How To Price Your Art

2018-03-01 11:53:45
product By Payal Garg

What is my painting worth? This is a question that has vexed many an Artists throughout the centuries. And not just because they have an emotional bond with their work, which many artists do, but because answering this question is dependent on some complex & often varying factors. 

For some artists, the question how much is my art worth is an anathema. And this emotion may hinder the essential process of deciding how to charge for painting. 

Even those artists who have the experience of working in other fields which require the knowledge of sales dynamics, sales plans & marketing strategies find it difficult to get their prices ‘just right’.

Getting Started To Sell Art Online

And when you ask the question, how much is my painting worth one important aspect is to not forget that no matter how ‘unique’ your Art is, there are thousands of other artists who are doing exactly the same thing as you. And that plays into the age old equation of demand & supply. 

And to make things worse, there are no scientific laws governing the art of pricing something as subjective as Art. So some artists may spend their lives never quite getting the formula right on how to price a painting.

Regardless, there are a few tips & tricks of the trade, which will provide you some degree of protection from the vagaries of the Art market.

 Here are a few of those tips distilled down for you in usable format that will help you sell art online at the best price. You could think of this as your little art pricing guide or even an art price calculator for pricing your art. 

The first step: In mathematics a term called ‘Geometric mean’ is often used. We can use a similar term to categorize your artwork as well. Yes, mathematical concepts can be applied to Art if they are applied in the right context & to the benefit of pricing structures.

 The key meaning of this geometric mean is ‘the central tendency’ or ‘typical value’ of a set of objects. In the same way you need to find an examples (or a set of examples), which a representative of the kind of work you are currently producing.

Needless to say they do not deviate wildly towards either side of the spectrum of your artistic canvas for the time being. Once you have established such a typical piece of work, take the effort to describe these works in detail – from the physical characteristics like weight, size, dimensions, ingredients, etc to the more factual styles of work, because these details matter a lot when you plan to sell art online.

Do not use intangibles like subjective views. And then set a ‘base price’ for you work. You could use various criteria like the prices that artists with similar experience & in a similar region levy or even the keen eye of someone who knows the art world well.
But once you have this price, you can then vary the prices of your other works based on how many ‘auxiliary qualities’ they have on top of the regular offerings or based on those which they lack.


Understanding Market Variables:One of the things you must remember is that you can't price your art in the absence of market variables & statistics. There are a few criteria that determine how much to charge for painting anything. 

One of the important facets is how good is your own resume and also your sales-history? Keeping these things in mind along with the variables in the market you can price your Art in a business oriented manner. Also you must consider some practical aspects like your genre or Art when answering the question- how to price my art? .

Whether you prefer alternative art or much rather dabble in oil-paintings is an important determining factor. Also how long you have been involved in that genre. And one of the most important is the audience you wish to impress & their opinions. 

Other comparable factors are the type & cost of materials that your use. Also the kind of money other artists in that genre & at your experience level make. It is important to determine how to price paintings. 

The scope of your Market:“How to price an art?” Is this question annoying you? In order to be able to price you work properly, you must first define your market. This involves taking a closer look at some specifics like your location, the favorability of your art genre in that location. 

What are the physical characteristics of your Art (which is especially important if you intent to ship your work internationally? And always look at the pricing process like an experienced dealer or collector would. Or even an art critic.
There is nothing to be gained by getting your dose of praise from your close friends & family who like your work anyway & think that it should sell at astronomical prices. 

What you could do though is use a little known technique designed. It involves pricing some of your Originals higher to make the 'prints' look more attractive. While there is no guarantee but it has worked for quite a few.

Negotiating prices:Keep an eye on the prices on you are offered for your art not just your own estimation of what they should sell for. And remember that there nothing wrong with negotiating at a lower price if there is a genuine reason to do so. 

However you do not want to be known as a huckster who prices too high at first & then brings the prices down in a bargain. Think the streets of Paris not the bazaars of Istanbul! There is a world of difference between sentiments & real money.

 Many artists make this mistake of pricing their art according to how they feel about their art.
But you must remember that everybody's opinions are different & they have a right to interpret your ideas in whatever manner they see fit.

 Freedom of expression starts with freedom of though. Needless to say sentimental ideas about your art are not necessarily a great tool for pricing. You must have consistency in your pricing. While art is subjective, but there is no reason to vary your prices wildly. 

Not only does it make people doubt the validity of your work it also sends them wrong signals about the future value of your work as an investment.
Remember it may be a work of art for you, but for someone else it is also an investment. Keeping it simple work with art pricing as it does with most things in life.

 People like clear, concise & simple price structures. They find it hard enough to make sense of the often verbose & varying descriptions they get. Why make it even more confusing for them by having complex & huge deviations in your pricing?

This might seem basic but you'd be surprised how many artists forget about it. One of the most essential actions without which your pricing strategy could fall by the wayside i.e., Mention your prices upfront, do not make people ask you the prices! It seems unprofessional & also creates another barrier for you to sell your work.

 And once you finally get to a level when you think of raising your prices, we advise you to proceed with caution. Here are a few things you need before you raise prices.

Ask yourself if you have been selling consistently for the past year or so? Have you been successful in selling at least 60% of all your artwork? If you answered yes, then yes you are ready. But you need to be able to justify your raise for artistic reasons but also with some business sense.

Flexible Contracts & Options:

And it is not a good idea to begrudge an art gallery or any other 'agency' the high commission they charge if they are able to provide you prices which you have never been able to attain yet. They are after-all promoting you & giving you (much needed) name recognition. 

Once you have established yourself as a famous artist whose art is in great demand, you could possibly be able to set your own commission arrangements. But until then you need them.
This also applied to any other platform you plan to use for art sales like online art galleries & e-commerce sites. They often charge far lower than physical bricks & mortar art galleries to get you sales. 

One of the best examples is an art platform called ShowFlipper. They charge you a paltry $25 for not only hosting your works on their site but they also provide you with a comprehensive promotional package that includes Social Media Promotion across all platforms by a dedicated Social Media Management team, Blog Writing & Promotion by our experienced bloggers & writers, Global Exposure, Customized Content for your unique artwork & 360° Public Relations. Here is a link to their

There are also instances when there are people who like your art a lot. They may also be your best critics & advisers. But it may just be so that they can't afford your art. So instead of leaving them high & dry without anything to show for their support, it is good idea to give them some affordably priced art to mull over. 

Obviously it should not be sub-standard but it can sure be much less expensive than your other work. It is a great idea to participate in Art shows & competitions, especially when you are starting out as an artist. 

But you must make sure that you do not want to enter an artwork of yours which is either too high or too low of the average prices in that show. The consistency principle is also important here.

Document Everything: Another thing many artists forget to do but which is very important is document their work. Little things like a proper title, a date & a legible sign make a world of difference. You must also explain your work in words even if it can speak for itself in volumes. 

It helps to tell the audience if it has received an award been exhibited where & even interesting facts like if it has ever been stolen! If you use exotic materials for your work & especially to ensure that your work does not degrade overtime, do not forget to list your ingredients, the appropriate care procedures to be followed & any other instructions, so that whoever owns your work, knows how to care for it & preserve it.

Wouldn't it be good to put a face to the name people read on your work? So place a photograph of you with your work along with a packet of information containing details like who has owned it when & how many hours it to make it.

 Remember there is no such thing as too much information when it comes to your artwork. Another thing that seems quite elementary but is easy to overlook is your knowledge of the current affairs of Art. You many have been working on a particular genre some years ago when it was not in demand. But in today’s market it might be the hottest new trend.

Wouldn't you want to capitalize on the new found market? But to do that you need to keep your ear to the ground in the Art world. Don't forget to keep an eye out for collaborative projects. They can be as important as any other tool in your artist survival tool-kit. 

They bring you newer audiences & a chance to connect with your peers. Obviously you can get a lot of good ideas from these collaborations apart from access to the other artists' audience.  A win-win if done right! You can find more information on Artist Statement on this awesome blog- why is an artist statement really required

Lowering Prices:Sales are not just for Wal-Marts. It is not a bad idea to have some sort of limited time 'sale' of your work when you are starting out. Not only does it bring you promotional value it also gives you a feel for the market for your art & also the kind of audience you can attempt to cater to.

 Needless to say people like a good deal. And they tend to tell their friends & family. Isn't that what you want? Now to that grim issue of reducing your prices. Just like raising them, it has its own technique. Speak to art dealers, consultants, fellow artists, etc to see what they think.

You are trying to create a lower price structure by responding the market conditions for your art, so it is important to do it only once. Too many reductions too soon will simply destroy any credibility you have as an artist.

Lastly, remember that the price of your art does not reflect on you or the artistic quality of your work or the value of paintings by artist. Often times people tend to emphasize these aspects & fret over them. 

The best way of keeping a level head bout the whole pricing issue is to let the market ebb & flow as a river flows past timeless rocks. They are the ones that enjoy the journey of time the most with their stationary resting place.


ShowFlipper is a great platform dedicated to artists to promote and market their artwork. It ensures that the art is successfully marketed to the appropriate and desired buyer at its respected price! Upload your art and get along a journey that takes you towards success!

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Surrealism Exposes Wealth Inequity And Beyond.

2018-02-28 13:27:22
product By Hardik Kothari

People often say wealth is power. This is frightening because most of the wealth in the world is concentrated in the hands of a select few. The amount of wealth owned by the 80 richest people in the world is the same as the amount of wealth at the hands of 20% of the poorest people in the world. 

That is to say 80 people in this world have as much money as their disposal as 1.4 billion people. This gives them a perverse power over the rest that they can exploit. This shocking gap has deep repercussions on our society.

The ever-widening wealth gap

With a wealth gap so wide; there are obvious and tangible issues such as mass poverty and crime. It has one large impact on us that is intangible. We often ignore the fact that the wealthiest people in the world have control over the media. This leads to media manipulation as well as mass manipulation where we are shown exactly what they want us to see.

Therefore what we think of as our reality could easily be just an image created by this media influence. Reality is the conjectured state of everything as exists, rather than what it appears like. Reality is relative; a beautiful game of perceptions that is real.

We assume it is the 'I' in me who does everything and is responsible for all outcomes. The 'I' takes care of my present and my future. My life revolves around the word 'I'.

What happens when I face the reality?

Am I just a puppet and being managed by politicians, businessmen, and the so called powerful people? 

Am I being controlled by corporate owned media? 

Reality does not just bite, but it also kills. The artist has intelligently portrayed the sufferings of the poor and the happiness of the rich in his oil paintings, a fine art way to expose the brutality of the real world.

Human beings are gradually turning into puppets and greed is pushing everyone down; there is constant manipulation of the masses by the politicians and businessmen.A Surrealist painter by the name of JJ Banerjee has captured on canvas the huge wealth gap to depict the reality of the world that we live in.


Surrealistic Art at ShowFlipper

'Musk Seller: A perfidious drama' is one of Banerjee's creations at ShowFlipper. The dark hued landscape shows the harsh reality of the present world in its 39x32 canvas. He has depicted the privileged rich controlling the masses in the form of a dark and gloomy puppet show.

The backdrop is a dark cityscape with vultures flying overhead in hope of feeding on the bodies, which is considered as an ill omen in a typical Indian society. There are hands that are controlling the strings of the puppets and the center of the painting has an emerging hellfire that fails to reach upwards to punish the deserving evil doers.

The canvas is strikingly captivating to a casual onlooker and has several hidden messages that reveal the brutal truth of the society that we live in

The painting urges the common man through to rise to the occasion! A battle has been cast by the rich section, to widen the barrier that separates them from the poor. The photo art creates an air of belief amongst every common man to step up and deliver.

Art & reality meet in this nightmarish scenario which cannot be ignored for long. The call to action is made through art.

According to the artist, it is not the quest for supremacy, but equality.

Banerjee has strong opinions about the society. "A man holding power and position, has the ability of feeding us as well as starving us. This makes us helpless enough to bow our head towards them. I want to pass the message through my paintings to people and tell them to fight for themselves and not sacrifice their rights." he says.

SF Studio: Making a Difference in Society.

ShowFlipper is one such place where every artist might want to be! Be it fabric art, fine arts, abstract art or digital art, if you are not here, you are bound to miss a greater section of audience!

Having effectively captured the ugly truth onto one canvas his other works of surrealism also have similar projections of reality. His paintings on SF Studio possess naked surrealism and have attracted the attention of several art lovers worldwide for the dramatic and explosive messages that they portray.

Banerjee has several other artworks like 'after the atomic war' which shows the depiction of human beings that are distorted and disfigured. Its Surrealism sends across the bold portrayal of what greed, anger, and negativity does to us. (visit here for image.)

'Vendetta of the paradoxic spree' in the Sahara Art section is another creation that is disturbing yet fixating and core shaking. All of his works are a bold display of reality that has the capability to make a person think deep. One cannot help gazing into the depth of the painting. His show speaks for itself and attracts numerous people to collect his work on their screen.

Another great collection of Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky is here

3d Art, 2d Art, Surreal Art, Abstract Art, explorations of the human psyche through metaphysical digital art short stories, poetry, quotes, near death experience (NDE) The computer art of Tom Repasky

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Romance Unleashed on the Fine Art Canvas

2018-02-28 12:56:40
product By Hardik Kothari

Romance meets Fine Arts!

Love has always been a matter of great interest. It is a vast subject that not only covers romance between two individuals, but also the feelings that erupt from one's heart towards other aspects, like nature, animals, food, adventures, children, friends etc.

It is wisely said that love knows no boundaries, nor religions! There are plenty examples that support this claim. You don't have to learn new languages to express your love towards others! It is a magical experience that displays emotions from your attitude. The way you talk, greet, care, sacrifice says it all! It is a sheer delight that keeps you afloat of all the negativities surrounding your physical world!

Many scientific experiments too have proved that there are neurological changes in the brain patterns that makes an individual behave differently when involved romantically with anyone. The human mind plays a pivotal role in shifting gears when you fall in love! There is positivity, energy, fun and moreover respect involved when the pheromones of love and romance get released!

The Romantic period was the movement of music art and literature that originated in Europe towards the end of 18th century. It was the time that wherein art was seen as a special emotion that found differentiation between relegion, science and had a major impact on historiography.

Today, love goes beyond eternity, which is far ahead of any science and religion! Manjiri uses her canvas to allow her lovely little delights of colors with acrylic painting, oil painting, contemporary art and paint to express something that needs no words! A feeling that takes shape on her paint board has mesmerized art admirers around the globe!

Her oil paintings and arcylic paintings that reveal the desire of greatest feeling on earth is portrayed fantastically! The Fine art and contemporary art comes alive with the glorius use of brush strokes that play elegance on the canvas!

Contemporary art finds inspiration in love

Manjiri Kanivde is a romantic at heart. She believes an artist can be inspired from anything. "Inspiration can come from a wet umbrella on a hazy rainy day, or a garden sculptures that withstands the  on a rainy night!”  she says. Her belief is that she derives inspiration from all the places that she has travelled to and everything around her that she finds beautiful. She loves to paint projections of love and her show on SF Studio shows a display of romanticism.

It is known that creativity cannot be bought and a true artist will vouch for that fact. No amount of money can replace the respect that a painter receives on an outstanding work of art. Perhaps, the biggest compliment to an artist is when another artist chooses to use their creations for other artwork.

It can be of any art forms of art like digital art, contemporary art, abstracts, fine art , oil paintings and arcylic paintings etc.  In Manjiri's case, it was Frank Bango who used her painting, 'Romance in the Rain', as the cover for his music album 'Touchy, Feely' in 2013.

She paints full time now and feels that it is much more rewarding than a full time job. Her paintings depict mostly love. Her creations 'Romantic Interlude', 'Autumn romance' and 'Walking in the sunshine' show strong reflections of love. 

"No amount of money earned in the corporate world, can give me as much satisfaction as I get when my work is appreciated by my collectors." says Manjiri, who has actively sold acrylic paintings and oil paintings worldwide and has a large number of regular collectors.

Romance is something that connects souls and a piece of fabric with the name of your soul mate can work wonders! You can also use handcrafted jewellery to bring the gorgeous smile on your companions face!

It is no wonder many philosophers have used poems as a medium to express their feelings. A booknovel or a blissful poem can make your day! Manjiri is a core passionate and romantic person who uses colors to do the wonders!

Carrying the legacy of photo art and art work

Her core persistence to pursue her passion for art led her to becoming a full time artist. If you have to express yourself to someone in a way that can leave you speechless, Manjiri's art work have the ability to do all the talking for you.

Her photo art stand out from the crowd owing to the rich and luxurious effects they offer to the viewer! Classic, elegant and creative; landscape paintings and acrylic  paintings of Manjiri has been the talk of the town lately

Her presence in the various art galleries has helped garner her name in every nook and corner of the globe! There is no wonder her art forms has taken the world by her side!

Manjiri’s exclusive art work on ShowFlipper

The paintings of Manjiri are a profuse part of ShowFlipper! They treasure the value of love and passion in every pixel and creatively involve the soul of the user towards them! The blissful use of brushstrokes on the canvas makes every creation a special one! 

The mesmerizing beauty of the emotions that blossoms in the season of love are confined by every inch of her canvas. They reveal the story of hearts that are piously built to love! Some of the great fine art paintings can also be found at Art Gallery Worldwide - fine art oil paintings

Her acrylic paintings are the ideal gift for that special someone when you have something to say that cannot be expressed in words. Acrylic paintings perfectly capture the emotions you are trying to express. Acrylic paintings are simple and beautiful paintings will undoubtedly impress your significant other. You can buy art made by her on her show 'Romantic paintings' on ShowFlipper.

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Spiritual Healing Leads to Inspirational Art Work

2017-03-09 20:34:25
product By Hardik Kothari

A Greived Soul And Fine Art

Art is a medium that allows people to express emotion. An artist can portray their dismay or disappointment. 

This helps them gain closure when certain things don't go their way. Not many people know that painting is a kind of spiritual healing that many artists resort to.

They use a blank canvas and a brush to express their emotions, that gives rise to abstract art and fine art that helps to heal their souls. 

Most of us mourn our losses with tears, but an artist uses colors to vent out deep emotions. Oil paintings, a very common yet powerful art work breaks the jinx of destruction caused to the soul.

Painting to heal your soul is not uncommon. An entire field of psychology deals with counselling through art. It is known as art therapy.

Art therapy gives the artist, “Inspiration”

Inspirational mixed media artist, Judith Iris Quate, lost her son to a lifelong ailment of cerebral palsy; she turned towards painting to heal her bruised soul. She had initially resorted to painting as a healing process.

Using the canvas as a therapist, she vented out all the love and affection into it. Her paintings have strong usages of red to signify the strength of her love. 

She blended these colors with images of her son along with a lingering thought or a quote.

Each time she put up a new painting, we would be amazed at the depth of emotion it portrayed. You can shop for the paintings of Judith, at


Inspirational Art Creations

"I believe that mourning is something we all do differently" she wants to send out a message through art; she says,"It is not just about the art, it is about what the art says". 

Her show named 'Inspiring Creations' on ShowFlipper is dedicated to her son with the tagline,"In the memory of my son Jason who inspires me every day".

She continues to paint from her heart, which sets an inspirational creation apart from other paintings that you see at the galleries.

 She also makes handmade bags and greeting cards that have the similar touch of love and emotions. We have never seen Judith create an artwork that is conventional.

Her shows are splashed with the colors, an oil painting with a difference, along with inspirational quotes and messages that are a rare combination. Her works are a form of inspirational art that can appeal to mothers all over the world.

The importance of Karma

In 1976, Dr King published his groundbreaking book, You too can heal.  This led to a lot of controversies, especially in the circle of spiritual healers, who perceived spiritual healing as the gift of few. 

 Dr King believed that some may not be very receptive of the healing. As Dr George King said, Miracles are not performed by God for man, but by Man for GOD.

The contemporary art form has too been used extensively that decodes the values of Karma. Karma, has been an will be in the nature till apocalypse!

Spirituality and Art

In the field of psychotherapy or spiritual healing, we encounter art therapy. You paint to heal your soul. You use your creative process of making art to express yourself. Inspirational art work or happy art is a way to stay inspired, happy and beautiful.

Inspirational art motivates, instigates and encourages creativity in you. Beautiful paintings or art can actually inspire you to stay positive and creative. 

Art therapy attempts to use humanism to reconcile the emotional human conflicts.  It focuses on the creative and contemporary art making process itself. 

 The creative process involved when one is actually trying to express herself creatively can reduce stress and  improve self confidence.

Visit this good read that attempts to cure the soul with art therapy!

This provides individuals with a deeper understanding of life and even oneself.  Art therapy can be involved in art through acrylic painting or art photography.  Whatever it is you do not have to be an expert in the art.  To define the colors of life, go ahead and pick up that color.

Art Therapy

Express yourself in postcards you create yourself. Design your own thank you cards and send them to friends. You can also Google some African art and try your hands on it.

Music is said to stir your soul.  So, listen to music and close your eyes to view what this music is inspiring in you. Read it, explore yourself.

The underlying statement is, never get stuck at one place.  You can be unhappy today, but it is not worth to be unhappy throughout your life. Do some art, express yourself and be happy and beautiful.


ShowFlipper for Art!

Judith's characteristic feature is disability awareness and she strives to spread that with her shows. 

Having witnessed the kind of treatment that physically disabled children have to undergo, she writes special messages and quotes on her paintings saying that every child is beautiful, unique and different. 

Her creations also send out the messages of acceptance towards children who are special. Each of her artistic depiction echoes that 'Every child is special.

ShowFlipper has been a great resource for everyone who is involved with art and related subjects!
It is a horizon for fine arts, abstract arts, paintings, poemssculptures and so on! 

You can feast on the art works of the ShowTainers who are talent heads in their respective fields!

Visit ,a place that has the best art creations of all times! You can also shop art works at the best rates and make your day!

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