Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners Updated Guide 2019

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The beauty of painted rocks is that they can bring a spark to your regular everyday life, without needing too much of your energy. If you are also among the people who love the idea of rock paintings, it is time for you to make some of it yourself. In this blog, we will discuss a few easy rock painting ideas that you can utilize to make these adorable artworks!

How is it unique?

The reason they are gaining so much popularity these days is that you can make them using everyday materials. You can use these easy rock painting ideas for beginners as a fun activity for the weekend!

The art of rock painting also referred to as stone painting art has been around for a long time. Since pre-historic times, man has been using rocks to record his story for future generations.

Now with the technology available to us we no longer need these art forms to record history, but painted rocks can still be useful as long-lasting artworks in our day-to-day lives. And what's more? Rock painting can be an eco-friendly craft!


What is the purpose of rock painting?

Painted rocks are also cost-effective and still add a certain charm to your surroundings. They also have multiple uses; you can use them as accessories in your home decor, like paperweights, candle holders, etc.

You can also use them as garden accessories. Create cute caterpillars, or ladybugs or even snakes, using painted rocks and put them near your plants.

You can even make cacti using rocks and put them in your home to add a little quirkiness to your surroundings. Take a look at these rock painting ideas on Pinterest for more inspiration!

You must have observed a painted rock in a playground, garden or any other public place. If not, they must have surely seen them on the internet. They are also available for posting online. In earlier times, communities and families used to gather together to paint rocks following some rock painting techniques occasionally. If we talk about social media, people keep posting pictures and videos of their rock painting ideas and more often than not, also provide some rock painting tips.

This way, people who are engaged in such activities certainly, build stronger communication bonds with each other through the medium of social media and by doing fun activities.

Rock painting can be a fun activity for kids too! Schools can organize events and competitions for students. Or parents themselves can use this activity as a fun bonding experience. Communities can also use this activity to both beautify the public areas and create better communication within the community.

What do you need?

Before we get started here is a list of equipment you need to start rock painting:

Acrylic spray


Acrylic paint

Paint Brushes

Oil-based markers

You can use nail paint and glitter pens, etc. for easy patterns. Once it is done, you also might want to consider giving the rock one last coat of varnish to ensure that the paint lasts for a long time.

But the first thing you need to do is find a smooth piece of rock. This can also be a great excuse to go for a hike and get a little exercise!

Now rinse and wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris accumulating on them. Let them dry and wipe with a clean cloth. If you want, you can put a coat of gesso (or any other of your choice) on the rocks. Let’s start with some easy rock painting ideas to start with.


What to paint?

  • Dots, Circles, Lines, and Spirals

For any regular day, as long as you have good colors and some interesting patterns, nothing can go wrong! You can draw polka dots with different colors, circles around and outside the rock, interesting lines that can be zig-zag, straight, parallel, etc. You can also make some spirals and some stripes which interests you the most.


  • Hearts

Simple, yet elegant! Hearts are the most common and easy painting ideas on rocks. You can give them to your loved ones. You can use bright colors which grab the attention of the viewer and you can use contrasting colors and seal them with either glossy finish or acrylic spray.


  • Alphabets and numbers

You can paint the initials of your name or any other random alphabet and number. Use interesting designs on and around the alphabets and numbers. You can keep them in your room or anywhere you like, gift them to your friends and family. You can use flowers and little hearts around them. Give them a glossy look and can add other decorative material to jazz them up!


  • Mandala-style designs

You can use acrylic tubes to put dots varying sizes in concentric circles and create a mandala design. These rocks will add a little 'desi' -vibe to your bookshelf!


  • Warli Painting or tribal-inspired art

Speaking of the 'desi' -vibe, you can try your hand at warli-painting on pebbles. This is a very famous style of cave painting, that is still being kept alive by the tribal people of India.

Consider applying black or maroon as base color so as to maintain uniformity. They require a lot of care and patience and are completely worth it!


  • Flowers:

You can also paint flowers on the rocks in different colors. From dainty-little flower wreaths to big, almost cartoon-like flowers, you can paint anything on these rocks. Use them as paperweights or simply display in your living room.


  • Cartoon characters

There are a number of cartoon characters out of which you can select one and start painting it on a rock. You can make a bunny with funny teeth and glittery eyes, a bird blowing a kiss, a happy dog playing in the ground, etc. These types of rocks always make you feel cheerful and are liked by everyone. Paint a Santa Claus on the rock and put it near the fireplace.


  • Superhero-themed

Paint the Bat-signal on a rock and put it next to your comic-book collection. You can use any superhero logo from Wonder Woman to Iron Man and use it to decorate your kids' room. Try putting Captain America's Sheild on a rock and give it to your nephews and nieces for their birthday!


  • Complex paintings:

Stone Art by Rina Bagade

If you are confident in your abilities as a painter, you can try your hand at painting a sunset on the rock. Not just a sunset, but any scenery you with, like a beach or a forest.

Try painting portraits on the rock so you can put the collection in a glass case.

 Stone Art: Wall by Harshita Sharma

  • Or mix it up a little bit!

Paint the Little Mermaid and place her in a fishbowl with tiny weeds and fish painted on separate rocks. Paint multiple small rocks and align them to form a caterpillar or a snake in your backyard.

Paint cacti using rocks and put them in tiny pots, in your kitchen or you on your desk in the office!

Here is an interesting technique you can try for painting rocks using nail paints!


If you are enticed by these rock painting ideas, you can always switch to the painting gallery to showcase your hidden talent of painting and through that, you can also sell paintings and earn money. An Online painting gallery is one of the most favorite ways for public displays of your art pieces, at a bigger platform which gives way to make a profit if you sell paintings online and also gather appreciation and encouragement for your painted rocks.

You can even use simple alphabets to label the plants in your garden, by painting names of the vegetables, spices, etc.

And if you want to buy rock paintings to liven up your home and garden go to and check out these artistic rocks by our artists.


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