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about 5 years ago
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

The World of Art Marketing

People used to think that the rise of the internet will lead to the slow death of all arts. They thought that artworks relating to music,fine art and books would be available so freely online that its value would be forgotten. But that is far from the truth. In fact, the online paintings for sale industry is growing in leaps and bounds.

Websites with a trusted name are proving to be a much more popular medium of purchasing art than going to art galleries. More and more artists are jumping at the chance to sell art photography online like arcylic painting and landscape painting and make a living. 

These online services have even proved to be a great platform for young talent to emerge and showcase their talent to the world.

One such site that helps artists is It offers a chance to budding artists to upload and sell their art online. Although the process can be nerve-wracking at first, it is actually a very easy and highly lucrative. You can connect with people who want to buy art online. Here are a few steps you should take while selling your art online.

Art Marketing Tips

Finding one’s niche is very important in this day and age. One must know whether he wants to specialize in fine art, oil paintings or contemporary art. One must remember you might be an expert in your chosen field, so that your work gets its due recognition, and buyers will recognize the same and come and buy it.

It means that if you are a good photographer, be a graphic artist, or if you are good at batik art, you can sell fabric art.The advice here is to specialize in your chosen field and stick to that field.

Understand The Working Of An Art Business

Most artists when they start are unaware of the nuances of running an art business. The ultimate aim of any enterprise is to earn a profit for its owner, and in order to achieve that, an artist must know how to value his creations correctly. He must be able to balance his books correctly and discover a tangible income form, among further effects.

This does not denote that you ought to shelve your art company plans even as you go back to business school to become an expert in business. To achieve this artist can read books, take some basic business courses and speak to people who are already doing the same thing.

Network With Other Artists

Requesting for assistance– particularly when you are opening your own company – can be awkward and make an artist aware about his information, but you cannot be frightened to ask for it.

An artist must learn from his experience and from the experience of others who have travelled the same road as him. He should put this combined learning to use and improve his business performance.

Build A Brand Around Yourself

It might seem peculiar or sound strange to some, but in these days it is more important for an artist to be recognized by his name than his oil paintings. 

The class and variety of an artist’s creations is perceptibly significant, but in hypothesis, one may not be an excellent painter, but if clients are familiar with an artist’s name, he will still find buyers. Some artists have made successful TV Debuts that have launched their art business.

Promoting oneself as a brand is important in any facet of commerce especially in the field of art. Unless you have a bunch of well-wishers and friends who will talk about your work to their network, it is essential for an artist to promote and brand himself.

Do Not Be Disheartened Quickly

An artist must remember that no matter how brilliant he is and no matter how much assistance he gets, constructing a flourishing enterprise from the start is filled with danger and disappointment. The earlier he recognizes this and realized that he needs to put in a lot of hard work and overcome a number of barriers, the faster his business will grow.

Art Promotions

It is very important to give your art, example a photo art,african art and paintings like acrylic painting and watercolor paintings the platform it deserves. You can upload videos with sneak peeks on your art work. You can start an art blog to find interested buyers.

 It is important to paint a lot, but also it is important for an artist to let others know that he has acrylic paintings on sale. An artist must try to promote his work by placing online ads.


Social Media Marketing

These social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are inexpensive and budding effectual gear to endorse ones creations. The artist should also set up an artist website which will showcase his work and also serve as his virtual portfolio.

You need to be careful with your social media optimization. Do not use social media as a direct sales method, use it to create a buzz and maintain relations with followers. ShowFlipper gives you an opportunity to market your art on YouTube and other sites. 

Let people know about your achievements and try to establish familiarity with your audience. Post regularly to ensure that people don't forget you!

Take Good Pictures Of Your Art

One of the big obstacles of online shopping is that people cannot see the oil painting or wood sculpture themselves. This means that the picture of the art work up for sale needs to be seen in the best light. There are some simple things you can do to make your pictures look professional.

You will require some camera equipment and lighting or at least try to become a professional photographer.

Talk About Your Art

Once an artist has created an online presence he should be able to talk about his work, be able to talk about the work he has done. It is pertinent to remember here that an online buyer has a different buying or viewing experience than that of a person who is buying a physical picture. 

An online buyer cannot see the art work or touch it physically, so an artist needs to write well crafted product descriptions, including details such as color, mediums used, weight, size, if it's signed, if it's a framed art prints or unframed, etc. The artist must include all possible information that a buyer can use before he makes a decision to buy the piece.

Craft Guidelines And Stipulations For Your Online Website

It is important in today’s world to have in place a set of guidelines and stipulations that you will follow while dealing with online clients. These stipulations should include your return policy, refund policy, rules on damaged goods, and the time it will take to process and ship an order.

 These rules must be visible on your website and an artist must make sure that every buyer knows them, before he decides to buy from the store.

Once you follow these steps, selling art online becomes a very simple and rewarding process. All the best on your artistic journey!


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