Healing Souls with Old School Music

about 5 years ago
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Experts have long wondered how music affects the brain. Music lovers acknowledge the amazing effect that music has on their brain and lives. To them, music is what helps transform 'just another day' into something totally amazing and magical the solace it provides is simply incomparable. Apart from that, music is also known to have other great effects such as aiding in the treatment of heart disease, improving verbal IQ and improving memory.

Bob Marley famously once said,"One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain." Music is said to soothe the mind off its stress and tensions. Music lovers bet on the ability of music to heal their soul. You can buy best music collections that serve as a remedy for the disturbed soul!

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However, things don't really appear all that positive for musicians. Why so? Well, for the simple reason that the numbers of music artists are staggering since the past couple of years. Although most artists are now 'online', nearly 90.7 percent of them remain undiscovered.

The Loss of Musicians

The simple fact of the matter is that the world is losing artists. According to data acquired from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people who identify themselves as 'musicians' has been on a severe decline since the year 1999. 

For those interested in direct statistics, this number has declined by a full 41 percent since 1999. Although there is a general increase in music that is being created, but the fact that few music professionals acquire gainful employment is rather disturbing.

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Many artists, because of remaining undiscovered, generally retire and stick to what is known as 'anti-art'- the attitude of questioning art of which 'silence as music' is a basic phenomenon. If anything, it is supposedly an act of protest for their art and skill to be neglected for so long.

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If anything, music is one of the most powerful things known to man. It has the potential to evoke feelings and has what it takes to unite people. However, if you consider the artists these days, the one thing you will realize that artists have lost recognition for their 'artistic' abilities and music. 

Instead, they have come to be known for their extravagant outfits, luxurious lifestyles and how many times they've been in and out of jail - their music doesn't hold much meaning anymore. Considering the different genres of music, pop and rap have particularly gained fame for their illicit lyrics that are completely meaningless - the genre has just conformed to what the public is interested in listening and seeing instead of paying attention to what actual music is all about.

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Music to heal your soul

Music therapy has been utilized by several therapists to treat a variety of ailments such a blood pressure, pain relief, and heart ailments. However, apart from affecting the physical ailments, music also heals the soul from inside out. It is said that listening to music when one is stressed or depressed, plays a huge role in uplifting the mood.

People claim that listening to music helps to make the mind more peaceful and aids in decision making. It is said that those who listen to 15 minutes of music everyday are mentally sharper and more alert as compared to those who didn't.

The Fading Away of Old School Music

Back in the days, artists like Michael Jackson, The Beatles and even classical singers like Kishore Kumar delivered lyrics that were 'meaningful'. Who can forget the iconic lyrics of "They don't really care about us"? The lyrics highlighted the world's most prominent racist issues.

Artists of those times had depth in lyrics and always captured an essence that heavy metal and electro dance music cannot. This is because their focus was on presenting music that could actually translate to amazing art. Mainstream music these days is packed full of themes of sex, fame and money.

 Pop musicians have gained fame mostly because of their run-ins with the police or their recent relationships - meaningful lyrics and music remain ignored.

Old school music has a lasting value like none other. It has a nostalgic feeling that cannot be compared to any emotions. It takes you back to the memory lane, and you can now find many passionate getting involved in the old school music!

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