Barbie and her plastic boyfriend living a good life, dressing up in pretty clothes, having a fantastic life while being packed in plastic. Not exactly, what you would call an inspiration song, but it stuck for a long time, that's for sure.

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

No one, literally no one can create sensational songs and classic musical characters quite like the king of pop does. Part of the iconic music album, Thriller, Billie Jean was based on the street groups that Michael Jackson had encountered.

The Rolling Stones Music Magazine has placed this song among the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Billie Jean, though a beautiful and attention grabbing girl, lies to the singer about the identity of her kid's real father. Quite scary once you know that it was based on a real event.

Cecilia You're Breaking my heart- The Vamps

This song is influenced by "Cecilia" by the cult classic duo Simon and Garfukel. The songs talks about the beautiful Cecilia, whose heart, perhaps, was broken by the lover and now she has decided to move on. Yet, the lover is still stuck with her memories, and every time there is a song on the radio, he cannot help but remember her. Quite the breakup song.

Carolina, No - The Beach Boys

Another heartbreaking break up song on this list, this hit classic chronicles the tale of a love gone wrong, as Carolina, the woman, decides to move on with her life and yet, the singer sits back and ponders what went wrong.

Later, they bump into each other and he starts to think how people change and start to look beyond love.

Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes

The music is about this unnamed girl, who has Bette Davis eyes, pretty lips and golden hair. Not only is she confident, but she is also flirty and perhaps the singer enjoys the attention that she, at times, lavishes upon him.

Benny and the Jets - Elton John

Basically about a futuristic rock group, Bennie is the quintessential rock female goddess. This song is about the outrageous and glamorous world of rock music and rock starts who dressed up in eccentric clothes, almost resembling future generations yet to some, and performances on stage with their entire entourage and fans waiting backstage for them.

Angie - Rolling stone

Speculations abound as to who the real Angie is - David Bowie's wife, daughter or Richard's girlfriend Anita Pallenberg. Nonetheless, many believe that Angie is an address to heroin and the addiction of the singer, and that this was dedicated as a sort of final "goodbye" to those drug pushing habits.

Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard

While some say that the song is filled with innuendoes and double meaning with sexual connotations, others believe that it is about a lavish lifestyle, one where one gets "to ball" and buy diamond rings for their beloved.

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