Is Creative thinking God Gifted Or Acquired

about 6 years ago
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

Many people think that it is God-gifted and many feel that it is can possibly be acquired by someone over years of practice or observance.

Bring Your Creative Thinking Hidden Within

Creativity is said to be the mind's ability to generate ideas related to art, literary work, or music. When a man is called creative, it is assumed that he is gifted with the abilities that make him stand out from those who are not. 

A creative person possesses a natural flair for thinking different from others. Their brains respond differently to various situations as compared to an average person.

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But is creativity learnt, or is it god-gifted? Can someone acquire this flair in due time by being taught by someone else? Well, the debate is constant. Many people think that creative art is God-gifted and many feel that it is can possibly be acquired by someone over years of practice,creative thinking or observance.

Get Inspired, Live Your Imagination

To be creative, one needs to have a lot imagination. Being a mental visionary is something that creative people are blessed with. They are far-sighted and their mind forms instant images of every thought that is going through in it. 

A creative person is usually able to look at things futuristically. He/she is usually more open towards newer ideas, not afraid to experience failures, have a sense of humor and is constantly popping up with creative thoughts that often awe people around them.

Practice Leads To Perfection

They say, 'Hard work takes you far.' There are a large section of people who believe that talent can carry you to a limit, the rest is hard work. There is no denying that people who work hard are rewarded in the long run. But what if hard working people are not creative? Being able to put a 100 per cent of efforts and receiving much deserved credit for it.

 Does that justify the theory of quantity over quality? There are many creativity inc companies in the world that work on say; fine art, and give a liberal approach to artists in the fine art segment!

Practice never goes in vain! It creates perfection!

A person might not be creatively inclined but work twice as hard as a gifted person. However, there are many people who believe that one can acquire that trait of being imaginative over years of practice. Many people also confess they discovered their creative side well after reaching adulthood

Learning Art

As is has been said before, creativity can come through hard work. It helps if a person tries and tries for years before learning how to be an artist. Only a person's art can only be made better by a little hard work.

Creativity becomes relevant when an artist decides to put all his energies into creating original art. Once there is hard work, creativity is allowed to run free and be limitless.

There is no measure for creativity. One cannot know the level of creativity that a mind can reach. There may be days when someone has no imagination at all and there may be times when there is constant creative downpour. It allows you to get inspired.

Inspiration comes from many forms, it comes from people recovering from a bad health, or it might come from you getting a bonus at work! You can also be inspired from an inspirational art itself!  However, one can safely assume that every person is creatively inclined.

Every person has a creative side in various fields and but the creativity varies for very person. One person can be much more creative than another. Just the right attention has to given. A person can be creative since childhood and can also start utilizing his creative side after reaching adulthood. A creative person is born, not made.

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