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about 6 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

There are many online art galleries and art studios that give established and emerging artists a platform to sell artwork online and earn money. However, these art galleries eat up most of the profit of artists by charging them very high. They charge 30% to 40% of artists' earnings as platform and promotional fees. And the catch is that these platforms to sell art online, do not even promote artists. 

Artists have to promote their account and artworks on Social media and other channels to drive sales. The only benefactor being the established name of the online gallery or studio.

We at ShowFlipper are committed to solve real-life challenges of artists by re-imagining artists as art galleries themselves.

How to Sell Art Online On ShowFlipper

We are building a marketplace for artists, writers, and designers where they can sell artwork without having to compromise on the profit shares as well as reach out and collaborate with other creators from around the world.

We Are Specifically Solving Following Problems For Artists:

Multiple Ways To Make Money

Creators used to make money only when their creations used to get sold. With the help of advertising partners, we have monetized their creations. And these advertisers pay creators whenever someone views their profile page. Imagine a social network that pays you when someone views your profile page.

Selling Made Easy

Artists had to do everything all by themselves to sell their creations. With the help of our worldwide affiliate’s network, we have been successful in selling creations on commissions.


Artists used to spend minimum 30 minutes a day on promoting their works. Showflipper has built intelligent tools that save their time and now they spend less than 3 minutes promoting their creations.

Artist/Buyer Interaction

There was a limited chance for these creators to chat with potential buyers. Here, artists get the option of live chat with buyers in real time before selling art online. This is something that has never happened before.

Affiliate Network

Artists were making money through their owned creations only. We have bridged the gap between a gallery and an artist and have imagined all artists as galleries. So these artists now can sell anyone else’s work and make money with it.

Different Ways For Artists To Sell Artwork Online On ShowFlipper:

  • Artists get the twin benefit platform of art showcase and art selling.
  • They get various linking and reach out tools from their profiles to reach out to fellow artists and art buyers from around the world.
  • With the unique TRP model, artists can make money from their artwork every day. Artists get paid for every unique view their creations get on their profile.
  • As an art gallery themselves, artists get an opportunity to become affiliates for other fellow artists and sell their artwork. Selling artwork earns them 5% affiliate income; they earn a 20% affiliate income when any new creator joins ShowFlipper through them.
  • With the SF Mega Contest, we are helping artists to participate and compete with world talent and give them a chance to earn cash rewards. This prestigious contest also gives them an opportunity to interact with art critiques and learn nuances that help them to become better creators.
  • They can sell art online through their profiles by sharing their creation links to their social media and mobile channels like WhatsApp.
  • The most popular artists will get exclusive coverage in the forms of social media postings, blogs, and press releases.

Calling All Emerging and Amateur Artists

If you are an artist, designer and/or a writer; ShowFlipper invites you to join its showcase and selling platform for all types of artwork online.

Take a small step to join ShowFlipper today and begin to sell artwork online to buyers from around the world.

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