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Are you a big-time paintings enthusiast? If yes, you might not need an introduction to one of the most sought-after, clear-cut, and elegant paintings of recent era i.e. Landscape paintings, do you? For folks who don’t know what landscape art is, it is the sort of artwork which is usually based on natural subjects and surroundings such as oceans, mountain, valley, rivers, woods, flora & fauna, and other such sceneries that we can relate to nature. 

Whether you are Landscape art lover or you have no idea what landscape painting actually refers to, we have covered every single detail about landscape paintings that you must know in this guide. So read on:

What exactly the Landscape Paintings are?

The landscape can either be drawn in the open air or through a picture. However, the former technique to carve out your painting is often considered to be a better option, especially for an artist, as he gets to see the view right in front of him and can notice the minutest to largest details of the object they are painting. 

At the same time, using photographs to paint landscape views isn’t that bad too, as it enables a painter to sit on his convenient space and draw picture looking at the photograph. Basically, they no more have to go find a perfect natural view and tolerate unfavorable or unstable weather.

It is often believed that nothing can be a better spot than natural locations for an artist to showcase their painting and artistic skills. Why not? After all, you can't find the barren desert, beautiful and dense rainforests, swelling rivers, and snowy mountains in man-made places, can you? 

Not only do the artists get an opportunity to demonstrate how well he/she can portray the natural sceneries through their piece of artwork but landscape paintings have also gotten immense love and popularity from folks all across the globe.

History of Landscape paintings

The term ‘landscape' was coined at the beginning of the 17th century with the sole purpose of the word to be limited to the art realm. However, after some time, the term got access to literature and gradually got its place in conversational vocabulary. 

The former types of art across the board could portray very little which could be termed as landscape. Now the interesting fact is: although this specific sort of painting style was introduced officially in the world during the Renaissance era, the same was widely known in the Eastern sectors long time back (probably during the 4th century). The landscape art is also relatable to western paintings as well as Chinese art as it initially came to light in the western and eastern world.

Here the notable factor is: the name landscape paintings don't particularly refer to the art that is based on specific land, in fact, it can feature a plethora of sceneries (provided they are natural views) including but not limited to riverscapes, cloudscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and the list goes on. 

Now that you got a piece of detailed information about landscape paintings, you might want to know the reasons why buying such paintings are beneficial to you and your premises. So let's have a look at some major benefits you could avail of having such artwork placed on your property's wall:

Why Buy Landscape Paintings?

Gone are the days when any sort of photography and painting used to gain the attention of thousands of art lovers out there. But the question is ‘why should you buy the landscape paintings in an era where you can easily open your DSLR or Smartphone’s camera, capture the natural view, and store it in your device forever'? 

In fact, this is a generation where folks don't even have to go search some natural kind of location and snap an awe-inspiring shot as all they got to do is type ‘Landscape paintings' on the Google search bar to get latest natural sceneries. Ever wondered if getting natural views are this easy, why landscape painting artists still exist in this advanced world? Here are the top 4 reasons that will drive you to buy a landscape painting right now. Here you go:

1.      The artist’s hand gives you a perfect painting: There is no point in comparing a machine with an artist's hand work. Of course, the latter is pretty much better than machine work. Identifying the means of light, analyzing the range of shade as well as tones, and transitioning natural scenery into a painted work are all the major factors that we often find missing in the pictures clicked through our cameras.

2.      There is emotion attached to an artist's painting: Another essential missing factor in the photographs you captured through your camera is emotion. Of course, a human has different emotions which are often depicted through their actions, words, work, and other activities they perform. As we all have emotions, chances of original landscape paintings to receive more appreciation from folk increases. Landscape painting artists make their best efforts to bring that emotional touch to their art using wild, thrilling, and exceptional color schemes.

3.      An artist can give a finishing touch to the painting: When you capture a view through your cameras, you cannot alter any specific object present over there. In short, the machines don’t allow you to add additional features or remove unnecessary objects from the photograph. On the contrary, artists get an advantage to draw the painting as per their skills.

4.      The artists painting can be beyond your imagination: The artists painting can either be a real work which they did their best to follow the particular natural view or it can be imaginary. So they get countless opportunities to paint a landscape scene as our imagination is endless.


So these were some main reasons why decorating your home with the landscape arts can add to the overall visual appeal of your abode. Are you looking for some exciting and deep landscaping paintings full of emotions, reality, natural sceneries, and of course, an illusion? There can't be a better place to shop your favorite and out-of-the-box landscape art than the paintings presented by Showflipper artists. Don’t believe us? Check the below listed 5 splendid landscape paintings that would surely capture your mind.

Natural Life By Saurabh Shirbhate 

River In The Mountains by Bezrodnykh Alexander

Landscape by Mukta Pusalkar

Whispering Hope Lrg by Loren Adams

Mountain Meadow by Dejan Trajkovic

If you are an artist yourself, you should check out It is a platform for new artists to showcase their works!

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