Understanding Abstract Art and Abstract Expressions

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The Perspective of an Abstract Art

The word ‘abstract’ in its pure sense means to separate something from something else.  The abstract word is essentially non-representational.  It can be subject based or refer to nothing in the external world.

The purpose of abstract art is to empower the abstract expressionism.  We call this art abstract because it exists beyond or by somehow by defying the existing rules of visual reference that one is used to.

It is a different language in itself that uses some strokes of color, lines and shapes and form and is independent of any predefined structure or notion.  It is a rebel.  It is an expression of independence, independence of mankind, of the soul. It is a fine art with a difference!

What is unique about it?

Abstract artists take inspiration from anything under the sun and moon - an object, a landscape painting, or a figure which is schematized and transformed it into an exclusive piece of work.

Some of the pioneers of "pure" abstract paintings were Peit Mondarin and Kazimir Malevich.

Abstract expressionist paintings are actually canvases with loud colors and conceptual designs. Not just paintings, this form of creativity is also evident in sculptures  and with the 3d gallery and watercolor paintings.

A great example of a sculptor who worked on the abstract sculptures is the Russian constructivist Naum Gabo.

The evolution of abstract expressionism

Developed in the 1940s in New York, abstract expressionism is the post World War II form of painting. After receiving an overwhelming response for this movement, New York City soon became the center of the western art world.

The term "Abstract Expressionism" was coined by the art critic Robert Coates and was first publicly used in a German magazine, Der Sturm in 1919. You may find a number of fantasy books and novels associated with abstract art expressionism!

Its Types


Closely associated with Celtic Art, this modern art uses a range of abstract motifs like the eight basic types of knots with interlace patterns and spirals in its contemporary art paintings. 

The Cherry Brandy by Alexander Zakhrov and Pozo Azul by Olga de Amaral are some of the examples of this form of abstract painting.

Color-Related or Light-Related

Profoundly seen in the works of Monet and Turner, light-related abstract paintings, landscape painting, watercolor paintings, contemporary art  detach the art from reality. There is a swirl of pigment in every painting, which eventually hides the pigment.

Water Lily paintings by Claude Monet and The Talisman by Paul Serusier are some famous pieces which display this technique.


Commonly known as 'non-objective art' or 'concrete art', this form is mainly characterized by non-naturalistic imagination where there is an extensive use of geometric shapes.

Noteworthy examples of geometric abstract art are the Black Circle by the Kasimir Malevich and the Broadway Boogie-Woogie by Piet Mondrian.

Emotional or Intuitional

The common theme here is the realistic tendency which is evoked through natural elements in a representational manner. This type of art is inspired further by Surrealism and Biomosphic abstraction.

To understand intutional expressionism, works of Teller, Gabel, and Nabel by Jean Arp and the Infinite Divisibility by YvsTangu are great.


This is the most unique art work of all abstract painting techniques because here the process of making the painting is more important than the painting itself.

Some of the best abstract paintings and landscape painting are made in this form because brushwork is often loose and very rapid. Viewing works of Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, and Robert Motherwell will give you an in-depth insight of the gestural skill.

Interesting and Distinguished creations

To appreciate abstract artwork, photo art, African art, art photography you need to understand the artist's reasoning behind the picture. You may always view it in your personal angle and give it a meaning which suits you. (This is the beauty of abstract art - it has customized meaning!)

To understand abstract art of a particular painter you need to know about his/her background and his/her intentions behind a creation produced.

Read about various techniques, strokes and materials used to create abstract art which will help you appreciate the art and give credit to these artists.

So on the contrary, to the stereotyped notion that abstract art is dark, it is in fact the most sought after genre of painting which displays the epitome of emotions!

What do you feel when you see an abstract art?  It’s a style that breaks every representation in real life.  Most of the time it is not even an attempt by the painter to give an impression about the real life.

However, it is important to note that abstract art and abstract expressionism are slightly different.  Abstract expressionism can be considered a part of abstract art.  Abstract expressionism historically has its roots in United States post World War II.

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