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Saturday, 09.02.2019

1)      Over 50% of people  say artworks in office make them happy

The workplace environment has received a lot of consideration in the past few decades, particularly by tech firms. If workers are satisfied with their surroundings, they are fit to be more productive.

 And according to new research by Viking, more than half or 53% of workers said having art in the office makes them happier. Another 54% said art should be in every workplace.

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2)      Texas museum stands by ownership of disputed art

"Regatta in Venice", by Henri Edmond Cross, was on loan by Houston's Museum of Fine Arts for a display on the French master at the Barberini Museum in Potsdam, Germany. Successors of Jewish French collector Gaston Levy allege it was seized from their family by the Nazis and have filed a legal petition for its restoration. The Houston museum on Friday said they "stand by their ownership" of the artwork.

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3)      The UK attempts to retain an Indian article

An exceptional 17th-century tray created in Bidar in south India that illustrated Indian supremacy in metallurgy in the era – long before England had it– has been prevented from exportation by the Theresa May government, attempting to keep and preserve it in the United Kingdom.

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4)      Jan Wahl, Children’s Writer, Dies at 87

Jan Wahl, a children's book author recognized for his quick prose, whose writing over several decades was illustrated by renowned illustrators like Maurice Sendak, Edward Gorey, and Norman Rockwell passed away on Jan. 29 in Toledo, Ohio. He was 87.

His brother Rob said it was due to metastatic cancer.

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5)      Art show celebrates young artists in the US

 The Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus art show is now 13 years old. Pupils from 16 Montgomery County public high schools competed this year and now have their artworks on display till March 15. The show is free and open to the public.

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6)      Humble and Human features more than forty paintings and sculptures by famous artists

Humble and Human is an exhibit featuring more than forty artworks by artists like  Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, and Camille Pissarro. The Albright-Knox Gallery in partnership with the Detroit Institute of Arts will hold the exhibit this year.

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7)      Art for the Spanish Golden Age to be displayed in San Diego Museum

The San Diego Museum of Art presents the exhibition Art & Empire: The Golden Age of Spain, featuring more than 100 outstanding works by leading artists from Spain and its global territories during the pivotal years of around 1600 to 1750. This exhibition will examine the notion of “Golden Age” beyond the Iberian Peninsula by collecting together works from Spain’s European, American, and Asian then-colonies.

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8)      A report calls for France to return art taken from Africa

French President Emmanuel Macron stated on Friday that France will return the 26 artworks to Benin, hours following a report presented to him, demanding a return of thousands of African artworks from French museums that were taken during the colonial period.

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9)      A 150-Foot-Long Glass Rainbow at the airport!

In July, Sarah Cain will reveal a significant public work, a 150-foot-long group of 37 strikingly colorful stained-glass windows, backed by the San Francisco Arts Commission, which she wishes will encourage passers-by in a fairly strange background: the new AirTrain terminal at the city’s international airport.

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10)   India Author Amish to speak at the ThinkEdu Conclave

In 2013, The New Indian Express’ ThinkEdu Conclave was inaugurated by the late former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam.

The two-day conference will be held on February 13-14 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai and will highlight Bharat Ratna recipient Pranab Mukherjee along with 46 prominent personalities. The motive for the Conclave will be  ‘Ideas for a New India’.

Bestselling authors Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi will also be speaking at the event.

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Friday, 08.02.2019

  Asian Art And Toys Are Taking Over The World

The increasing popularity of Southeast Asian works, street art, and toys among Hong Kong collectors have gone across global markets and fashion labels.

Three divisions gathered strong numbers at the Hong Kong Autumn sales: street art, toys, and Southeast Asian art.

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2)  An International Art Gathering Transformed Snowy Gstaad Into A Radical Performance Space

Even now that art is a global phenomenon; it has an inclination to involve the dramatic spaces of the white-walled galleries. That strategy is a disappointingly uninspired way of conceiving of destinations like Venice, Beijing, or Rio. One of the most dynamic—if whirling—deviations from this rule transpire in Gstaad, Switzerland every few years as Elevation 1049.

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3) Frist Art Museum Launches Two New Exhibits

The Mellon Collection of French Art and The Paul Mellon Collection of British Sporting Art. The two exhibits will be on show in the Frist’s Ingram Gallery from February 2 through May 5, 2019.

Contributing over 70 works by artists such as Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, Henri Rousseau, and Vincent van Gogh, Eugène Delacroix, Claude Monet, etc.

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4) An Art Gallery Beneath Sand Dunes On A Beach In China

Concealed underneath a sand dune, in Beidaihe, is one of China’s latest art galleries. A branch of the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art in Beijing, the UCCA Dune is unlike other avant-garde museums. Most are distinguished architectural statements at the centers of busy cities. The Dune is subtle and sequestered, its galleries displayed upon the view of the sands.

It intends to be environmentally sustainable; to help protect the environment rather than destroying it.

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5) Jerusalem Cinematheque To Show Art Films Under ‘Exhibition On Screen’

The Exhibition on Screen show was produced by executive producer and director Phil Grabsky, who has been creating documentaries for 3 decades. The Jerusalem Cinematheque will show this special series of films on art, starting in February this year and extending into the spring.

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6) Descendants Of Baron Herzog Maintain The Battle For Art Looted By Nazis

The Hungarian administration obtained a minor victory last month in a decades-long case made against the country over Nazi-looted art. The US Supreme Court rejected on 7 January to hear a trial by the heirs of the Jewish collector Baron Mór Lipót Herzog to a 2017 Court of Appeal decreeing that US courts lack jurisdiction above Hungary.

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7)  The David Rockefeller Estate Donates $200 Million To MoMA

New York’s Museum of Modern Art Museum has collected a record-breaking contribution of $200 million from longtime trustee David Rockefeller's estate.

Rockefeller died at age 101 in 2017; selections from his art collection once believed to include 15,000 works, were auctioned off last May at Christie’s New York for a record total of $646 million at a single auction.

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8)‘Posing Modernity’ Exhibit Unveils Hidden Figures Of The Fine Art World

Though the women that starred in Dr. Denise Murrell’s exhibit Posing Modernity: The Black Model From Manet and Matisse to Today were not challenging conventions per se, they are belatedly being recognized in a style that Black women historically have not: as a component of the art world in Europe and the United States through the 19th and 20th centuries. Black women were there since the start, and are surely indicative of modernity in fine art.

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9 Koloman Moser- An All-Around Influence On The Vienna Secession

Koloman Moser (1868 – 1918) was a Viennese artist who exercised significant authority on 20th graphic art and one of the leading artists in the Vienna Secession movement, was also a co-founder of Wiener Werkstätte.

In the event of the 100th anniversary of his death, the MAK-Austrian Museum of Applied Arts and the Theatermuseum celebrate his work. Both exhibits will be open till April this year.

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10 Japan Smitten By Mithila-Painted Indian Railways Trains

Indian Railways' decision to engrave Mithila paintings on its trains has had a very emphatic impact on other nations, according to a Dainik Bhaskar report. Japan has asked the Piyush Goyal-led Railway Ministry to assign a team of Mithila artists so that the same can be achieved there as well, the report said.  A railway ministry official told Financial Express Online that a team of Madhubani artists may be assigned to Japan.

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Thursday, 07.02.2019

1)    A Sheffield Museum gets a record-breaking number of visits for a Da Vinci Exhibit

An exhibit of etchings by Leonardo da Vinci, defined as a once in a generation opportunity to view the great artist's works in Sheffield, has been established as a huge hit since launching at the Millennium Gallery last week. The blockbuster exhibit is on track to be a record breaker, with visitor numbers for the opening week greater than for any other exhibit staged at the gallery during the last decade and probably ever.


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2)    A Van Gogh previously believed to be fake is in fact authentic


Art experts have established that a small still-life at a US museum once discounted as a fake is in fact by Vincent van Gogh, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam said Wednesday.

The artwork, "Still Life with Fruit and Chestnuts", was bestowed by a couple to the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco in 1960 and speculated to be by the Dutch artist.

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3) The impact of John Ruskin

As the first of an abundance of shows commemorating the bicentenary of John Ruskin’s birth begins at Two Temple Place in London. Robert Hewison, the writer of various books on Ruskin, the most current of which is Ruskin and his Contemporaries, describes to us about his the extent of his success, from his art criticism and architectural studies to his social campaigning, and his huge impact on artists, writers, and thinkers across the world.

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4)    An Exhibition of the Works of Great American Artists

A one-of-a-kind exhibition at the Taft Museum of Art opening this month sheds some light on American art and its progression across a century.

“Winslow Homer to Georgia O’Keeffe: American Paintings from the Phillips Collection,” Feb. 9-May 19, displays 55 works by American art leaders from the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. One of the nation’s most notable art museums, it's the first museum devoted to modern art in the United States.


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5)    An exhibit on the life of Frida Kahlo

A brand-new exhibition at a New York City museum is giving us a glimpse into the life and achievements of an iconic artist.

"Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving," opens Friday at the Brooklyn Museum and comprises of Kahlo's attire and other personal articles, important paintings and drawings by the artist, photos, film, and relevant objects from the Brooklyn Museum's collection.


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6)  A Museum brings Salvador Dali back to life... virtually 

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida will bring Dalí back from the dead to lead you through his namesake museum. An AI version of the master will be revealed at the museum in April as a component of an interactive adventure called ‘Dalí Lives.’


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7)    An Exhibition on the life of Da Vinci at the Carnegie Science Center.

There’s a new show opening at the Carnegie Science Center, and it’s all regarding Leonardo da Vinci.

“Da Vinci, The Exhibition,” involves a scale reproduction of “The Last Supper,” a hang glider and a parachute among other things.


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8)    An Exhibition on the works from Picasso's Youth

A significant exhibit at the Fondation Beyeler near Basel presents a young Picasso in a quest for his identity as an artist. It is the most elaborate and expensive exhibition ever shown at Foundation Beyeler. The artworks on show from the painter's early years are milestones on Picasso's way to growing into the most famous artist of the 20th century. Never previously have they been exhibited collectively in such a high-quality exhibit.


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9)  Rabindranath Tagore's talents influenced his Assamese Contemporaries

 “Rabindranath Tagore’s artistic abilities preached his contemporary Assamese authors... Though originally, he did not reveal any high view concerning the Assamese language, later in life he revised his view,” said Dr. Pallavi Deka Buzarboruah, Professor, Dibrugarh University (DU) while addressing the DHSK Commerce College recently, on the topic ‘Rabindranath and Contemporary Assam’.


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10) Writer Rupi Kaur among Vogue India's 49 Influential Indian Women


 From artists to businesswomen, writers, and designers, these women are motivating people throughout the world with their empowering tales of success.

Vogue India included Rupi Kaur an Author, poet and illustrator from Toronto in the list of 49 Indian Women who are building legacies across the globe.

“The complexities that Indian women face are present in my writing because that’s my entire DNA,” says Instagram sensation Rupi Kaur about her double identities—the Indian girl at home and the Canadian girl when she steps out.


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Wednesday, 06.02.2019

1) Art program to Support local Artists, In San Francisco

An Art Program is organised in San Francisco to support the local artists. The Program Was Organised in Tilden Hotel near Union Square. The Hotel hosted art and design with its minimalist furniture. Each year, more than 3,500 artists access the program. All proceeds of art purchased will go directly to the artists.

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2) Connecting Art with Technology

Three Great Institutions, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Microsoft, and MIT on Monday Reveals a series of art designs, artificial intelligence prototypes and design concepts, developed in collaboration. On Dec. 12 and 13, the three collaborators came together to develop scalable new ways to engage the world through art and artificial intelligence.  

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3) Thoma Art Foundation Awards $159,000 to Scholars of Spanish Colonial Art

Thoma Art Foundation Awards $159,000 to the Three scholars of Spanish Colonial Art The organization has dedicated funds to two pre-doctoral fellowships of $45,000 each, one $60,000 post-doctoral fellowship, and three short-term travel awards of varying amounts. The Winners of the Awards are Jennifer Baez, Emily Floyd and  Paul Niell.

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4) Arts and Culture Council announces art walk for Canada Day

The Arts and Culture Council of Strathcona County got together Thursday night for its annual Arty Party and announced it is launching an art walk for 2019 on July 1. The ACCSC also plans to hold its annual general meeting in March and invites anyone interested to attend and get involved.

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5) What Is AI Art And How Is It Changing The Fine Arts Industry?

Artificial intelligence art is only limited by the technology and processing systems available. We probably haven’t even scratched the surface of the technological ability we’ll have a thousand years from now.

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6) Annual Exhibition showcase Fine Art Photos in Herndon

The 10th Annual Fine Art Photography Exhibit features nearly three dozen finalists in the Fine Art Photography Competition. Ravese will announce the winners during the free awards reception from 7-9 p.m. on Saturday (Feb. 9) at 750 Center Street.


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7) Blackman's $2m Alice set to stir up art auction market

The Alice on the Table will be the first Painting of 2019 to get priced upto $2M. For this Painting Deutscher and Hackett will offer Charles Blackman's $2M. The Painting is 121cm by 112cm in oil was first acquired in 1957 by Brisbane collector Alan Waldron.

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8) Robert Indiana’s “the american love” sculpture finds permanent home at milwaukee art museum.

Robert Indiana’s iconic sculpture “The American LOVE” will be coming to the lakefront as part of the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Collection, thanks to the gift of an anonymous donor. The sculpture was previously on display during Sculpture Milwaukee 2018, in front of the Northwestern Mutual Building on Wisconsin Avenue.

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9) Giving ambassador of art and rights his due

Amarnath Sehgal Private(Padam Bhushan awardee), who was famous of a landmark case against the Union of India. A Museum in his memory with his sculptures, sketches, sketchbooks, photographs, tapestries, poems and other documented ephemera curated on two consecutively elevated floors has opened on Tuesday.

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10) Iconic Nude Statue In Kerala To Get Facelift

Kerala’s iconic ‘Yakshi’ statue, the gigantic nude woman sculpture which had shocked the conventional mindset of the society, is all set to get a facelift as it completes 50 years of construction.  

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Tuesday, 05.02.2019

1) Things Not to Miss in New York Art’s World

Each Week in the New York City is Exciting with a lot of things happening around shows, screening & events. One of them is New York Art World. From an artist-led cruise aboard the Staten Island Ferry to a biennial in Brooklyn, here's what we're looking forward to this week.

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2) Psychologist has some surprising findings about creativity of Infant 

Psychologists has recently studied the correlation between visual imagination, birth order and creative problem solving among adults born as only child and those who were raised with siblings & they have found staggering results by finding out both gender and birth order has an effect on the development of a child's "visual imagination."

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3) Basquiat used invisible ink to make secret drawings in his paintings

Invisible ink has been around since at least the fourth century BC; It's familiar to anyone who has ever gotten their hand stamped when they entered a club. The figures are visible under UV light; other paintings may also have hidden drawings. Those of us too cash-strapped to afford an original Basquiat will just have to follow the hunt from afar.

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4) Self-shredding Banksy painting goes on display in Germany

The Self Shredding Painting by Banksy will be on display in the south-western city until March 3 before it is moved to the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, which will also not charge to view it. The Painting was first introduce as the “Girl with Ballon”

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5) The 10 Best Cities for Art Lovers in the US. According to New Study.

The results of the new study, which looks at the number of businesses in a city per capita, may surprise you. There is little attention paid to the other 35,000 cities in the US, many of which have cultivated their own unique creative sensibilities.

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6) Richard Gubernick, well-known visual artist and retired Buffalo State professor Died at 85

Every true artist is a great teacher, but every teacher is not a great artist. Mr. Gubernick, of Buffalo, who spent 60 years as a working visual artist, died Jan. 29 in Buffalo General Medical Center of respiratory failure after being a patient for three weeks. He was 85.

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7) Why artist Feng Xiao-Min’s paintings don’t have titles

Shanghai Born Artist Feng Xiao-Min is no longer giving Titles to there Paintings. Feng has lived and worked in Paris since studying at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in the late-1980s, and is credited with shaping the French capital’s contemporary art scene through the blending of French and Chinese styles and influences.

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8) Artist Simon Hitchens unveils plan for 55-METER sculpture in tribute to the Queen.

Simon Hitchens won a competition to create huge piece of public art.Piece will stand north to south will be three times higher than the angel of north. Sculpture will be taken from the ground so the artwork would fit exactly into the ground. It is estimated that steel structure will attract visitors to the remote corner of north Northumberland.


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9) Sculpture goes organic at an artist’s studio in Mexico

A Sculpture is made form all of the organic materials starting form coconut shells, tree trunks and gives a he gives a new face to the treasures of nature.

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10) Psychologist Explores the Human Psyche in Thought-Provoking Illustrations

Cyril Ronaldo Creates thought provoking illustrations that examines human psyche. His impressive pieces explore imagination, insecurities, as well as hopes and dreams. Which we can see in his artworks.  

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Monday, 04.02.2019

1) Indian Art Fair 11th Edition 67 Galleries from all over India Showcased their Art

As the Indian art Fair’s 11th edition Started in Delhi 67 Galleries form all over the India has increased level of confidence in India’s art market compared with previous years. IAF's attempts to deal with potential pitfalls within the Indian art world and commitment to nurture a healthy ecosystem of artists, collectors and galleries suggests that the fair is likely to survive MCH’s impending sale.

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2) Art that is Unseen Over a Century 

Gustav Hahn, who pioneered the art nouveau style in Canada, painted ornate murals on the ceiling and walls of the legislative chamber in 1893. But in 1912, the space was redecorated and all of that art was covered up. But, In 2016, four panels were removed in the centre of the chamber and restoration work was done to reveal various maple leaf designs. It was an exciting find, but there had been photographs of the ceiling before the panels were installed, so staff had known what art lay beneath.

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3) Is this an end of Traditional Weavers in India.

Traditional carpet making in India has been on a steady decline for the past 20 years and it is getting steeper, says the sister-brother duo. In Kashmir is the best place to visit in India, ten years ago, there were ten lakh weavers. Today, there are only about 20,000. So, there is easily a 70 per cent drop. From the government’s side, they have reduced the GST to five per cent, they say. “I feel, more than depending upon the government, people should take initiative. If people start recognising it as an art form, it automatically gives value to the weavers,” says Nisha. “NGOs also help in spreading awareness, mostly focusing on removing child labour from the industry. We make sure that we don’t collaborate with people who work with children,” she declares. 

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4) Forgetting the Textile Contemporary Practice

A textile show displays works by 17 artists throughout the premises of Dr. Bhau Daji Museum addressing the ideas of gender, identity and nationalism. In the guise of textiles and fabric, there exist tales of identity, colonial trade, traditional craft practices, and fashion.

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5) Native Art Exhibits Opens at Snite Museum


The exhibit features more than 20 artists from diverse tribes in the United States and Canada whose works highlight strategies of revision, reuse, and appropriation in Native art from the 1990s to today in media ranging from painting to sculpture to video.

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6) Working with Live Models

Every true artist is a great teacher, but every teacher is not a great artist. However, renowned artist Jamal Ahmed is an exception to that notion. Even after being a Professor at the Faculty of Fine Art of the University of Dhaka, Jamal Ahmed's artistic self is prominently alive and visible. The artist regards human beings as the most important aspect of nature. He enthusiastically depicts human figures, especially the female ones. “I paint whatever I find interesting to my eyes. Once I went to the USA and was struggling to figure out what to portray. Suddenly, a lonely and panicked pigeon sat beside my balcony, and I started painting it. After that, pigeons have become one of my favourite subjects,” said Jamal Ahmed.

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7) Doing Art Digitally

While the depth of the creative possibilities in Dreams is impressive, I’m more interested in seeing how LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule’s project can stack up against traditional creation hardware and software. Could my PS4 and a single DualShock 4 controller compete with my beefy PC, mouse and keyboard, drawing tablet, and VR headset? Not completely, as I found out during Dreams’ recent private beta — but the game does come surprisingly close.

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8) From the Harbin Ice Festival – A World of Ice Arise in Habrin each Winter. 

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is what I imagine would happen if a Vegas designer decorated the North Pole. It takes only two or three days to see Harbin’s main attractions, although those who want to stay longer can visit a ski resort and a snow village outside of town. We were happy to move on after three nights and two full days.

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9) Susan Hiller, a conceptual artist, dies at 78

Born in the United States and educated as an anthropologist, Hiller was particularly adept at using video to look anew at reality. One vivid (and frightening) example of her ability to manipulate moving images is “An Entertainment” (1990), a video installation that uses Punch-and-Judy puppet shows to expose the violence to which children are routinely exposed. 

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10) $10,000 Sculpture Lies in Ruin.

A five meter replica of Michelangelo’s David stood proudly in the courtyard of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery in 2016. But today the $10,000 sculpture lies in ruin, split into sections that are slowly decaying inside a shipping container.

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