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about 6 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

There are many online art galleries that sell creations of artists in different forms. There are over 400 plus types of art to sell, but only a few art galleries sell more than one type of art.

As an artist you have many ways to sell art online, but unless you have a business plan for artists it may become difficult for you to even sell a single creation.

ShowFlipper is one of the few online art galleries that not only showcases, but also sells creations made by artists from all over the world in six major types of artforms.

Fine Art

ShowFlipper has a robust collection of fine art paintings, drawings, sketches, prints, etc. These artworks are from emerging and amateur artists from all over the world.

Our collection of fine art features creations influenced by abstract art movement, cubism art movement, impressionist art movement, expressionist art movement etc.

We have many established, commercial and emerging fine art artists from around the world as our members. Their art depicts the daily life and the many eye pleasing views of the surroundings and the world captured in their art. These creations tell a story and intent from the perspective of the artist who created it.

As a fine art artist, you get many different products and services to sell and make money from your art everyday.

Digital Art

Our collection of digital art is equally brilliant. We have many creations made by international digital artists such as Immo Jalass and Rony Gonzalez.

Digital art collection on ShowFlipper is used as wall frames, posters, wall hangings, giclee prints or as vinyl prints for electronic items or simply as wall papers.

Their digital art tells a story of alternate paradises hidden in plain sight which are explored beautifully in their creations. These also explore hidden human emotions that many people seldom realize.

Whatever be your style of digital art, as an artist, we make sure that your art reaches out to people who matter the most.

Fabric Art

We want to change this perception. Our fabric art collection has pillow covers, curtains, purses, curtains, dresses etc. You can choose creations from different fabric art forms such knitting, quilting, crochet, and embroidery.

Being a fabric art artist, we shall help you to showcase your fabric designs to the whole world.


We have the entire medical thrillers collection of Peter Glassman, who is considered to be the best of medical thriller writers. We also have a collection of poems called “Petals”, by Dattaprasad Anil Thite; which we helped publish on our platform.

Authors, writers and poets are most welcome to join ShowFlipper. You will get many services to help you earn money everyday.


We have brilliant jewelry art created by renowned jewelry designers such as Dharmendra Singh, Emma Swailes and Tatev Hovakimyan.

Our jewelry collection has a large variety of custom made, generic and handmade items made with gold, silver, precious stones and “Meenakari” artwork.

Join ShowFlipper and showcase your jewelry art and design alongside award winning designers.


Sculptures on our website are unique.

We have sculptures for your gardens and open spaces.

On ShowFlipper, you will find sculptures of famous celebrities, musicians playing, animals, birds and people. You will also find abstract sculptures as well.

We are solving real world problems of artists all over the world. Our various service and product offerings help you to earn money every day with the help of our TRP Model. Our contest gives emerging artists a platform to compete equally with established artists from all over the world.

We have re-imagined every artist as a self-sustaining art gallery.

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