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For a beginner in learning art, it is natural to wonder what the difference between painting and drawing is. And to answer that question, there lies a vast and significant amount of difference. Not only in the literal meaning as you would understand, but also in the various types of each and the techniques to approach.

The definitive and expert review is right here, to elucidate more about the types of paintings, types of drawings after elaborating about the fundamental difference between the two. And additionally, you also get to know more about differences that lie in drawing technique and painting technique.

Go ahead and read on to know more about the various types of paintings also the types of drawing.

Let’s get the Basics Right

By definition, a painting basically is artwork that involves the usage of a brush and very obviously, paint. Regardless of what type of paint or brush is being used, it still gets classified as a painting the moment it utilizes a brush.

Whereas a drawing on the other hand, can be achieved without the former two. It  most commonly  involves the usage of a pencil in majority of the cases and sometimes, a pen also.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the difference that lies in the techniques involved in each case.

Painting Technique

Painting is similar to drawing, except that it is considered to be \'wet\' art as it involves the usage of colors and brushes. Also, there lies a variation in how the final outcome is achieved in each case.

As far as painting is considered, it is mandatory to prepare the surface on which the painting is to be done. Once this is complete, the other steps such as choosing the tone of colors that are going to appear on the surface is done.

This is followed by experimenting with various techniques such as layering, glazing with the paint and so on.

There is nearly no limit for the things that one can use as a paint, because it ranges from Acrylic to Oil to Chalk also!

Drawing Technique

Drawing on the contrary is remarkably different from the former. Firstly, it is considered to be \'dry\' since it doesn’t involve the use of colors or brushes and paints of any kind. The materials employed usually are pencil, pen and sometimes others like crayons and charcoal too.

When it comes to matters of technique, you have to note that the approach to a drawing is entirely different from what one would use for a painting.

As far as drawing is concerned, it involves more of measurements and scale to achieve a particular result.

For that matter, you might even consider a doodle to be drawing, but it cannot be classified under paintings.

Now that you have gained a basic, beginner level understanding of this fundamental concept, you can not move on to understanding the different types of paintings and drawings.

Types of Paintings

Watercolor Painting

Now you would be very familiar with this, having come across this in school. Paintings in this type are done with the help of watercolors. As you would have seen and used, having very colorful palettes. A simple type, which is great to start with.

Glass Painting

This is a style that involves the use of colors that are exclusively meant for use on glass, called glass painting. It can be of great use if you are looking to decorate glass articles for your home décor. The paint is such that it specifically binds only to glass, so it cannot be used on other media such as paper or any canvas.

Oil Painting

In this style of painting, one would use oil paint, which consists of a drying oil having the ability to adhere to the color pigment of the paint. Naturally, since it’s nature is oily, it can be a little difficult to handle. However it offers a very professional, glossy finish to the entire painting.

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is a very popular painting technique. A very beautiful and colorful type of painting. The paint is water soluble, however the final painting is water resistant. Acrylic paints are easy to use and hence they are one of the most commonly used styles among paintings.

Various other types of paintings exist, such as Spray painting, Inkwash paintings and so on.

Types of Drawings


One of the most commonly noticed type of drawings, it involves the depiction of a person mostly only till the shoulder level.


Almost as if it the counterpart of a portrait, is the Landscape style of drawing. In art, landscape drawings are usually reserved to draw subjects such as a specific scene, or nature.

Cartooning, Doodling

Both these styles are unique drawing techniques. Mostly reserved for publishing in comics and fictional books. It could involve the use of dry colors such as pastel colors, crayons, etc.

Technical Drawing

A style very popular and familiar among students of fashion, interior design and architecture. This focuses more on the academic areas, and concentrates on achieving a rough sketch of the details of study subject.

Common subjects include buildings, layout of a building, clothing and so on. It deals predominantly with creating a rough sketch to be of guidance during the course of time and study.

These were some of the fundamental difference between painting and drawing, an elucidation on the types and techniques of drawings and paintings.

It\'s understandable if your hands are really tempted to try these all out right away, because that was the entire purpose of highlighting the contrasts.

So off you go, wish you the very best to experience the magic as your fingers collaborate with your. Go trace out great sketches or splash those colors, the choice and canvas is all yours!

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