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Creativity is the soul of every art and invention. Having a creative bend of mind helps us to create beautiful and wonderful things and assets of art and art technologies that makes everyone happy. You can sell your artwork online easily and make money.

There are over 400 plus creative arts and all of them are beautiful. But only a few have been given leverage of being easily monetized. Hence, it is very much possible to sell creations online.

If you look at the list of Most Expensive Art Ever Sold, you will find that Fine Art Paintings are the most easily monetized and expensive art sold worldwide. However, this does not mean other art forms cannot be monetized. If you searched the internet, you will find many art items ranging from sculptures to books to digital art and fabric have been auctioned to the tune of millions of dollars.

In this blog, we shall look at the various ways creators can sell art forms online, creatively and make money.

Creativity Can Make You Wealthy

If you take a look at all the creative arts that can be created and sold, you will find that some arts make good money as compared to others. This discrepancy arises due to the value attached to those particular art forms.

The value attached to an art form which makes it sell-able and desirable for art buyers and art collectors depends on the following factors:

Period: The time frame in which the artwork was made or inspired from.

Art Movement: Which art movement inspired a particular creation and why.

Popularity or Rarity: The popularity or the rarity of a creation or the creator is one of the determining factors.

The art industry like any other is very competitive. While there are many big players the market is unsaturated because no one has been able to monopolize the market pulse as yet.

The main factors which can make your creativity sell-able and make you wealthy are:

Liking: If you love any particular art form, it will show in your creation.

Talent: A natural talent for a particular art form is a must to master the skills required.

Skills: Mastering the skills required for a particular art form is a must. Learning skills associated with the art helps you to take control of your talent and mold it to your benefit as a creator.

Expertise: Becoming an expert in a particular art form is essential. Expertise helps artists to understand fine nuances of art form. You can use it to enhance or modify art form to become more relevant.

Business Acumen: A creator not only needs to be extremely gifted and expert in their art, but they also need to understand the money and business side also. A creator with no business acumen can never make money and get wealthy.

How To Sell Artwork Online And Make Money

For a creator, there are many ways to sell art and make money through offline and online means. We shall look at the online ways.

First of all, there are online art studios and art galleries that help creators sell their art online. But signing up to these art galleries will not give you the benefits that you seek. You will only get paid when your artwork gets sold. And also, these art galleries tend to keep 30% to 40% of the profits with them.

Alternatives To Online Art Galleries Could Be:

Make your own blog

Artists can create their own art blog and upload their creations to sell online. They can even create such content which will enable them to engage their target audience and reach out to new art buyers.

Social Media Profiles

Another way creators can make money by selling their creations is through social media. They can create their art profile on networks such as Facebook, Google Plus and share their creations pictures and “Behind-The-Scene” videos of the process of creating artwork.

Create Seller Profiles on Patreon and Periscope

Patreon and Periscope are websites where artists can put up their creations and also offer to teach their art to interested people.

Send Emails

Emails are best drivers of huge sales and new client acquisition. Creators can send emails to their existing list of target audience and buyers giving them an insight into new creations and share offers.

Join An Artist Management Company

Joining an Artist Management Company is the best option for creators who feel that they are not good at doing business. An artist management company takes over the promotion, sales and business side of the whole creative process by giving artists ample time to create new masterpieces. They also give a showcase and selling platform to artists where they can interact with and sell their artwork with no extra effort.

About ShowFlipper

ShowFlipper is an online art studio and an artist management company which provides a showcase and selling platform for emerging and amateur artists. It is trying to solve real-time problems for creators around the world.

How Showflipper is Helping Artists To Sell Artwork Online

Creators used to make money only when their creations used to get sold

With the help of advertising partners, Showflipper has monetized creations. These advertisers pay artists whenever someone views their profile page or artwork. Imagine a social network that pays you when someone views your profile page or artwork.

Artists had to do everything all by themselves to sell their creations

With the help of Showflipper\'s worldwide affiliate network, it has been successful in selling creations on commissions.

Artists used to spend minimum 30 minutes a day on promoting their works

Showflipper has built intelligent tools that save their time and now they spend less than 3 minutes promoting their creations.

There was a limited chance for artists to chat with potential buyers

Showflipper offers creators the option of live chat with their buyers in real time to close deals instantly. Something that has never happened before.

Artists were making money through their owned creations only

Showflipper has bridged the gap between a gallery and an artist and have imagined all artists as galleries. So these artists now can sell anyone else’s work and make money with it.

This online art platform is building a marketplace for artists, writers, and designers. Showflipper is creatively solving the challenges faced by creators which hamper their career growth and help them to sell their art directly to world buyers and make money.

Are you an artist? You can join Showflipper and sell your art forms online and become wealthy.

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