5 Easy Doodle Ideas For Beginners

about 6 years ago
product By Yogesh Deshmukh

People doodle when they are in class, or a meeting, or when they are waiting for someone. The idea behind the doodle is not to think about it. When our brain is occupied in something else, that is when we come up with doodling ideas. Some say it helps them concentrate better!

There are a lot of easy doodle ideas you can engage yourself in. If ever there was anything that every person indulged in from time to time, it was doodling. Doodling came to the rescue to shed off boring lectures, boring meetings and likewise. It does not require perfection but one’s involvement to evolve about their imagination and creativity. It is not costly either; all it requires is a pen and a paper and your free mind to doodle around it.

Doodling has always been a fun activity and it can be productive as well. It can be so much more than just a distraction and is a tool to kill boredom. It is a fun activity which can not only reduce your stress levels but can also improve your drawing skills and boost creativity. Doodling is an activity that can be done by any person irrespective of his/her age.

The relationship between doodling and drawing:

We will now discuss how learning to doodle can also help improve your drawing skills. For that, let us first discuss the differences between the two. 

Well, the difference between doodling and drawing comes down to one word: AIM.

Drawing has a concrete objective; the artist has a certain outline of the finished picture, in his mind, when he is drawing. Drawing requires accuracy, doodling does not. Doodling may have been deemed a bankable art form, in recent years, but it originated as something people use to pass the time. Doodling is often something that we do absent-mindedly, whereas drawing requires complete concentration.

All that being said, drawing and doodling both require artistic inclinations. Doodling can even help you improve your drawings skills. 

Because when drawing, most of us tend to get caught up in the technique and the results end up being too confined. The emotion and the freedom that is there in our doodles disappears in our drawing.

Letting your hand do the work while your conscious mind takes a break is something drawing as an art form should borrow from doodling.Which is why I would suggest you keep a diary for your doodles, it can be a form of inspiration and it can be a record for your ideas, that you might get when you aren't focused on the technicalities.

You can even utilize doodling as a warm-up for our actual drawing. Which could help get both your hand and your mind used to act so that your mind can come up with fresher ideas and expressive concepts.

All that being said, doodles itself are an art. You can use them to create cute DIY items for your home and office. Or you can have the doodles themselves framed and hang them up on your walls. These artworks can add some quirk and personality to our bland walls! So let us take a look at some doodle ideas you can use for this new project!!!

Easy Doodle Ideas for beginners

For some souls, doodling can be difficult like any other problems where you are unable to wrap your head around.  So, if you are wondering what doodling is and How to doodle for beginners? What could be the possible doodle ideas for beginners? Looking for some easy doodle ideas and likewise? Then you have come to the right place to get an answer to all these questions. 

 We may get stuck up with the thought of what has to be doodled. The best part of doodling is that you are not bound to draw or sketch what others like but what you like. There can be infinite easy doodle ideas that you can choose according to your will. It also depends on how quickly you adapt these ideas and answer the question within a reasonable period of time.

Now that you know what doodling is all about, let’s talk about 5 easy doodle ideas for beginners.

  • Geometric Shapes

Drawing lines and arrows are mainstream but geometric shapes are always in a win-win situation. This step includes complex shapes and sizes, rectangle, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, etc. These are interesting and creative doodle ideas and one can always try something new with them. 

You can always combine different shapes and figures. Highlight them in your own way. Using contrast colors can be quite unique in its own manner. You can use sketch pens, crayons, color pencils, bold markers and what not. It completely depends upon you to decide the color combinations and the highlights.

  • Paisley and Mandalas

Zentangle Mandala by Rachana Patil Kulkarni

If you wish to make something more unique, you can always go for print like designs. You can use Paisley and Mandala designs to add a little ethnic flair to your doodles.

The prints can be made within the outlines, free handed, inside a background or in any other suitable way. It is one of the most preferable and easy doodle ideas among teens. You can always make an outline and fill it with a variety of designs. The designs do not necessarily have a specific design. It depends upon the taste that you would like to add upon it. You can always add modern art techniques and abstract prints that could grab the attention of the viewer.

  • Letters

For most people, doodling in the letters or alphabets is the initial start. The doodling ideas in letters can be numerous. All you need to do is draw a spaced capital letter or small letter and start doodling inside it, outside it or around it. You can choose any design and color of your wish. You can doodle initials of your name, place tags, party or wedding tags. It is one of the most common doodle ideas to get rid of boredom. 

You can even doodle superhero emblems using letters and other designs! The kids will love these, they might even help you make them!

  • Cartoons and Other Shapes

These can be any shapes which excite you to doodle. Shapes within shapes are also popular ones. These include shapes of heart, diamond, bottle, table, cartoon character or like so. These are the basics one can start. Drawing any random shape you like and doodle inside, outside or around it with your favorite pens, pencils, sketches and your choice of colors or no colors gives you the best outcome. Draw any exaggerated figures and doodle around them.


You can always enhance your art skills by doodling patterns on your background. You can always try creating scenery that appeals to the viewer. Push the boundaries of your imagination and let the pen do its work without unnecessary blending and smudging. You can always use stencils, paints, foil paper, etc. to doodle backgrounds.

If you are a doodling fan by now, you would certainly love to showcase your work in public. Online drawing gallery is one of the best ways to display your work in public and also get encouragement from other people witnessing your work. It is a great platform for your art pieces.

You can also make money if you sell doodle online by reaching out to potential customers. Make sure that your work stands up to their expectations. There are certain types of doodles higher in demand like icons, the hand has drawn fonts, texts, etc. All you need to do is think about what you could create and sell on your own, by taking your everyday doodles to a one step further.

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