How to Market your Fine Art A Novel Strategy

about 6 years ago
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

Designing a Strategy to market Art Work & Photo Art

As a matter of fact and a harsh reality, you may feel that in the ocean of this field of art, a handful of people make money like anything, whereas many aspiring and immensely talented artists fail to achieve their share of stardom! 

This is quiet a common pulse running in every upcoming artist’s mind! They have found their potential of gaining great heights, but get demoralized in the process!

This article tries to break some myths and offer some real golden tips for artists who can encash on their talent! Find out how….

Trust Your Abilities: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

Many a times, artists get disheartened if they fail to market their art or unable to get buyers for their creations. It is actually a saddening thing, but one should not start to doubt his abilities!

It begins to build a negative aura around one’s mind and somehow the person starts to lose faith in his talent. This is an inappropriate thing! Art is no science one can learn. It is a gift that never goes down the rest of your life.

Don’t kill it for the sake of not being able to sell it. In this modern world, it is advisable to use techniques along with your abilities to gain profits!

So the bottom line is: Just do what you love and believe in, and success will follow naturally!

The Key Is The Target Audience

While looking to market your creation, you should consider who would your piece really interest, would be art collectors, or art lovers or even a company trying to redecorate their office.

Start With Your Family And Friends

Begin publicizing your art work with family members. This is one of the easiest ways to get on a roll. They are the ones who can come up with up-font compliments and comments about your art work. 

This is one sure shot strategy to understand what you might expect from the unknown community. Family is a great source to begin and discuss things that might be a bitter reality to face!

Friends are the ones who can be your real audience as they can suggest and advise you what the real world will never! They represent the actual society where your art will be judged. These two sources are a great choice to begin if you are wishing to be an artrepreneur!

Once you have dealt with the above two, be ready to take a plunge in the vast ocean filled with opportunities! You may come across many situations that might stand against you, or say “Hello! You are not welcome here!” Just let go, don’t be disheartened! 

Quiet a possibility that these were not your target audience. To find the right category of people is the key! And the next important step will help you come close to your targeted audience!

Create A Powerful Portfolio

A portfolio is something that stands as a briefcase of your creations. And the prime important thing is the presentation of your portfolio. Below are some great tips that will help you be afloat in the ocean of the art marketing strategies. Check them out!

Three Imperative Rules for Portfolio Development

Make sure your art is well executed and visually compelling. It is a thumb rule for any artist. It should have all the ingredients that a potential customer would love to associate!

Tell the story behind the art! Let the audience understand the necessity and the existence of the creation. If it is an acrylic painting, let the audience understand the plot behind the art photography! It is a great technique to get close to your potential buyers and involve them with your acrylic painting, landscape painting your creations!

A strong bio of the artists too is an important aspect. It allows the buyer to open up and have bonded with you on the artistic platform. A bio also inspires the potential customer to construct a level of trust with the artist!

Be A Smart Digital Marketer

In these days of the internet, it is essential for every artist to have a digital presence. It makes no sense in just having a website of your own today, people must be aware of the same. An artist should ensure that all his business cards should carry the URL of his website.

Why Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing gives you a chance of reaching out potential audience and buyers without being dependent on multinational companies and call centers.

There are no physical stores and you can operate your business from your smartphones and computers!

Using digital marketing platform saves you hundreds of dollars you pay to professional call centers to market your product!

Time is no barrier as your products get seen, liked and shared when you are eating, sleeping, in a movie, shopping or travelling!

Take Part In Art Competitions

Competitions serve another important role for the artist organizing them; they can be used by him to showcase his talent to his contemporaries. There are photo art exhibitions that take place all the time around the world. You can check some of these here.

Though the artist will have to choose which kind of competition, he should enter. If he is a oil painting artist, he should enter competitions where oil painting artists are taking part, or if he abstract art painter he should consider entering abstract art competitions.


Build an association of compatible artists.

Join Local, National and International levels of associations.

Win new friends, apart from trophies!

Being active in the local community

Promote yourself actively

Make donations to get seen!

Teach art to local schools and enthusiasts

Create a social rage about your art

Create fans, be in their inboxes!

In conclusion, I would like to say is that if an artist spends quality time and effort in marketing his creations, he would definitely draw new buyers, enhance his artistic reputation and most importantly create a career of one's dreams.

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